Ray Plzak President & CEO. February 2005 Status Report Overview  Organization & Membership  Activities  ARIN XIV  ARIN XV

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  • Ray PlzakPresident & CEO

  • OverviewOrganization & Membership ActivitiesARIN XIVARIN XV

  • 2,003203Outside ARIN6Australia, Guam, Japan, IndonesiaTotal 2,275Caribbean 22Africa - 411 February 2005Membership

  • Organization

  • OrganizationELECTSADVISE

  • OrganizationExecutiveServicesSupportStaff

  • Organization

  • HR and Admin41 FTEs 1 Intern 1 New Position 2 VacanciesAverage age = 38.523 Men, 17 Women21 3 Years or Longer

  • Template Processing2004


  • The Web Site AnewImprovedNavigationAdherence to StandardsW3CAccessibility CodeEfficientSmallerNew Step-by-Step Registration Guidelines

    Coming soon!

  • On Demand Training[Last 6 Months]4 Interactive Registration Process Flowcharts14,000 Hits2 Computer-Based Training Modules8,000 UsersWeb Based Information Hits45,000.000 Hits (7,000.000 / Month)

  • EngineeringIntegrationAccounts ReceivableMember Data BaseBillingTicketingMail OverhaulSecurity Audit and EvaluationWeb-based RSA

  • OperationsAccounting System EvaluationSpam ReductionDirectory Services StrategyImproving OperationsLegal activities

  • Special ProjectsThree Year Activity RoadmapLong term Budget PlanningWorkload ForecastingRisk ManagementARIN Internet Number Resource Policy ManualEstablish Index SystemProvide Change ManagementProvide Historical TrackingProvide Cross Reference SystemARIN Glossary define terms in policy and acronymsAfriNIC TransitionBusiness & AccountingRegistration ServicesMember ServicesDatabase [Registration & WHOIS]Targeted Surveys

  • RIR Coordinated ActivitiesEngineeringCoordination GroupCommunicationCoordination GroupPresentationsWeb SitePress ReleasesFundingStaff AssistanceTechnical SupportReverse DNSServer PlanDirectory Services ASO MoUICANN Budget WGIGPREPCOM

  • ARIN XIV Policy Activity2004 - 3: Global Addresses for Private Network Inter-ConnectionDeferred2004 - 5: Address Space for Multiple Discrete NetworksRatified2004 - 6: Privacy of Reassignment InformationAbandoned2004 - 7: Residential Customer PrivacyAbandoned2004 - 8: Allocation of IPv6 Address Space by IANA to the RIRsDeferredAbandoned: 2Deferred : 2Ratified: 1

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  • Meeting Information and registration available at:http://www.arin.net/ARIN-XV/Joint Meeting Between ARIN and the North American IPv6 Task Force (NAv6TF)Will include:Both NAv6TF and ARIN Tutorials on SundayIntegrated agenda throughout the week with ARIN Public Policy and NAv6TF itemsEveryone is invited to the 6th Annual ARIN Foosball Tournament on Sunday evening, and Social Event on Monday eveningARIN and NAv6TF Members Meetings on Wednesday AfternoonARIN Members Meeting now open to everyone

  • *This slide is purposely vague, as we now have a problem with the statistics. We have added another server (ww3) in the load-balancing, and while it is handling about a third of the requests, we have absolutely no usage data for it. Also, we have added the IPv6 web server (ww6), and we have no usage data for that server either. I have asked Jason to send the sys admins a note to get the log analysis tool added onto these servers.