Raising Consciousness Creating Awareness Behaviour Change Communication CHETNA STRC Ahmedabad

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Text of Raising Consciousness Creating Awareness Behaviour Change Communication CHETNA STRC Ahmedabad

Growth & G2M Strategy for DLW in ChinaBehavior Change Communication
BCC – Definition
Increased knowledge
Reduce stigma and discrimination
Goals of BCC Component
To reduce the no. of high-risk exposure for HIV/STD infection by:
Condom demand creation and use
STD related treatment – seeking and preventing behavior
To reduce no. of sexual partners
Interpersonal/ group communication
Advocacy: media based recognition, public events; periodic newsletters.
Mid media: Folk media campaigns; local melas;Wall paintings, out door media
IPC: counseling and education on key FAQs
Mass media: including radio and TV spots and programmes; celebrity endorsement; mobile based campaign.
Community Mobilization: short film shows and thematic discussions & dialogue in community based meetings, SHG meetings
Peer Education
Behaviour change is a continuous process
Not all individuals go through the same steps of the process in the same order, speed or time
People at different steps require different messages and sometimes different approaches.
Individual Risk Factors: results from individual’s attitudes, behavior and actions.
e.g. multiple sex partners, poor STD symptom recognition, no condom use “Lessens pleasure” etc.
Biological Risk Factors : that exists because of biology of the human body.
e.g. women are more vulnerable, age specially children under 18, etc.
Social Risk Factors: social condition that increase the risk exposure to HIV.
e.g. migration, poverty, illiteracy, gender discrimination, sexual abuse etc.
Counter Myths, misconceptions, misinformation
Enhance health care seeking behaviors and service uptake (prevention & care)
Benefits of the various services – key promise
Availability of the services
Developing positive speakers bureau
FGD to address specific issues
Counselling for difficult cases
Discussion/services at work place