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Putting the Pieces Together

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Putting the Pieces Together. Excel Spreadsheet. Base Web Services. HQ Staff. Email. Unit POCS. Co-workers. Photo & Graphics Files. Oracle DB. Supervisors. You. Base Network Services. Access DB. Paper Documents. SQLServer DB. Standard AF DB (Gunter). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Putting the Pieces Together

  • Putting the Pieces Together

    AccessDBYouExcel SpreadsheetHQ StaffSQLServer DBStandard AF DB(Gunter)Unit POCSOracle DBBase Web ServicesPhoto & Graphics FilesPaperDocumentsCo-workersSupervisorsBaseNetworkServicesEmail

  • Putting the pieces togetherAccessDBYouExcel SpreadsheetHQ StaffSQLServer DBStandard AF DB(Gunter)Unit POCSOracle DBBase Web ServicesPhoto & Graphics FilesPaperDocumentsCo-workersSupervisorsBaseNetworkServicesEmailHow do you bring information together Without Redundant Information Gathering ? Without Burdening the Information Collectors ? With multiple points of Data Entry ? With multiple sources of Information ? With multiple organizational levels ? With automatic checks for obsolete/old Info?

  • Todays IT EnvironmentGOAL: Get timely informationPROBLEM:Different databasesDifferent locationsDifferent formatsDifferent time zonesCHALLENGE: Organize, Store, Sort, Filter, and create information to achieve the GOAL

    Different security levelsDifferent organizational levelsDifferent needsDifferent standards

  • Finding InformationOften the desired information already exists, somewhere (probably many somewheres) It is the mission of IT to put these pieces togetherLocating appropriate data sourcesOrganizing, Sorting, Consolidating, and Filtering this informationCreate new data sources, as requiredBringing these information sources together Create a means of navigating, searching, and displaying your desired information

  • Creating New Info SourcesIf the information doesnt exist, take advantage of leading technologyWeb-based databasesWeb-based presentation screens and reports for both administrative and customer Easy to use screens will make information input and updates easy and error-freeSmart navigation, security, search, and report displays will provide appropriate access to all user levels

  • ExamplesBeckwith Consulting has developed several applications to provide timely informationExamples with haveProblemBefore DescriptionResults and Benefits

  • Example (Infrastructure)ProblemNeeded standard list and description of AMC infrastructure projects for prioritization & fundingBefore DescriptionInfrastructure projects were entered in different DBs at various bases with no standards and inconsistent update. Many non-ACES projects on the booksResults and BenefitsInfrastructure application compiles daily update from ACES-PM and an internal AMC database to allow base, AMC, and AF personnel to see project priority, status, and budgeting details. FY prioritization and budgeting are now easily accomplished

  • Example (Infrastructure)

  • Example (Infrastructure) ContdResults and Benefits (Continued)Stoplight Chart is a one page drill-down that quickly shows Infrastructure status by base and system with get-well informationACES-PM project details and photographs are easily accessiblePrintable worksheets make FY planning sessions quicker and more efficient

  • Example (Roofs)ProblemNeeded a database to track roofing across AMC, specifically, age, description, maint., warranty info & costBefore DescriptionSparse and inconsistent records maintained in paper, spreadsheet, and databases at various basesResults and BenefitsInfrastructure application is based on ACES-RP and allows base and AMC personnel to see building and roof details across every base. Application also stores photos, warranty information and inspection reports. Goal is to budget effective maint. & replacement of all roof sections

  • Example (Roofs)

  • Example (5-Year Plan)ProblemNeeded standardized 5-year plans for infrastructure budgetingBefore DescriptionOnly a few bases possessed 5-year plans. Those plans were either word processing or spreadsheet files with no standardization or reference to ACES-PM projectsResults and BenefitsThe 5-Year Plan application compiles daily updates from ACES-PM and an internal AMC database to allow base, AMC, and AF personnel to see project priority, status, and budgeting details. Projects can now be easily added to the 5-year plans with a instant 5-year plan available on-line.

  • Example (5-Year Plan)

  • Example (Contracts)ProblemNeeded a central reference for service contracts within AMC, including: Custodial, Grounds, Refuse, & Service Contracts Before DescriptionTracking of contracts was inconsistent between bases and even base managersResults and BenefitsThe Contract application maintains an overview for all AMC custodial, grounds, and service contracts. This greatly facilitates both FY budgeting and oversight capability.

  • Example (Contracts)

  • Example (WAR)ProblemNeeded to collect Weekly Activity Report (WAR) inputs across the AMC/CE staff with supervisor approval from branches to division to CE Front OfficeBefore DescriptionWeekly taskers were a tangle of emails consolidated by branch and then division secretaries, before approval and consolidation by Front OfficeResults and BenefitsWAR Application allow branches and divisions to input both bullets and tables. Each division approves their input prior to CE Front Office approval and publishing.

  • Example (WAR)

  • Example (AdvDocViewer)ProblemNeeded to distribute document, pdf, and graphic files to .mil/.gov agencies for review and comment. Before DescriptionLarge document and attachment size caused very large email attachments or required the creation of data CDs for FEDEX or regular postal delivery.Results and BenefitsAdvanced Document Viewer allowed users to quickly post and update document and graphics files. These files are available instantly via the web

  • Example (AdvDocViewer)

  • Beckwith ConsultingFormed in July 2001 to consult for AMC/CE.Incorporated in Apr 2002.Began 8(a) Application in Apr 2003.

  • Company CapabilitiesProject ManagementPast experience as manager for 10+ programmer shop with both commercial and government accountsUsed managerial and technical expertise to achieve successful client management and application developmentTrainingExperienced with both formal and OJT training for programmers. Several students awarded Allaires Cold Fusion Certification testFamiliar with current usage of web technology

  • Company Capabilities (contd)Programming ServicesCertified Cold Fusion DeveloperExpert at Cold Fusion and Active Server PagesExpert at MS SQL Server and Oracle databasesCapable of providing other web-related services: Javascript validation, Flash introduction, domain name management, Secure Socket Layer setup, and more.

  • SummaryNew Information Sources can make personnel more efficient at all levelsthe right information at the right time Implementation of smart web applications can leverage the power of the web and existing information to provide customized information access (read and/or write) to all necessary organizational levelsElegant applications will provide standardized, easy to display information for decision-making at all levels

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