Puget Sound Area Northern Intertie (“PSANI”) Transmission History

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Puget Sound Area Northern Intertie (“PSANI”) Transmission History. ColumbiaGrid September 24, 2007 Snohomish County Public Utility District John D. Martinsen. PSANI History. Historical BPA Plans April 2003 Curtailments Meeting of the Minds Current Status. Historical BPA Plans. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Puget Sound Area Northern Intertie (“PSANI”) Transmission History

  • Puget Sound AreaNorthern Intertie (PSANI) Transmission HistoryColumbiaGrid September 24, 2007Snohomish County Public Utility District John D. Martinsen

  • PSANI HistoryHistorical BPA PlansApril 2003 Curtailments Meeting of the MindsCurrent Status

  • Historical BPA PlansExcerpts from the BPA 1991 2000 Transmission System Facilities Ten Year Development planKing County System Reinforcements (second Monroe to Echo Lake 500kV)Planned energization in 1997Puget Sound Area Reinforcement (double circuit Chief Joseph to Monroe upgraded to 500kV & tie to Snohomish )(Planned energization in 2000)Little support for new transmission during this period due to regulatory uncertainty NEPA 1992

  • King County System ReinforcementsNew Monroe to Echo Lake 500kV line Reinforcement is required to eliminate the heavy loading on the underlying 230kV system during an outage of the existing Monroe-Echo Lake

  • King County System Reinforcements

  • Puget Sound Area ReinforcementReplace existing Chief Joseph Monroe 345kV double circuit lines with a 500kV double circuit line to Monroe and Snohomish ..capacity may not be sufficient beyond 2000 if load growth is higher than expected or the Canadian Entitlement return must be delivered to Blaine

  • Puget Sound Area Reinforcement

  • April 2003 - CurtailmentsApril 2003 the Canadian Entitlement return increased from 630MW to 1,149MWCurtailments and curtailment notices became a regular occurrence for Puget Sound utilities and Powerex

  • Meeting of the MindsSoon after April 2003 BPA, Puget Sound utilities, and Powerex metA short-term Redispatch was agreed to by the Puget Sound and Powerex partiesThe Puget Sound Area Study Group (PSASG) was formed under the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP) Northwest Transmission Assessment Committee (NTAC) Puget Sound Area Upgrade Study Report was completed by the PSASG -November 2004

  • Current StatusThe Canadian Entitlement may increase to 1500 MWPuget Sound Area loads are growingBoth wire and non-wire alternatives have been reviewedMost of the major Transmission reinforcements reviewed would take eight to ten years to completeIncremental upgrades and operating procedures have resulted in reduced curtailment riskNo major (i.e. 500 kV) Puget Sound area transmission expansion is currently moving forward

  • Canadian Entitlement Returns