Providence, Rhode Island | 2018– .100% of funds raised by Rhode Island’s Jewish community

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  • Temple emanu-el Providence, Rhode Island | 20185778

  • June 23, 2018 | 10 Tammuz 5778

    Etz Hayim, Page 883

    1st Aliyah Numbers Chapter 20 verses 16

    2nd Aliyah verses 713

    3rd Aliyah verses 14 17

    4th Aliyah verses 18 21

    5th Aliyah Numbers Chapter 20 & 21 verses 22 3

    6th Aliyah verses 4 7

    7th Aliyah verses 8 10

    Maftir Numbers 21:8 21:10 Page 889

    Haftarah Judges 11:111:33 Page 910

    minhah/maariv 8:20 pm Havdalah 9:05 pm

    Parashat Hukkat

    At Temple Emanu-El, we seek to fashion an atmosphere of peace and tranquility on the Sabbath. To help create this environment throughout the Temple, we refrain from writing, taking photographs, texting, and using cell phones. Please join us in observing these traditions as we make Shabbat a sacred experience for us all.

  • Services this ShabbatSummer ServiceBohnen Vestry ............... Rabbi Wayne Franklin Cantor Brian Mayer

    Tot ShabbatSisterhood Lounge ........ Marni Thompson-Tilove

    There will be no Tot Shabbat June 30th or July 7th

    Dvar Torah TopicThis Shabbat, Abby Davis will discuss: Does the life of Moses have a happy ending?

    Thank YouThank you to Dr. David Kadmon for sponsoring todays Kiddush in honor of Ronen Kadmons graduation from High School and acceptance into Rhode Island Colleges certificate program for College and Career Attainment.

    Thank you to Margie and Bob Pelcovits for making a very generous donation to the Kiddush fund in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary.

  • Announcements

    Swan point Cemetery We are pleased to announce that Temple Emanu-El has acquired a second burial section at Swan Point. Our current section is completely full, so this is most welcoming news. Plots in the new section will be available for purchase beginning in August. More details to follow. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Paul Stouber in the Temple office with any questions.

    like Our Facebook page! Be sure to like on our Facebook page to see updates and reminders on events and programs in your newsfeed! Just go to:

    We need more prayer Books and HumashimWe still need more copies of the Siddur Lev Shalem so that there are enough copies in the Sanctuary when we have celebrations. We also need more Humashim so that everyone can follow the Torah reading. If you would like to donate one or the other of these needed volumes, please contact the office at 331-1616. The Siddur Lev Shalem costs $36 and the Humash costs $72.


    Our Summer Services Series has begun. Services will be held in the Bohnen Vestry.

    If you would like to present a Dvar Torah, pleasecontact either Rabbi Franklin or Rabbi Zerin.

    Open dates:

    If you would like to lead any parts of the serviceor read the Torah or chant Haftarah, please

    contact Cantor Mayer.

    We look forward to lively participation bymembers of the congregation over the summer.

    June 30 July 7

    August 11 September 1 & 8

  • Picnic in the Park!

  • Jewish Alliance of Greater RI Responds to Family Separation Policy With Local ActionIn response to the Federal Governments family separation and child detention policy being carried out on the uS/mexico border

    100% of funds raised by Rhode Islands Jewish community will be donated to HIAS (Hebrew Immigration Aid Society), a national Jewish agency with more than 130 years of expertise working to protect vulnera-ble refugees. Funds will be used to provide legal aid to families separated at the border.

    Additionally, we are recruiting volunteers to support the Sanctuary work of First Unitarian Church of Providence. To make a donation or for more information on becoming a volunteer, please go to the Alliance website or contact Stephanie Hague at

  • In case you missed the premier of the Sons of providence documentary (or if you want to see it again!), we are happy to announce that it is now available for viewing online. Click on the following link: eo?t=1528998952963

    You can also watch the presentation Professor Arthur Urbano and Dr. Jennifer Illuzzi gave on campus to introduce the project during the PC Centennial Year celebrations in 2017 as well as the introduction and Q&A from the premier screening. While you are on the site, you can also browse the other materials Professor Urbano and Dr. Illuzzi gathered in the course of their research and read a bit more about the fascinating history of Jews at Providence College in the first half of the twentieth century.

    Watch for more public screenings and discussion of the documentary later this summer. More info to come!

    In case you missed the interview with Professor Urbano and Dr. Illuzzi on RI Public Radios Chuck Hinman, you can hear that here: lege#stream/0

  • mAy 2018 donAtIonSthank you for your generous support of temple emanu-el!

    adult i nstitut ed on at i on b yMarcia & Fred Rosenzweig

    arts emanu-eli n m e m or y ofHilda Drucker by Donna & Steve Goliger

    cantor mayers discretionary fundi n h on or ofEsty Bharier by Dianne & Martin Newman

    c hap e l f u n di n m e m or y ofManfred Hohenemser by Marsha Addessi & family

    Gary Witman by Nancy Blackman and Richard & Bernice Kumins

    Evelyn Bresnick by Frank & Betsy Bresnick

    Ruth Molot by Florette Brill

    Roy Cable by Rob Cable & Betsy Singer Cable

    Tamara Chachanashvili by Sifara Chachanashvili

    Fay Alperin by Brenda Clayson

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    Melvin M. Baker by Esta & Jerry Cohen

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