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project report of apollo


SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ONMarket Share of Apollo Tyres in Passenger car radial

In Varanasi area




Under the supervision ofMr.Shashank Sharma

Under the guidance of:Mr.Bipin Singh


MBA Faculty

Submitted by:Anand Jaiswal

MBA 3rd Sem (2009-10)

B.B.S. Institute Of Management Studies2

Greater Noida


In this project I have studied Market Share of Apollo tyres in passenger car radial in Varanasi area. Apollo tyres are manufactured by Apollo tyres ltd. In this competitive era of marketing where the satisfaction of customers towards the product has become first priority. It is very important to analyse the customers behavior. Every company determines the price of its products, sales promotion etc. according to the market requirement. Direct marketing is one of the effective medium sales promotion because it is directly related to customers. With the help of direct marketing company enhances is totally customer oriented. its brand image. Without putting customers on top, no company can get success. To get success every company should target customers because market


This project report evaluates the position of Apollo tyres in Varanasi market and the role of direct & indirect marketing. Finally I have given some views and suggestion to the company for its market strategy.



In spite of the theoretical knowledge gained through classroom study, a person is incomplete if not subjected to practical exposure of real corporate world .He may have to face hurdles, which will be difficult to overcome without any first-hand experience of business.

In this context, research program has been designed to make the person aware of happenings of the real business world. The project entitled Market share of Apollo tyres in passenger car radial in Varanasi area with special reference to Apollo, has been done at Varanasi as a completion part of M.B.A program.

In our summer training, we worked upon the analysis of Apollo tyres fitment in Varanasi by the fitment survey, customer attitude, and dealer preference through the personal contact, interview and questionnaire . During my summer training, I got an opportunity to apply my theoretical knowledge and meaningful concept to actual business condition and to familiarize with the marketing activities of the products . All the works done on this project report is confined to my broad objective.



At the successful completion of our summer training at APOLLO TYRES LIMITED at VARANASI . We would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Sharma and all the staff members of Mr. Shasank APOLLO TYRES LIMITED at VARANASI, for the

guidance , support and help, without which the completions of this project was not possible.

Equally , we are also grateful to Dr. S .K. Mishra (Coordinator of M.B.A. Programme, BBSIMS), for his valuable guidance and support. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all our M.B.A. teachers, who were the source of inspiration and motivation all through the program.


Finally, we would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the members of Apollo Tyres Ltd. and faculty members of B.B.S Institute of Management Studies ( Greater Noida) for sharing their helpful ideas during this project .





CHAPTERSIntroduction Company Profile Marketing Strategy Scope Product Profile Global Presence Basic Function of Tyres Golden Rules for Tyres Selection


PART-II 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Objective Research Methodology Data Analysis SWOT Analysis Recommendations Conclusion Limitations Bibliography




In todays world of intense competition and rapid dynamism, all the companies worldwide are tuning their focuses on the customer. Suddenly, the customer had succeeded in capturing all the attention of the companies towards him, so much so, that the once famous maxim, customer is the god has become so true and relevant today. There has been a paradigm shift in the thinking of these companies and none other then the customer has brought this about.

Earlier there was a sellers market, since goods and services were in short supply and the sellers use to call the shots. But, ever since the advent of the era of globalization, there has been total transformation in the way the customers being perceived. Today, marketers are directing their efforts in retaining the customers and customers base. Their focus has shifted towards integrating the three elements people, service and marketing. 10

The customers importance has assumed imponderable proportions in todays world, because of the inherent value that the customers command. A customers can make or break a company. It is the responsibility of every company to see that all its customers are equally satisfied with them, for one single dissatisfied customer will tell at least nine others about the dissatisfaction and will spark off a chain reaction and spell doom for that company. In such scenario, retention of the existing customers assumes diabolical proportion. Research has thrown light on some important aspects of customers retention it has been proved empirically that acquiring new customers can cost five times more than the cost involved in satisfying and retaining current customers.

In the past, the customers was taken for a ride, as there were not many players in the fields, not much importance was attached to product safety, quality, service and product appeal. The attitude of the manufacture was that of caveat emptor. Thanks to the government policies on liberalization, globalization and privatization (LPG), the market scenario has changed today. Today, the customer has a host of defense mechanism like the customers protection laws, regulation of the government, the powerful hands of the organization, customers courts, switching to substitute or competitors that offer at competitive prices, etc. The maxim, caveat emptor has been replaced by caveat venditor.


In the past, after sales service was consider as a cost center, Companies were lethargic in attending to customers complaints. Availability of trainee service personal and quality genuine spare parts posed serious problems. However, with the rising competition, there could not be much product differentiation, as price and quality were comparable and latest technology was to each and every company in the field. Since, there could not be much differential a tangible assets, the companies concentrated on the intangible assets, namely the service factor, which served as a major differentiator. Today after sales service is an important aspect of every company, and it is no more considered as a cost center, but considered as a profit center. Every organization strives hard to retain its existing customers at any cost since it is five times costly to get a new customers, then to retain an existing customers. Today most of the industries use information technology to best services to their customers.



People deliver innovation Innovations deliver success A few of the difference our people made1975 1976 1977 1991 1995 1996 2000 2000 2003 2004 Inception Registered as a company First Plant commissioned in Perambra(Cochin, Kerala) Second Plant commissioned in Limda (Baroda, Gujarat) Acquired Premier Tyres in Kalamassery (Cochin, Kerala) Exclusive Tubes Plant Commissioned in Ranjangaon (Pune, Maharastra) Exclusive Radial Capacity established in Limda Established APOLLO TYRES Health Care Clinic for HIV. Aids awareness Expansion of passenger car radial capacity to 6600 tyres per day Production of Indias first H-Speed rated tubless passengers car radial tyres 13


Support in setting up Indias first emergency medical service in Baroda

2005 APOLLO TYRES health care clinic in Udaipur in Rajasthan and Kanpur in Uttra Pradesh 2006 2006 2006 2006 2006 Expansion of passenger car radial capacity to 10000 tyres per day Expansion of passenger car range to include 4x4 and all terrain tyre Acquired Dunlop tyres international in South Africa and Zimbabwe Opening of Apollo tyres health care clinic in Ukkadam, Tamilnadu Launch of Dura Tread, trading material and solutions

2006 Launch of Indias first range of ultra high performance V and W-speed rated passenger car radial 2007 2007 2007 Launch of Regal Truck and Bus radial tyres Launch of Dura tyres, retreaded tyres from Apollo Launch of the Apollo Tennis Initiatinve and Mission 2018



Apollo Tyres Ltd is a high-performance company and the leading India tyre manufacturer. Head quartered in Gurgaon, a corporate-hub in the National Capital Region of India, Apollo is a young, ambitious and dynamic organisation, which takes pride in its unique identity. Registered as a company in 1976, Apollo is built around the core principles of creating stakeholder value through reliability in its products and dependability in its relationships. Apollos present strength and market dynamism steps from its early years of strife in establishing itself as a tyre manufacturer within the closed Indian economy. Over two decades, Apollo worked on a portfolio of products, tuned to customer needs and an array of innovative marketing initiatives to establish itself as a leader in its home market. Some of these include segmenting customers by their load and mileage requirements, running tyre loyalty programmes, establishing customer contact programmes which resulted in better health and driving habits, introducing Indias first farm radial


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