Progress of Vietnams Global Child Poverty Study

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Progress of Vietnams Global Child Poverty Study. Vietnam Country Study Team. Oct Nov 07: Drafted TORs , identified potential partners (SEDEC, GSO); - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Progress of Vietnams Global Child Poverty Study Vietnam Country Study Team

  • ProgressOct Nov 07: Drafted TORs , identified potential partners (SEDEC, GSO);

    Dec 07-Jan 08: Set up a Country study team; Policy and Statistics team, reference group with TORs; Agreement with all parties (MOLISA, GSO, SEDEC) on coordination and working mechanism

    February 08: detail work plan of each team; detail policy analysis and statistical analysis Frameworks.

  • ProgressMarch 14, 2008: Orientation Workshop with all govermental-line agencies and key stakeholders, which reached to: Common understanding the concept of the study, approaches and methodologies.

    Consensus on the national policies and programs that most affect child well-being.

    Plan and coordination between teams.


  • April May 08: Data (policy and statistics) gathering and processing, Regional workshop. June 08: Report writing and Consultations with various stakeholders

    July 08: Finalization


  • 12 May 08: Data gathering + Preparation of Statistic and Policy frameworks + Prelimilary draft Chapter 1: Children and development 2 of 3 paragraphs draftted Chapter 2: Poverty and children Data + 1 of 3 paragraphs draftted Chapter 3: The pillars of child well-being Data + 2 of 5 paragraphs drafttedChapter 4: A strategy for child well-being and equity 0 of 2 paragraphs drafttedProgress

  • Favourable circumstances:Rich national data setsVLSS 1993, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2006 (some data) MICS II (2001), MICS III (2006); Population census 1999, pop. survey 2006 National health survey 2003 & other surveysSome existing studies on children, poverty.High goverments commitment,cooperation of experts of ministries.Pros vs. Con

  • Difficulties:The guideline seems too ambitious (data, correlation analysis) with a given limited time.Unsuitable timing: UNICEF: MTR process, Child poverty index at the same timeCounterparts: over committed/overload with govt.s agenda e.g. VHLSS08 Data:Availability e.g. no data of many indicators (budget data for children, disaggregated level)Quality / accuracy / compatibility (diff. definition/calculation, unreliable adm. data) Accessibility (data from various sources)Data on children aged 16 (Vietnam) vs. aged 18 (CRC)Pros vs. Con

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