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  • 1. PRISCILLA YUS PORTFOLIO Please view this through slide show

2. GENERAL PROFILEMy name is Priscilla Yu Tsz Ching. I have a strong interest towards art,philosophy, religious studies, history and English literature. In my leisuretime I enjoy reading, painting as well as socializing. Teachers have said I havea hard working and mature character. I would admit that my life experiencesare a bit slightly fuller than same age teenagers due to my family experience,to this extend they allow me to develop a rather more mature and sensiblebehavior when compared with teenagers from the same age group, it alsohas given me ability to cope with a higher stress level. Moreover, I amcapable of establishing a chat with different types of people due to myinterest towards the phycology of human nature. After all, I enjoycontributing to the school campus(e.g. artist of Artery) and meeting newfriends. I do sports such as fencing and tennis. I enjoy singing and playingpiano. I have passed my grade 5 piano exam and got a distinction for mytheory exam. Lastly, it is hard to conclude myself with such a shortparagraph and I am sure more understanding would be done when you seeme in person. 3. LIFE ATTITUDEI always have a passion towards life and I believe inknowledge everything changes in life and eventually leaves you,however knowledge is the only thing that accompanies you till you die.Apart from the kind of knowledge and theories that you canlearn from textbooks that would bring you throughexaminations, I believe in lifestyle philosophy that allow youto understand your role as a part of the whole humanity. Weare all individuals, at the same time, we are all in one.I am also striving to be successful while contributing to the society . I understandthat I am not perfect and no one is, most important is to live imperfectly with yourown style. Although I am not perfect, I understand myself, which is a skill a lot ofpeople lack. Only people who had found and understood themselves could besuccessful. is my life motto. 4. ART ATTITUDETo me, art is not just a way of expressing feelings without the consent andrestriction of language. Indeed, it is a journey of self-exploring, self-improving and self-locating (locating your own position and role in life; andin search of the values that suit you the most). Fascination brought by art isoverwhelming; likewise my feelings are constantly attacked by the artworksof Van Gogh. The use of colour and his technique of painting is too uniqueand shows his despair to me. Vision has always been the leading sense of allhumankind, correspondingly art attacked and fulfilled our vision. Art is ourrooted desire of crave for beauty. Therefore I sometimes describe artists asthose who write poems out of the junk. In my point of view, even if mostartists hold a pessimistic viewpoint towards the world, which this motto isclearly presented by their artwork. The presence of their pessimistic artworkillustrated that bad things could also be presented in a beautiful way that 5. engages people (the beautiful appearance of their artwork). After all, art hadopened the door to a different perspective to life that affects many people.I was affected by art. It is not just my drawing techniques that have graduallyturned from immature to mature, my attitude and contents of each art pieceallowed the establishment of the person I am today. The fact that I am ableto explore the space with lines (drawing) and transfer something temporaryinto a permanent drawing, evidence my existence in this world. I was rescuedby art. Art has compelled me from negative thoughts towards positivethoughts and it is the process of growing with art that I have developed sucha mentality. My life is a piece of canvas and I am going to paint it with mypassion, my experience would be the graphic on this piece of unknowncanvas. I truly hope I am able to splash my potential over it and influencepeople by exhibiting it. 6. SOME OF MY ARTWORK On next page I am going to show you some of my artwork All of my artworks convey meanings, it is too difficult to speak outfor them in this powerpoint but if you are interested I am happy totell you in person 7. Left one: represent people who are addicted to gambling andcloses their eyes and face towards the matter 8. the drawing of pregnant women title : Written in Genes the fact that two puppets lie within the womans womb symbolises restriction offreedom and inequality. Correspondingly, the pregnant woman in this drawing liveas a puppet under men - she has no freedom under men. As the two sexes are toodifferent for equality to emerge within them, throughout human history there isnever a time when full equality between two sexes are established. Therefore theinequality of women is written in their genes, so as the puppet lives in the womenswomb that even the next generation carries this fate. 9. Heath Ledgers room An atmosphere of dizzy and insane Van Goghs furniture reminds me of insanity Like a hospital room conquered by drugs Heath ledgers halo made from drugs His death caused by drugs Photomontage 10. This art piece is created during the time when the media hadtaken half naked photos of Kate Middleton The weapon framing is to convey that the magazines in thebackground had attack Kate Middleton and hurt her However throughout all this tough time she is still smiling andstand up through this 11. This is a half cross section of the brain a childs imagination is developing in the brain, Just like the brain has provided a womb for the child to develop full potental the stationaries around the child helps it develop 12. The grudge residence in our brain through scary movies Even when we are not watching the scary movies, the scenes hadmarked into our brains and cage us in terror 13. Photomontage The cats in the middle of the page is me with face paint on Musial: the cats 14. Self portrait And face paint 15. Title: to save oneself This drawing is a present to one of my friend who is engaged with a boy whohas a girlfriend. This drawing is sometimes interpreted by people as symbolic ofjustice. However the truth is, the scale that stands on the angels thigh is actuallyrepresenting the angels morality and values. With the scale slanting towards the sideof the broken wing, it illustrates that the breaking down of the angels values.Moreover, with her eyes shut and ears blocked by her hands, the angel is purposelyignoring the danger that is surrounding her which she could have avoided if shedares to have a glare. She could have saved herself with her own values (the scale) ifshe faces the problem. However she is happily willing to be hurt and is reluctant topull herself out with her own strength. After all, we are the only only who can saveourselves. If we are reluctant to do so, no one could have saved us. I wanted her tosave herself. 16. Title: farewell, see you This drawing could be interpreted in two ways - either positive ornegative. The two girls in the drawing is the same person while the girl onthe left of the drawing symbolises the girls pure and innocence. It was amental state where the two girls meet each other therefore both of themare naked. With attention to the structure of this drawing, the negative sideof it could be conveyed by the two girls motion that the innocent part ofthe girl is leaving her. However, the positive way is that the girl had foundthe innocent part of her which she had abandoned ever since she hadgrown up. In addition, it is also a surprise to her that the innocent part ofher is still living within her, and innocent is willing to turn her face to facethe girl who had once abandoned the existence of innocence. 17. Conveys hope is in our hands 18. PHOTOGRAPHS OF MINE Please enjoy watching some of the photographs taken by me indifferent places 19. THANKS FOR WATCHING I hope you can understand me more through this power point