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  • Primary Shredders

    Secondary Shredders

    Screening Technology

    Plant engineering and construction

  • The HAMMEL Story

    HAMMEL Recyclingtechnik GmbH has been ope r-

    ating in the area of shredding technology and recy-

    cling plants for more than 20 years. A

    customer-oriented, practical development of recy-

    cling machines and plants has always been a pri -

    ority. Extra efficient, easy to maintain machines with

    low wear costs are developed based on the world-

    wide known, patented “HAMMEL Two-Shaft-Princi-

    ple”. Due to the unique, intertwining shafts, the

    HAMMEL-shredder can be used for the shredding of

    various materials such as waste wood, root stocks,

    railway sleepers, bulk waste, industrial waste, do -

    mestic waste as well as the processing of car bo-

    dies, tires, aluminium profiles and light metal.

    Through a wide spread sales and service network

    HAMMEL is present in almost all countries of the

    world - and still growing. Reliability, high perfor-

    mance, quality and continuous good work has made

    HAMMEL one of the leading producers in the recy-

    cling industry worldwide.

  • Customized to your needs

    HAMMEL constantly meets the newest demands of

    recycling. When it comes to innovative and individual

    solutions in the field of shredding, HAMMEL is your

    ideal partner. Its comprehensive know-how in all

    technical specialist fields and many years of experi-

    ence are continuously incorporated into its work.

    Every day a highly motivated team takes care of our

    customer’s wishes and needs and turns ideas into

    solutions. From the individual consultation to the

    construction, production and installation up to the

    commissioning - do not hesitate to contact us! New

    experiences and findings are promptly implemented

    and benefit all HAMMEL machines and plants.

  • Primary Shredders


    • wood

    • rootstocks / green waste

    • waste

    • waste car bodies

    • mixed and metal scrap

    • engine blocks



    • high throughput at low wear costs

    • user friendly handling

    • durable tools

    • low wear and tear

    • lower noise emission

    • customized construction

    HAMMEL-primary shredders are able to crush extremely

    complex material. A clear and robust construction makes

    them reliable working equipment. Their special intertwining

    shafts can be customized to numerous materials. Each

    HAMMEL-primary shredder comes with an appealing basic

    configuration and either a diesel or an electric engine.

    Every HAMMEL-primary shredder runs with the patented

    “Two-Shaft-Principle”: the material fed is directly drawn in

    by the aggressive tearing hooks and knives of the shafts.

    Various special shaft configurations are available, de -

    pending on the material that should be shredded and the

    final grain desired. In general, final grain sizes between

    150 mm and 400 mm with a small number of oversize can

    be attained. These days HAMMEL-shafts are durable for se-

    veral thousand hours of operation.

    The various types of shafts enable us to cater to the indivi-

    dual wishes of our customers. Additionally, the well-es -

    tablished “Two-Shaft-Principle” is refined and adapted

    steadily to the needs of our customers and the market.

    drive *

    VB 450 D / DK 140 hp VB 450 E 110 kW

    VB 650 D / DK 280 hp VB 650 E 200 kW

    VB 750 D / DK 350 hp VB 750 E 260 kW

    VB 850 D / DK 480 hp VB 850 E 350 kW

    VB 950 D / DK 710 hp VB 950 E 500 kW

    VB 1500 DK 1500 hp

    weight *

    VB 450 D / E 9 t VB 450 DK 11 t

    VB 650 D / E 16 t VB 650 DK 19 t

    VB 750 D / E 19 t VB 750 DK 24 t

    VB 850 D / E 27 t VB 850 DK 32 t

    VB 950 D / E 38 t VB 950 DK 42 t

    VB 1500 DK 60 t

    * ap

    pr ox

    . v al

    ue s

  • Secondary Shredders The HAMMEL-secondary shredders enable energy-saving

    and extremely efficient further processing of various pre-

    shredded materials originating from different kinds of waste

    wood, light mixed scrap, car bodies, aluminium profiles and

    much more. They operate with two different shredding sys -

    tems: either a rotor equipped with knives for the processing

    of wood or one equipped with eccentric discs for the hand-

    ling of metal. However, the size of the final grain is de -

    pendent on the choice of the right screen basket.

    The HAMMEL-secondary shredders are available with a

    diesel or electric engine and as a mobile or stationary unit,

    depending on the needs of our customers.

    Application *

    NZS 700 / 1000

    • waste wood

    • rootstocks / green waste

    • railway sleepers

    HEM 1250 DK

    • waste car bodies

    • mixed and metal scrap

    • engine blocks

    • aluminium profiles



    • energy-saving and efficient shredding

    • defined final grain size

    • user friendly handling

    • mobility

    • short set-up times

    • individual customization through mobile

    and stationary units

    drive *

    NZS 700 D 350 hp NZS 700 E 250 kW

    NZS 1000 DK 525 hp NZS 1000 E 350 kW

    HEM 1250 DK 710 hp

    weight *

    NZS 700 D 17 t NZS 700 E 17 t

    NZS 1000 DK 30 t NZS 1000 E 19 t

    HEM 1250 DK 49 t

    * approx. values

    * pre-shredded

  • Screening technology


    • waste wood

    • green waste

    • domestic and industrial waste

    • bulky waste

    • light metal scrap

    • white goods




    • high mobility

    • short set-up times

    • robust construction

    • high throughput

    • user friendly handling

    • individual customization

    drive *

    HSS 1500 D 74 kW

    MMS 150 DK 74 kW

    weight *

    HSS 1500 D 15 t

    MMS 150 DK 19 t

    * approx. values

    The HAMMEL-product range includes as well a wide range

    of screening technology, for example disc and roller

    screens for the processing of wood and waste or pole

    screens for the handling of metal.

    All HAMMEL-screens impress by their individual number

    of screen decks and sizes, high throughput rates, cus -

    tomizable final grain sizes and optimal adaption to the

    local surroundings.

    The HAMMEL-screens are available in a stationary, elec-

    tric version as well as a mobile, diesel powered one with a

    hook-lift system and a wheel axle or with a track system.

    tyre screen drum screen

    roller screen disc screen

  • Application

    • waste wood

    • stem wood

    • waste

    • waste car bodies

    • mixed scrap

    • aluminium

    Types *


    • individual customization

    • high efficiency

    • high profitability

    • low energy and wear costs

    • durable tools

    • robust construction

    waste wood processing plant

    primary shredders screening technology

    metal separation sorting lines

    secondary shredders materials handling technology

    * materials handling technology

    We offer the complete solution for different kinds of mate-

    rials such as wood, waste and metal in the field of plant

    engineering and construction. Our recycling plants are de-

    signed accordingly to the individual needs of our cus -

    tomers - from the development to the commissioning.

    Depending on the individual site conditions stationary

    plants are developed as single machine units or overall

    concepts. In the first step of fragmentation, the input ma-

    terial is pre-shredded by a HAMMEL-primary shredder.

    The material can be separated with the help of magnet sta-

    tions or sorting lines afterwards.

    Various secondary shredders and different kinds of

    screen ing technology can be connected in series. The sin-

    gle machine units are linked by innovative conveying and

    discharge technology.

    You communicate your needs, we develop the complete


    Waste processing plant

    primary shredders sorting lines

    metal separation materials handling technology

    screening technology

    Metal processing plant

    primary shredders secondary shredders

    metal separation screening technology

    Plant engineering and construction

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