Garden Shredders Mwenge SIKULI - 3IO Become an expert in gard shredders !

Shredders for dummies

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Garden Shredders

Mwenge SIKULI - 3IO

Become an expert in gardenshredders !

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Lescha Super ZAK Junior

Page 3: Shredders for dummies

Lescha Super ZAK Junior

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• Technical Data• Components• Workings • Noise• Use of materials

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Technical data

• Voltage: 220V• Power: 1500 W• Speed: 2800 t/min• External dimensions:

L x B x H = 585 x 705 x 915 mm• Weight: 27,5 kg• Production year : 1992• Acquisition year: 1993

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Components1 tub2 Funnel3 Jodenkop screw 4 self-locking hex nut5 Protection band6 Jodenkop screw6a washer 33 Tension ring35 Assembly wrench42 Protection housing43 Left foot 44 Right foot 45 Foot46 Plastic cap47 Anchor wrap48 Countersunk bolt49 Socket screw50 Head nut51 Socket screw52 Countersunk bolt]53 can54 wheel55 Tension ring56 Tension ring57 Hex nut58 socket-head screw wrench

Page 7: Shredders for dummies

7 motor 220 V8 capacitor9 ventilator10 Ventilator wheel11 switch-plug-combination with plug12 switch-plug-combination without plug13 Toggle switch – on/off14 Safety switch 10A15 motor (Belgium)16 Capasitor 17 Fixation box18 Safety switch 10 A 19 cable 20 Hex nut (self-locking)21 Toothed lockwasher


Page 8: Shredders for dummies

22 Sealing ring23 ring (2 mm)24 ring (1 mm)25 ring (0,5 mm)26 ring (0,3 mm)27 Disc (3 mm)28 Blade disc29 distance plate30 knife31 Countersunk screw32 socket-head screw wrench 33 Tension ring34 Hex nut 35 Assembly wrench36 Compleet knife disc37 Sealing ring38 Sealing ring39 Hex nut40 open-ended spanner 41 Bar for open-ended spanner


Page 9: Shredders for dummies

Accesories:• basket (Volume: 42 liter)

• plunger• frame• compost bin


Page 10: Shredders for dummies

The motor

→ no starting torque

• Voltage: 220V • Power: 1,5 kW• Speed: 2800 t/min


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Page 12: Shredders for dummies

Latest generationTabel


Page 13: Shredders for dummies

Angled chute and blade

• sound proofed feed chute• No kick-back of branches→ safer

Page 14: Shredders for dummies


•Multi-Cut 370

VIKING: Different pattented knife systems

•Multi-Cut 103

•Multi-Cut 150

Page 15: Shredders for dummies

Guide plate


Page 16: Shredders for dummies

Safety lockSafety switch→ No automatic start of the motor after a power cutoff

Integrated toolsFor faster professional help( ex. Replacement of the knives)

Page 17: Shredders for dummies

Reversing rotation(silent shredder)

Cloverleaf aperture • To comfortably shred bushy branches• Rectangular opening voor soft material (leaves, …)

Page 18: Shredders for dummies


• Sound measurements:1m • motor: 80dB• shredding: 88dB→”moderetaly loud” – “very loud”

• Comparative measurements:

10m • motor: 62dB• shredding: 78dB→ “quiet” – “moderately loud”

• Inside: 20dB• Inside (car passes by): 32dB• Outside: 35dB→ “quiet”

Current shredders: • 105 dB• silent shredder: max 92dB

90-95dB: Level at which sustained exposure may result in hearing loss

Page 19: Shredders for dummies

Silent shredders• Special roll system• Slow-running cutting: 40 rpm• Crushes branches

→ faster composting• Silent (max 92 dB)

Page 20: Shredders for dummies

Use of materials• Funnel → PVC o durableo recyclableo lighto cheapo easy to work with

• Protection band → elastic plastico branches

• Tub and protection housing → coated sheet metal

o corrosiono aestheticso current shredders → PVC

• Blades → hardend steelo more durable

• Feet → galvanised steelo corrosion