PRESORTEDSTANDARD NON-PROFIT .for Wednesday night and small group leaders for Sunday morning.

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Text of PRESORTEDSTANDARD NON-PROFIT .for Wednesday night and small group leaders for Sunday morning.

  • March 2012March 2012

    Page 12 Walloon Lake Community Church Newsletter 2012 A Walloon Lake Community Church Publication. Questions? Contact 231-535-2288.

    P. O. Box 35Walloon Lake, MI 49796




    PERMIT #1

    WALLOON LAKE, MIaddress service requested

    AA WWaalllloooonn LLaakkee CCoommmmuunniittyy CChhuurrcchh PPuubblliiccaattiioonn

    WWaalllloooonn LLaakkee CCoommmmuunniittyy CChhuurrcchh

    Glorify Jesus Christ by making loving Jesus...loving Others...and Serving the world!

    WWaalllloooonn LLaakkee EEaasstt JJoorrddaann

    In this IssueYouth News . . . . . .1Board Corner . . . . .2Opportunities . . . . .3Worship Is Daring .4Opportunities . . . . .5Calendar . . . . . . . . .6EJ Campus Focus .8Word Searrch . . . . .9Celebration Days .10More Happy Days!11

    At the beginning of the month we will be doinganother push for volunteers to serve at theWalloon Lake campus, including game directorsfor Wednesday night and small group leadersfor Sunday morning. Please be in prayer forGod to be moving in the hearts of His peoplefor these positions.

    At the end of the month (March 25th) the youthministry will be hosting a Promotional /Fundraiser Lunch at the Walloon Lake campusmulti-purpose room for our Spring Trainingconferences. During April there are conferences that our studentsfrom both church campuses will attend that are focused on trainingin the Word and Gospel. This exhilarating time of spiritual excite-ment can be used to advance the Kingdom of God in northern

    Michigan. Attending this lunch will giveyou the opportunity to learn more aboutthe youth ministry as well as express yoursupport to the students. God is doingsome pretty cool things in the lives ofthese students, come an hear testimony ofGods handiwork.

    Youth Group NewsSpring Is March-ing In!Pastor Jason Loewen

    Put their trust in God

  • Walloon Lake Community Church Newsletter

    March 2012March 2012

    Page 11Page 2 Walloon Lake Community Church Newsletter

    The Board CornerMeet The Board Kevin Klevorn

    One of the ways church leadership tries to help youconnect a face with a name for our board members isperiodic praying for the offering. Still, so many peo-ple visit both campus locations with (for now) threeseparate services that it is hard for many to knowenough about our current board members, so thismonth Ill introduce you to about half of the churchboard, with the balance to follow next month.

    The senior statesman in terms of longevity at Walloonis Myron Matz, who started attending in 1966 (you'llhave to ask him how old he was). He has been mar-ried to Kim for 25 years. They have two daughters,Emily, 13 and Samantha, 11. He teaches theFoundations class on Sundays. For work, he is in theconstruction business as a general contractor, and forplay loves to hike in Colorado with his family.Myron lives in the Chandler Hill area at the east endof Charlevoix County.

    The senior statesman in terms of age is DougGabrielsen (again, up to you to find out, but a hint is"octo"). Doug and Sus have been married a reallylong time, and they are the parents of three grownchildren and a mess of grandchildren. He moved toBoyne City in the mid 1980's as a plant managertransplant from Honeywell, who was headquartered"back east." They regularly spend time with family inNew Jersey, and winter in Arizona. As an engineer bytrade he can fix most things, and has previouslyserved on Ron Hutchcrafts' Youth for Christ board,again "back east," as well as the local YFC board formany years. Doug and Sus can sing duets in bothEnglish and Norwegian.

    Leland Hershey is one of the newer board membersand worships at the East Jordan campus. He is mar-ried to Treva, and they have two kids, Kaitlyn, 8 andAshton, 7. He is in the wood products business andlives south of Charlevoix. He has served with ourworship teams, and has helped out a lot with theneeds of the East Jordan launch.

    Paul Theriault was born and raised in Sault SteMarie (U.S.A. side) and moved to Petoskey in 1967.Married to Debbie, they have one grown marrieddaughter and two grandsons. He chairs the facilitiescommittee at church and is also involved in the mar-riage class, prayer partners and small groups. Forwork you can find him at Bay Area Clean Care, andfor fun, boating, snowmobiling or spending time withhis family.

    Lynn Groff and his wife Lucy live east of BoyneFalls. They are parents to Heidi, 22 and Brian, 24.Brian and his wife, Kim have blessed Lynn & Lucywith two young grandsons, Michael and Daniel. He isthe Minister of Maintenance at Walloon and Lucy isan OB nurse at NMH in Petoskey. Lynn keeps theWalloon campus looking sharp!

    Jeff Bradford is married to Julie and they live inBoyne City. Jeff was born in Canada, but the accenthas mostly faded, unless he gets checked hard on theice during hockey matches. They have three grownchildren you will also see at the Walloon campus. Hehas a laundry and dry cleaning business, and lovesMichigan football. (Has the most up-to-date info onrecruits around....)

    The last one this month will be Ed Bradley. Ed hasbeen married to Sheri for 32 years and they maketheir home in Horton Bay. They have five kids andfive grandchildren. He works at St Mary's Cementplant in Charlevoix. He loves being with family andfriends and especially hunting and being out of doors.(We were also on the same little league team in the60's! Go Tigers!)

    Thanks for letting me serve and you'll meet the restnext month.

    3-2 Cleyo & Phyllis Penfold3-3 Adam & Jill Lyon3-4 Gordon & Theresa Robinson3-10 Martin & Amy Flynn

    Terry & Laurie Van Norman3-15 Ed & Robin Goldsmith3-16 Christopher & Brenda Thompson3-25 Nathan & Rachel Shureb3-28 Ed & Janet Gannaway3-31 Jim & Jan Eckman

    Anniversaries in March

    Lila Joy daughter of Chad & AshleeBradley born on November 29, 2011

    Jackson Matthew son of Matthew &Whitney Skop born on January 28, 2012

    Levi James son of Brent & LauraSturtevant born on februarys 3, 2012


  • Walloon Lake Community Church Newsletter

    March 2012March 2012

    Page 3Page 10 Walloon Lake Community Church Newsletter

    Rejoice!Anniversary & Birthday CelebrationsJean Fiel

    3-1 Dennis ChristensenTyler KruzelStephen Redmer

    3-3 Elizabeth DonaldMichael LaPointeSandy Rhea

    3-4 Chuck BillingsBurt MoekeGerritt MoekeLynette StevensChris WeemhoffBill White

    3-5 TJ DouglasPhil DuranRobin LaskowskiCindy Null

    3-6 Sandy CoatsDavid GrohRachelle Stefanic

    3-7 Luke PetersenTom Schraw

    3-8 Isaac GrahamJohn JakubiakJason Loewen

    3-9 Ed GannawayTaylor HubbardJacob JohnsonDennis KlepadloSkye PiefferEmmaleah Richards

    3-10 Ashlee BeckJoel BeilbyLewis DulinBeth HollandSarah HollandWill Stevens

    3-11 Ron EatonRon SchrockJared Urman

    3-12 Elijah HissongAlex WeemhoffTiffany Whitley

    3-13 Lisa MurrayDoug SkrockiSeth SturtevantCorrie Vining

    3-14 Elizabeth CarlisleSherrie Elliott-ShubelTina FeltonRobbie Morford

    3-15 Kathy BischoffJeff BradfordElijah KirbyJonathan MillerJami RobertsJadon SchmidtSteven Spence

    3-16 Emma BradleySue BreidensteinJerry BriolatSkyler DavisKeegan EatonTanner KruzelChristiana MantheiKirk RoseKirk Rose JrLaurie VanNorman

    3-17 Bruce BossKimberly Johnson

    3-18 Bill NasonJennifer Powers

    3-19 Truett KrugerJustine OlsenKyle Petersen

    3-20 Curtis ClarkJill LyonAubrey Wilson

    3-21 Joshua LongcoreEmily MatzAl Robinson

    3-22 Jim Davenport3-23 Trey Reinhardt

    Cal Riker3-24 Jack Carter

    Jim Eckman3-25 Lee Cloyd

    Emily DickinsonCambrynne GiemGreg HollandKim Matz

    3-26 John MedemaJake Stahl

    3-27 Cody BillMargaret DudekChris FaulknorLeslie Reinhardt

    3-28 Paul HillKaren OlsenMason RheaJonathon Wyman

    3-29 Tristan AgerThomas AgerErik DavenportTaryn IngallsHannah Olsen

    3-30 Cindy Whitley3-31 Carl May

    Blayne Wilson

    Home Plate - Tigers Baseball Game

    Don't look outside, but Baseball season is justaround the corner. Home Plate 2012 is scheduledfor Saturday, April 21 at Comerica Park. The pro-gram begins at 9:30AM followed by the baseballgame between the Tigers and the Texas Rangers.

    Players from both teams will be speaking abouttheir careers in professional sports and their faith inJesus Christ. This is an excellent opportunity tobring your non-churched friends, to hear theGospel, share in some fellowship and see theTigers win!

    We are estimating the cost this year to be $38 perperson (assuming gas prices don't jump).

    The price includes bus transportation from WalloonLake Churchs parking lot, the Home Plate event, a$5.00 coupon good at any Comerica Park vendorand the cost of the ball game. We have 50 tickets,payment are in advance, first come - first served.

    The bus will leave from the WL Campus parkinglot early Saturday morning and should be return-ing around 9 or 10 PM.

    Sign-up sheet is in the foyer. Contact John Lee(231) 582-0494 with any questions you may have.

    New Address Directory!

    Please help us update for a new address directorythat encompasses those attending WLCC & EJCC.Everyone who is interested can be included. This iswhat we need: first and last name of all in yourhousehold, birth dates and anniversaries with year,home phone, cell phone, and e-mail address. Ifyou are interested in receiving the newsletter by e-mail, please indicate that. If you have an alternateaddress, please include that information and as bestas possible the dates for usage.

    This information is for church office use plus thedirectory is used to help promote friendship andfell