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  • Interactive Science NotebooksPresented byLisa L. Hansen

  • AgendaWelcome Interactive NotebooksWhy?How?Set UpRight Side / Left SideVocabulary BriefcaseScience SacksOther Useful Ideas

  • What are InteractiveScience Notebooks?A student thinking toolAnd organizer for inquiry question and what I learnedA way to access and process the learning utilizing various modalities (writing, drawing, and discussion)A means for all students to work at their levelA place for writing rough drafts based on hands-on learningA formative assessment tool for teachers

    TUSD Science Resource Center

  • 5 Good Reasons to UseInteractive Science Notebooks1. Notebooks Are Thinking Tools2. Notebooks Guide Teacher Instruction3. Notebooks Enhance Literacy Skills4. Notebooks Support Differentiated Learning5. Notebooks Foster Teacher Collaboration

    Science and ChildrenNov/Dec 2005, p.28-32

  • Purpose for Interactive Science Notebooks for Teachers:To identify evidence of student learningTo identify students misconceptionsTo collect evidence of student growth over timeTo develop next steps for planning and teachingTUSD Science Resource Center

  • Impact of Hands-on Science & Science Notebooks on Student AchievementResearch shows that student understanding and literacy skills improve when students do hands-on minds-on science and use science notebooks to make sense of their science investigations.

  • Additional Helpful HintsProvide immediate feedback early on by checking a few notebooks dailyHave occasional open notebook quizzes to inspire great notebooksPerfect Resource for PLC discussions

  • Science Notebook Setup

  • Why are we using science notebooks?

    Record dataTo study for testsRecord progressCommunicate with othersNotebooks help us learn!

  • Example of communicating with others:REFLECTION QUESTIONS:What are you curious about?What would you like to test?What was the main idea?What are the important details to remember?How does this relate to your life?What dont you understand?

  • Right Side? Left Side?What Goes Where?Left SideStudent OutputLots of Color

    Concept MapsWarm UpsDrawingsReflective WritingQuestionsData and GraphsOther

    Right SideTeacher Input/ContentBlue or Black Ink only!

    Information given in classLecture NotesLab ActivitiesVideo NotesSummariesTextbook NotesData from Experiments/FieldClassroom Specific InformationCustomize to Your Students Needs

  • A Bit More On The LeftGetting Students to Think About Their LearningREFLECTION: Use Guiding Prompts:What are you curious about?What would you like to test?What was the main idea?What are the important details to remember?How does this relate to your life?What dont you understand?

  • Science Notebook Supplies

    glue sticksscissorscolored pencilspens & pencilscomposition notebook(No staples or white glue)NO MARKERS!

  • Getting started -Step 1:My NameMy GradeOn the cover,write your name and grade.

  • Step 2:Starting with the first page, number the first 50 pages. Numbers should be small and at the top outside corner of every page.


  • Step 3:At the top of pages 3,4,5, write Table of Contents Table of Contents354Table of ContentsTable of Contents(Skip pages 1 and 2)

  • Vocabulary Briefcase

  • A Vocabulary BriefcaseA place where a students vocabulary words are ALL togetherAfter activityIn their OWN wordsPictures, Pictures!Vocabulary Battleship

  • Vocabulary Briefcase Setup

  • Getting Started Step 1:Name, GradeOn the flapwrite your name and grade.

  • Step 2:Name, GradeOn the coverwrite Vocabulary Briefcase.

  • Step 3:Inside,glue pockets as shown.Name, GradeNatureOfSciencePhysicalSciencePhysicalScienceLifeScienceLifeScienceEarthScienceEarthScienceNatureOfScience

  • Definition Card Set-up:(front)(back)HypothesisIf....Then.What I think will happen in the investigation.

    Draw a pictureto help yourememberIn yourown words

  • First 5 Nature of Science cards for your Vocabulary Briefcase. ProblemConclusionDatavariablesHypothesis

  • You may decorate your Vocabulary Briefcase!Name, Grade Vocabulary Briefcase

  • Get Organized with Sci-sacks

    Handy organization toolStudents come to lab preparedNotebook, supplies, vocabulary briefcase, etc.Supplies stay at school!

  • We Are READY!