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Why we can't have a day-off? Why we can't have a day-off? (Why Household Service Act can not be passed? (Why Household Service Act can not be passed? ) ) IPIT+TIWA IPIT+TIWA 2012/09/16 2012/09/16

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  • Why we can't have a day-off?(Why Household Service Act can not be passed?)


  • 2003, The break down of Vinarsin

  • May, 2005HAS filed in CongressHousehold Service Actevery 7 days has one day-off COMPULSARY !10 consecutive hours rest for every 24 hours

    June, 2012-- Filed again.(Congress re-elected in Jan. 2012)

  • 2005 Rally

  • 2005 RallyHSA is one of rally demands.

  • 2009 Rally

  • 2009 Rally

  • 2011Rally

  • 2011- Where is my Day-off !

  • Where is my day-off !

  • President Mas political check2008, in Mas White Paper of Labor Policy, HAS should be passed before his first term endedMay 19, 2012, first term ended

  • March, 2011, CLA made PADW, against the HAS.

  • Forever slavery system?PADW Article 10:A worker shall have at least one regular day-off every 7 days. When an employer has obtained the consent of a worker to work on a regular day-off or in case there is an urgent condition that a caretaker is needed to work during the regular day-off, the employer shall pay the worker at double the regular rate.

  • Perawat Orang Sakit (NT$ ________)

    PIHAK KEDUA berhak mendapatkan libur 1 (satu) hari dalam 7 (tujuh) hari. Apabila PIHAK KEDUA bekerja di hari libur resmi tersebut diatas maka PIHAK PERTAMA wajib memberikan uang lembur. (NT$ _______/hari)

  • Rest hoursPADW Article 9:A worker shall rest for 8 consecutive hours per 24 hours. In case there is any special condition that the caretaker need to work during rest hours, what to do and how to calculate wage shall be discussed and agreed by the employer and the worker.

  • Perawat Orang Sakit ()

    Untuk menjaga kualitas kerja PIHAK KEDUA, maka PIHAK PERTAMA wajib memberikan waktu istirahat yang cukup kepada PIHAK KEDUA.

  • If we dont have free transfer,Are we dare to refuse to work ?

    And where is our power to discuss with our employer about how to calculate the over time wage ?

  • Who are against day-off ?

  • Who are against day-off ?Employers Organizations:Disable NGOElderly People NGOFamily Member as Caretaker NGO

    Government Departments:Ministry of Internal Affairs Department of Health

  • Reasons against day-off ?Patients or Elderly need to take care 24 hours!

    If migrant caretaker has one day-off, Where is my (family member) day-off ?

    Migrant workers need money, they like to earn overtime payment, thats their right. Compulsory one day-off is against their right.

  • Replacement labor ?If migrant workers have one day-off.Who replace our caring work ?

    Family members ?

    If family member is working on weekdays,They also need day-off in Sunday, if they replace our work, where are their day-off ?

  • Respite Care ServiceIf Family member need 24 hours caring,Government send caretaker to home.One day, 8 hours, NT$1000.Family paid NT$300/day. (Gvt. pay 700)Maximum 21 days / year. If family hired migrant worker, can not apply for Respite Care Service !