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    ISO 50001

    The International Energy Management Standard

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    Background to Standard

    • UK led development with British Standards Institute • Based on committee member’s experience and that of

    other advisors

    • Based on existing Energy Management approaches employed worldwide

    • Based on recognised ‘Best Practice’ • Piloted in mid June 2009 – 5 case studies • Published as BS EN 16001 in September 2009 • ‘Internationalised’, by negotiation, for conversion to

    ISO 50001 – released June 2011

    • Final changeover to ISO50001 end of April 2012

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    • EnMS layout, paragraphs and approach based on existing Standards

    such as:

    • ISO 9000 series

    • ISO 14001 • etc.

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    The International

    Energy Management System Standard –


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    Composition of ISO 50001

    • 4.1 General requirements • 4.2 Management responsibility

    • Top management

    • Management representative

    • 4.3 Energy Policy • 4.4 Energy planning

    • Legal and other requirements

    • Energy review

    • Energy baseline

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    Composition of ISO 50001

    • 4.4 continued

    • Energy Performance Indicators

    • Energy objectives, targets & management action plans

    • 4.5 Implementation & Operation

    • Competence, Training, and Awareness

    • Communication

    • Documentation

    • Operational control

    • Design

    • Procurement

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    Composition of ISO 50001

    • 4.6 Checking

    • Monitoring, measurement and analysis

    • Evaluation of compliance

    • Internal system Audit

    • Non conformities

    • 4.7 Management Review

    • Inputs to review

    • Outputs from review.

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    1. Energy policy

    ISO50001 section 4.3

    •Developing a meaningful and usable policy

    •Linking with other organisational policies

    •Scopes and boundaries (coverage)

    •Levels of commitment

    •Issues of accessibility & confidentiality

    •Periodic policy / strategy reviews and documentation

    •Policy content


    Organisational objectives

    Energy usage reduction targets


    •Relating to other issues concerning energy such as

    purchasing (not tariffs)

    •Sufficient for purpose

    •Exercise – Develop a sample one page policy


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    2. Objectives and targets

    See ISO50001 sections 3.11 and 3.17 for definitions and

    section 4.4.6 for precise requirement

    •Consistency with policy



    •Action Plan or Programme to achieve objectives and


    •Exercise – Identify typical organisational

    objectives and targets

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    3. Programmes or Action Plans (ISO 50001)

    ISO50001 section 4.4.6

    •Responsible persons


    •Verification of results / achievements

    •Exercise – Create a prioritised Action Plan

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    4. Roles and responsibilities

    ISO50001 section 4.2.2

    •Designated Management representative

    •Individual roles and responsibilities

    •Resources to be made available

    •Exercise – Who is fit for purpose

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    5. Scope and boundaries

    ISO50001 section 4.1 (b)

    •Physical or geographical limits declared as the

    boundary of operations covered

    •Energy uses to be considered within scope

    •Recording and delineating scopes and boundaries

    •Exercise – Describe the boundaries and scope

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    6. Energy review

    ISO50001 section 4.4.3 (and 4.4.4 relating to energy baseline)

    •Cataloguing energy sources

    •Evaluating past / historical organisational


    •Creating a schedule of major energy using plant and


    •Establishing plant and equipment performance

    measures / criteria

    •Developing baselines

    •Exercise – List the key Review components

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    9. Opportunities register

    ISO50001 section 4.4.3 (c)

    •Identifying and recording opportunities for energy


    •Assigning responsibility for follow up

    •Setting deadlines and due dates against each


    •Establishing priorities

    •Tracking opportunities to conclusion / completion

    •Exercise – List potential opportunities to be


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    10. Exceptions

    ISO50001 section 4.6.1


    •Monitoring consumption routinely (actual against


    •Maintaining a list of past accidental deviations from

    expected consumption

    •Recording causes and remedies

    •Exercise – List typical exceptions

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    11. Awareness, training and competence

    ISO50001 section 4.5.2

    •Qualifications of designated representative

    •Methods of communication to keep employees and

    contractors aware of the EnMS and energy-management


    •Training staff with significant influence over energy

    consumption given training to maintain their competence

    related to energy responsibilities

    •Information and training provision on energy management

    for all levels of management

    •Training-needs analysis (linked to the register of roles and


    Exercise – Discuss best approaches to enrol staff


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    12. Operational instructions, checklists and specifications

    ISO50001 section 4.5.5

    •Referencing all items such as checklists,

    specifications, documented maintenance procedures,

    standing orders (or anything else which describes

    how work is to be carried out) if they have energy

    efficiency implications

    •Dates for review or revision

    •Exercise – List potential documents relative to

    this section

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    13. Legal and regulatory requirements

    ISO50001 section 4.4.2

    •Creating a list of applicable legal and other


    •Sources of information

    •Relating legal and regulatory requirements to the

    organisation’s energy aspects (EN16001 only) or

    major energy uses (ISO50001)

    •Exercise - Discuss sources of information

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    14. Non-conformities

    ISO50001 section 4.6.4

    This is taken to relate to administrative issues, i.e., non-conformance

    with the EnMS. Energy-consumption exceptions were dealt with


    •Establishing a systematic process for recording non-


    •Corrective and preventive actions documented, with


    •Exercise – What are minor and major


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    15. Reviews and audits ISO50001 section 4.6.3 covers internal audits and 4.7 covers

    management review

    •Recording of top-management reviews

    •Recording of remedial actions taken

    •Exercise – Records and audit process

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    16. Document control

    ISO50001 section 4.6.5

    Note that completeness of the EnMS records is assured if the audit of

    all preceding sections concluded that the requisite registers and other

    documents exist in a satisfactory form.

    •Control of relevant documents

    •Document legibility, identity and traceability

    •Document control committee

    •Exercise – Types of documentation

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    17 Self certification

    In this section we bring together the

    features of the exercises already carried

    out, plus the BSI approach to self

    certification to look at how any size of

    organisation can internally audit and

    then, if so required, self certify.

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    • Accurate recording and monitoring of energy usage leads to better GHG reporting