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Powder coating thickness gauge

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Page 1: Powder coating thickness gauge

Granted in the Metal Finishing Field P r i n t e d copies of p a t e n t s a re f u r n i s h e d by t h e P a t e n t a n d T r a d e m a r k Office for $3.00 each. A d d r e s s o rde r s to: C o m m i s s i o n e r o f P a t e n t s a n d T r a d e m a r k s , W a s h i n g t o n , D.C. 20231.

WATER-BASED COATING COMPOSIT ION U.S. Patent 6,025,449. Feb. 15, 2000 M. Enomoto et al., assignors to Kansai Paint Co. Ltd., Hyogo-ken, Japan A water-soluble acrylic resin, which is prepared by neutralizing with an acrylic copolymer formed by copolymerizing 1 to 30% by weight of an alkylene oxide group- containing (meth)acrylate.

COBALT-CHROMIUM ORTHOPAEDIC I M P L A N T U.S. Patent 6,025,536. Feb. 15, 2000 L.S. Bender et al., assignors to Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

An orthopaedic implant manufac- tured by a process including the sequential steps of descaling by impingement with a particulate agent; electrochemical milling in- cluding the substeps of submers- ing the implant in an acid bath having a temperature between 80 and 90°F said acid bath including approximately 45% sulfuric acid and 50% phosphoric acid; and ap- plying direct current electrical power to the implant, said power ranging between 10 and 13 DC; ultrasonically cleaning the pol- ished implant; and inspecting the implant with a penetrant to deter- mine whether surface defects ex- ist.

POWDER COATING THICKNESS GAUGE U.S. Patent 6,026,586. Feb. 22, 2000 C.E. Waddles, assignor to Defelsko Corp., Ogdensburn, N.Y.

A detector for measuring a thick- ness of a powder on a surface com- prising a body having a bottom

edge; two feet extending from the bottom edge of the body, each of the feet including a flat two- dimensional planar bottom sur- face for self-supporting the body wherein the flat two-dimensional planar bottom surfaces reside in a same plane; and a plurality of teeth extending from the bottom edge of the body, each of the teeth forming a point at its distal end, wherein the points of the teeth end at different distances from the plane in which the flat bot- toms of the feet reside.

VAPOR DEPOSITION APPARATUS U.S. Patent 6,026,763. Feb. 22, 2000 J. Kim et al., assignors to Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Rep. of Korea

A thin-film deposition apparatus using cathodic arc discharge.

ULTRASONIC CLEANING APPARATUS U.S. Patent 6,026,832. Feb. 22, 2000 N. Sato and M. Nishizaki, assignors to Sony Corp., Tokyo An ultrasonic cleaning apparatus comprising a cleaning tank filled with a cleaning liquid; a thin plate member holder for holding a thin plate in the cleaning liquid; and means for radiating ultra- sonic waves parallel with a clean- ing face of the plate on two oppo- site sides of the plate member holder.

SPRAYBOOTH AIR SYSTEM U.S. Patent 6,027,030. Feb. 22, 2000 H.T.A. Buijsse, assignor to Spray Systems Europe AGRIMA-Sse-B. V., Aardenburg, Netherlands

A humidifying system and proce- dures for its operation and appli-

cation for conditioning the air in paint rooms.

PAINT SPRAYBOOTH U.S. Patent 6,027,566. Feb. 22, 2000 S.E. Telchuk et al., assignors to Blowtherm Canada Inc., Barrie, Canada A paint spraybooth for painting an article and separating spent paint material from air and water used in the booth to collect and separate the spent paint.

NONCHROME CONVERSION COATING U.S. Patent 6,027,578. Feb. 22, 2000 M. Marzano, assignor to Pavco. Inc., Cleveland

A conversion coating composition comprising a polyhydroxy aro- matic, an oxide of a transition metal, and aluminum chlorohy- drol.

NONCHROME RINSE FOR PHOSPHATE U.S. Patent 6,027,579. Feb. 22, 2000 N. Das and J.P. Jandrists, assignors to Coral Chemical Co., Waukegan, Ill.

An aqueous rinse for a phosphate conversion coated ferrous metal substrate, the rinse having a pH of between 3.8 and 6 and compris- ing zirconium ions, vanad ium ions, fluoride ions, and phosphate ions.

POST-TREATMENT OVER CHROMATE CONVERSION COATING U.S. Patent 6,027,580. Feb. 22, 2000 D.R. McCormick, assignor to Henkel Corp., Gulph Mills, Pa.

A process for increasing the hy- drophilicity of the surface of a chromium oxide conversion coat-

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