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Post-Secondary Education Pathways

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  • Post-Secondary EducationPathways

  • Contact Details

    Name: Mr Teng, ECG Counsellor

    Email: [email protected]

    Venue : ECG Room, Library

    Day: Every Thursday

    Time: 8am to 5pm

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  • Your NRIC


    e.g. T0012345K

    e.g. ****12345K (**** is a four digit number your

    teacher will share with you)2 3


    First 4 digits School Code = 3047Last 6 characters of NRIC =T0612345K

    Password: 304712345Ks

  • School Code: 3047

    Password: 304712345K

    Note: Use Capital letters for both NRIC and Password

    NRIC: T0612345K


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  • Multiple Pathways for GCE O-Level Students

  • Overview of Pathways

    ITEHigher Nitec(JAE/ITE EAE) /Nitec (JIE O)


    (JAE/Poly EAE)

    Secondary School (GCE O-Levels)


    IB Diploma(JAE)


    Diploma(Apply direct)

    University (Degree) / Work

    JAE: Joint Admission Exercise EAE: Early Admission Exercise

    JIE O: Joint Intake Exercise

  • 4 Immediate Pathways

    Junior College/Millennia Institute (MI)

    A-Level/IB Diploma2 yrs for JC3 yrs for MI

    ITE Higher Nitec 2 yrs

    Nitec 2 yrs

    Polytechnic Diploma 3 yrs


    Diploma 3 yrs

  • The Arts InstitutionsCourses are hands-on with

    a focus in the visual and

    performing arts (e.g.

    Design, Animation, Fine Arts,

    Media, Dance, Music).

    Students graduate with a


    Apply directly.


  • The Nanyang Academy of Fine ArtsNAFA offers the following specialised programmes: 3D Design Arts Management Design and Media Fine Art Fashion Studies Dance Music Theatre


  • The LASALLE College of the ArtsLASALLE offers a range of diplomas in:


    Audio Production

    Broadcast Media


    Design Communication


    Fine Arts

    Interior Design



    Technical & Production Management


  • Building and Construction Authority Academy

    Government-affiliated Educational Institution

    Education and research arm of Building and

    Construction Authority Academy (BCA)

    Note: This educational institution and their programmes are not funded or regulated by MOE

    as they do not come under MOEs purview. More information is available at their websites

    Apply Directly


  • How to apply to JCs/MI/Poly/ITE ?

    Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) Scheduled in January 2018

    6 calendar days from GCE O-Level results release

    Tentative O-level results release dates: 11 to 15 January 2017

    For admission to:

    JC (GCE A Level or IB Diploma)

    MI (GCE A Level)

    Poly (Diploma)

    ITE (Higher Nitec)

    Not applicable for students who have accepted DSA-JC/EAE offer Withdrawal: Must submit withdrawal by 6 Oct 2017, 5pm.

  • Pre-university EducationJunior Colleges (JC)/

    Millenia Institute (MI)

  • Junior Colleges (JCs) & Millennia Institute (MI)


    GCE A Level

    International Baccalaureate Diploma (ACS-I and SJI)

    16 JCs in 2018

    1 Millennia Institute (MI)

    Duration of study

    JC 2 years

    MI 3 years

    Eligibility Criteria (Gross: Exclude Bonus Points)

    JC L1R5 20

    MI L1R4 20

  • Nature JC MI

    Qualifications A-levels

    International Baccalaureate Diploma (SJI and ACS-I )


    Duration 2-Years 3-Years

    Eligibility criteria

    Gross L1R5 20 points Gross L1R4 20 points


    ScienceArts Special Programmes

    ScienceArts Commerce Programmes

    Examination Timeline

    Year 1: MTL & PWYear 2: 3H2, 1H1 & GP

    Year 1: MTLYear 2: PW, 1H1 & MTLYear 3: 3H2 & GP

  • L1R5: For Junior College Course

    L1 First Language English / Higher Mother Tongue


    Relevant Subject 1 Humanities / Higher Art / Higher Music / Malay (Special Programme) / Chinese (Special Programme) / Bahasa Indonesia

    Relevant Subject 2 Mathematics / Science

    Relevant Subject 3 Humanities / Higher Art / Higher Music / Mathematics / Science / Malay (Special Programme) / Chinese (Special Programme) / Bahasa Indonesia

    Relevant Subject 4 Any GCE O Level subjects (except Religious Knowledge and CCA)

    Relevant Subject 5 Any GCE O Level subjects (except Religious Knowledge and CCA)

    Source: JAE 2017, Section 5, pg 24

    L1R5 Aggregate Computation (JC)


  • Source: JAE 2017, Section 5, pg 24

    L1R4 Aggregate Computation (MI)

    L1R4: For Millennia Institute Course

    L1 First Language English / Higher Mother Tongue


    Relevant Subject 1 Humanities/ Higher Art / Higher Music / Mathematics / Science/ Malay (Special Programme) / Chinese (Special Programme)/ Bahasa Indonesia

    Relevant Subject 2 Humanities/ Higher Art / Higher Music / Mathematics / Science / Malay (Special Programme) / Chinese (Special Programme) / Bahasa Indonesia

    Relevant Subject 3 Any GCE O Level subjects or CCA (except Religious Knowledge)

    Relevant Subject 4 Any GCE O Level subjects or CCA (except Religious Knowledge)

    For 2018 JAE admissions, CCA grade shall NOT be used for L1R4 computation.

    For some students under LEAPS 1.0 who are eligible for MI if they were to use their

    CCA grade, they may appeal directly to MI for 2018 JAE admission.


  • Merger of JCs With effect from 2019, 4 pairs of JCs will be merged

    The affected JCs are:

    Region SchoolsLocation of merged schools

    1 North-EastSerangoon JC (SRJC),Anderson JC (AJC)

    Site of Anderson JC

    2 NorthInnova JC (IJC),Yishun JC (YJC)

    Site of Yishun JC

    3 EastTampines JC (TPJC),Meridian JC (MJC)

    Site of Meridian JC

    4 WestJurong JC (JJC),Pioneer JC (PJC)

    Site of Pioneer JC

    Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/4-pairs-of-jcs-to-merge-as-student-numbers-shrink-14-primary-and-6-secondary

  • Merger of JCs

    The 4 JCs below which will fold into others in 2019 will NOT take in a fresh cohort of JC1 students in 2018:





    Source: http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/education/4-pairs-of-jcs-to-merge-as-student-numbers-shrink-14-primary-and-6-secondary

  • JC Mergers Possible COPs Implications

    All other JCs planned with an increase in enrolment compared to 2017 JC1 intake

    Sufficient capacity to cater to demand for JC places

    May result in an increase in Cut-Off Points (COPs)

    COPs variations do not reflect on quality of schools; but is due to larger JC intakes and students choice patterns

  • JC/MI Admission Criteria

    Eligibility Criteria

    JC: L1R5 20

    MI: L1R4 20

    Table 10: Subject Requirements

  • JC/MI Admission Criteria

    For more info, refer to page 28-29 of 2017 JAE booklet.


  • 2016 JAE L1R5 Aggregate Scores s

  • What does one study at the A-Levels?

    H1 H2 H3

    Half of H2 in terms of curriculum time

    Equivalent to A Level subjects prior to 2006.

    Subjects with opportunity for in-depth study (e.g. advanced content, research paper, university module).

    3 levels of study for content subjects:

    Same Complexity

  • JC Subject Combinations

    No. ofsubjects

    Level of study Remarks

    3 H2 Content-Based Subjects 4 Content-based subjects

    At least 1 H1 or H2 subjectis from a contrastingdiscipline

    1 H1/H2 Content-Based Subject 1

    1 H1 Mother Tongue Language (MTL) 2

    1 H1 General Paper (GP) OR H2 Knowledge and Inquiry (KI)

    1 H1 Project Work (PW)

    Note1 Most JCs offer 3 H2 + 1 H1 combination for content-based subjects; Certain JCs like HCI

    and RI may have students taking 4H2 content-based subjects2 No need to take H1 MTL if you obtain D7 or better in Higher MTL at the GCE O Level

  • Subject Disciplines (Example only) Math and Science (H2/H1) Humanities and Arts (H2/H1)

    Mathematics Economics

    Further Mathematics Geography

    Chemistry History

    Biology Literature in English

    Physics Art

    Computing Music


    - Math and Science Stream Student- 3 H2 (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics) --- Math and Science- Need 1 Contrasting Subject: Eg. 1 H1 Economics --- Humanities and Arts

    IMPORTANT: Refer to JAE booklet/JC websites to check out the subjects offered.

  • Special Programmes

    Special Programmes JCs Offering

    Art Elective Programme (AEP) HCI, NJC, NYJC

    Drama Elective Programme (DEP) ACJC, TPJC, VJC

    Music Elective Programme (MEP) ACJC, ACS(I), EJC, RI, TJC

    Language Elective Programme (English) (ELEP) ACJC, CJC, RI

    Language Elective Programme (Chinese) (CLEP) HCI, JJC, NYJC, TJC

    Information extracted from MOE: https://www.moe.gov.sg/docs/default-


    Language Elective Programme (Malay) (MLEP) IJC, PJC, TPJC

    Language Elective Programme(French/German/Japanese)

    LEP (French/German/ Japanese) at MOE Language Centre

    National Elective Tamil Language Programme (NETP) Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre


  • A Level Special Programmes

    Special Programmes JCs Offering

    MOE Humanities Programme ACJC, ACS(I), EJC, HCI, NJC, RI, TJC, VJC

    Regional Studies Programme (RSP)The RSP aims to nurture a core group of non-Malay students who are comfortably conversant in the Malay Language (ML)/Bahasa Indonesia (BI) and able to engage the region effectively.

    ACS(I), RI, VJC

    Bicultural Studies Programme (Chinese) (BSP (C))All BSP(C) students will learn about contemporary China while also being able to engage the West.

    HCI, EJC

    Information extracted from MOE: http://www.moe.gov.sg/cpdd/alevel2006/experience/special.htm &




  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

    6 Discipline Groups: Studies in Language and


    Language Acquisition

    Individuals and Societies



    The Arts

    3 Core Requirements: Extended Essay (EE)

    Theory of Knowledge (ToK)

    Creativity, Action & Service (CAS)


  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)

    Full IB Diploma Programme

    3 Higher Level (HL) subjects provide greater depth of study across a broader range of content in the subjects

    3 Standard Level (SL) subjects provide breadth of study

    3 core requirements of the IBDP Extended Essay (EE) 4,000 word essay which acquaints students with the

    independent research and writing skills expected at university

    Theory of Knowledge (ToK) to provide coherence by exploring the nature of knowledge across disciplines, encouraging an appreciation of other cultural perspectives

    Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) encourages students to be involved in artistic pursuits, sports and community service work, fostering students awareness and appreciation of life outside the academic arena


  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) ACS(I)

    Grp 1 Literature (English) (HL/SL); Language & Literature (English) (HL/SL)

    Grp 2 Chinese B/ Malay B/ Tamil B/ Hindi B (SL) OR Ab initio (Spanish, French, Mandarin & Malay (SL))

    Grp 3 Business Management (HL/SL); Economics (HL/SL); Geography (HL/SL); History (HL/SL)

    Grp 4 Biology (HL/SL); Chemistry (HL/SL); Physics (HL/SL); Computer Science (HL)

    Grp 5 Mathematics (HL/SL)

    Grp 6 Music (HL/SL); Visual Arts (HL/SL)

    Others Pastoral Care, Physical Education

    Source: JAE 2017 pg 105


  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) SJI

    Grp 1 English A: Literature (HL), English A: Language and Literature (HL/SL), English A: Literature and Performance (SL), Chinese A: Literature (SL)

    Grp 2 Chinese B (HL/SL), Malay B (SL), Tamil B (SL),Mandarin ab initio (SL), French ab initio (SL), Malay ab initio (SL)

    Grp 3 Economics (HL/SL), History (HL/SL), Geography (HL/SL)

    Grp 4 Biology (HL/SL), Chemistry (HL/SL), Physics (HL/SL)

    Grp 5 Mathematics (HL/SL), Further Mathematics (HL)

    Grp 6 Music (HL/SL), Visual Arts (HL/SL)

    Source: JAE 2017 pg 128


  • Typical JC Life

    In-depth study of content. More conceptual and theoretical.

    Academic and Non-academic experience (CCA, VIA, School events etc)

    Probably stay with same group of classmates

    Lectures and Tutorials

    Typical school day ends in the late afternoon (eg. 4pm to 6pm)

    Wear School Uniform

  • Polytechnics

  • Nanyang Polytechnic

    Ngee Ann Polytechnic

    Republic Polytechnic

    Singapore Polytechnic

    Temasek Polytechnic

    5 Polytechnics


    5 Polytechnics


    Job readiness


    3 years of study

    Cut-off Points (Net)

    ELR2B2 26 points

  • How can I get into a Polytechnic?


    Joint Admissions Exercise

    Jan 2018

    Conducted annually to allow GCE O-Level students to apply for admission to courses offered by JC, MI, Poly and ITE


    Early Admissions Exercise

    Late June 2017

    Aptitudes, Interest and Special Talents (eg. Sports, arts, leadership, entrepreneurship and community service etc)

  • 1. Net ELR2B2 26 points

    EL: English Language

    R2: 2 Relevant Subjects (varies with courses)

    B2: Best 2 other subjects

    Net: Deduct CCA Bonus Points

    2. Meet Minimum Entry Requirements

    - Example: NP Psychology Studies

    JAE Entry into Poly

  • ELR2B2 Illustration purpose

  • Gross ELR2B2 Computation Example

    Subjects O-level results ELR2B2 Usage ELR2B2 Points

    English B3 EL 3

    Chinese A2 B2 2

    Higher Chinese C5

    E. Maths A1 R2 1

    A. Maths B3

    SS / History A2 R2 2

    Chemistry A2 B2 2

    Biology B3

    Diploma Course to apply: Banking and Finance (NYP)

    Aggregate Type: B

    10Gross ELR2B2

  • Poly Courses 2017 net ELR2B2Polytechnic (Poly) Some Courses Net ELR2B2 Other Courses Net ELR2B2

    Singapore Poly Applied Chemistry - 10Biomedical Science - 7Biotechnology - 9

    Energy Sys & Management - 21Computer Engineering - 17Engineering Systems - 21

    Ngee Ann Poly International Business - 6Biomedical Science - 8Veterinary Bioscience - 8

    Electronic & Comp Engr - 19Electrical Engineering - 21Health Sciences (Nursing) - 26

    Nanyang Poly Molecular Biotech - 11Medicinal Chemistry - 12Accountancy & Finance - 13

    Common Engineering - 26Aerospace/Mechatronics - 26Nursing - 26

    Republic Poly Biomedical Sciences - 13HR Mgt w Psychology - 17Marine Sc & Aquaculture - 16

    Information Technology - 26Health Services Mgt - 26Outdoor & Adventure Learning - 26

    Temasek Poly Psychology studies - 9Biomedical Science - 9Veterinary Technology - 9

    Electrical & Electronic Engr - 23Clean Energy -21Green Building & Sustainability - 24


  • 9 Poly Clusters


    Built environment

    Maritime studies

    Health sciences

    Applied sciences

    Information and Digital technologies

    Media and Design

    Business & Management


  • Joint Poly Portal

    Link: http://www.polytechnic.edu.sg/


  • Typical Polytechnic Life

    Applied learning. Build industry-relevant skills.

    Bite-sized modules that change every semester over 3 years.

    Classmates may change every semester.

    Lectures and Tutorials.(Except Republic Poly => No lectures; Seminars instead)

    Time-table varies every day. Breaks may happen at different intervals.

    Dress smartly. No uniform.

  • Making Choices

  • JC or Poly?

    Know Yourself

    Learning Styles


    Working Style -



    or less structured)

    Better able to make informed decisions

  • JC or Poly? + JC and Poly

    Know where you are going

    JC Subject CombinationsPoly


    Jobs for this Diploma

    Indicative Grade Profile


    Credit Exemptions



  • Indicative Grade Profile (IGP)NUS/NTU/SMU

  • University Interview Applicability





    Local Universities Admissions

    Renaissance Engineering, Bioengineering, Materials Engineering, Communication studies, Chinese, Economics, Psychology, Medicine, Chem & Biochem, Education (NIE)

    Architecture, Dentistry, Industrial Design, Law, Medicine and Nursinghttp://www.nus.edu.sg/oam/apply/local/interviews/BYA-interviews.html

    All courses

    All courses

    All courses

    All courses

  • Example: NTU Subject Pre-requisites

  • Example: SAJC Subjects pre-requisites

  • Example: Poly Subjects pre-requisites

    Diploma in Mass Communication

  • Conclusion

    MySKILLSfuture Portal

    Broad Education Pathways



    Making Choices

    Know who you are?

    Know where you are going?

    How do you get there?

    (Mindset; Open House, Today?)

  • Thank You