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  • 1. ART OF MAKINGART OF MAKINGART OF MAKING H e m a n t K u m a rhemant.k.hemant@gmail.com

2. Lightpadis a lightbox for all kinds of overlay. It works on the principle of Totalinternal reflection. Edglit light source incorporates 72 LEDs (5mm) togive very intense light and clear see through against paper till 8 layers.It provides such luminosity that it is being used as a light fixture as well. 3. Compact light sourcewhen a ray of light incident upon a medium of lesser refractiveindex at an angle larger than a particular angle called criticalangle (with respect to the normal to the surface), then nolight can pass through and all of the light is reflected back.edglit surfacebroken diagonal lines for more compact distribution of lighthairline cuts providesurfaces to refract lightsquare spreads therefracted light withinrotated at 45 degree+Laser etching explorations Total internal reflection 4. lightpadstand360 degree rotationSpringloadedtiltingmechanismIdeas & SketchesMock-up & Prototype 5. 11 tilting adjustments360 degree rotationRotationanti-clockwiseclockwiseLightpad is very handy, as slim as 8mm, low-weight and compact which makesit so portable that you can get it along in your backpack. Its fun to work with. 6. Lightpad has been in use for 2 and half yearsruns through a power suppy of 12vdc jack with a on/off switchTechnical specificationsLengthWidth367 mmThicknessThickness (Stand)270 mm8 mm10 mm (max), 2 mm (min) 7. An eyedpropper for everyone who feel its difficult toput eye-drops without taking someone elses help. Amirror attatched at bottom tells you the whole story.eyesee 8. A mirror attatched at bottomshapes and sizesInspirationRefinementMock-upPrototypeVolume testing 9. Mirror shows alignment of the nozzle with the eye, and locus of the medicinedrop. This enables user to align the eye dropper accordingly, withoutanyones assistance. Even, unsteady hands of an old man can easily do it.View 10. Prototype has been tested on more than 40 people from different age-groupsfalling between 13 to 70, both the sexes and also people on/off medication.For everyone 11. s y s t e m s d e s i g nA study of the components and modules and points where they interface witheach other within the structure of its real and imaginary existence in the system,sprawling the systems architecture to keep a certain flow of requirements betweennature and man-made. It made me analyze a vast data ,understand differentscenarios and reach product development through systems architecture model.Thol Wildlife sanctuary , AhmedabadThol water body was built in 1912 by Gaekwaad rulers to prevent erosion,flooding and to store rainwater for irrigation, is popularly known for:rich avifaunaRich aquatic birdlife. Owing to itsunique avifaunaThol was declared birdsanctuary in 18 Nov.1988.water reservoireOut of 1422 irrigation tanks,Thol water body is one suchtank in Kadi taluka.tropical forestRecreational landscape(a wide strech of 7 kms),which happened to bemade by greenery in sur-rounding areas. 12. Purpose of visitBirdwatching Picnic/Recreation Photography14%84%2%Time of dayAfter primary research phase, major components and modules wereanalyzed in terms of possible interventions and their possible effecton the Thol Wildlife sanctuary and its Stakeholders. This was donewith the help of CLD (Causal loop Diagram). This revealed underlyingrelations between different components and modules of Thol as asystem. It helped substantially in building systems architecture model.research & data analyse thisPrimary research was done by visiting Thol andareas surrounded by it, meeting people fromdifferent sects and designations and takinginterviews. Conducting questionaires about Thol,its experience and issues was an eye-opener.Information available on internet was significant.Monthsinterviewsinterviewsinterviewsinterviewsobservations analysisbrain stormingmind mappinggroup discussion 13. Irrigation Water forLocalsNGOsRecreationResearchers& BirdwatchersThol lakeLand OwnersIrrigation DepartmentForest DepartmentLocalsLocalsIndustriesBuildersResidentialplotsParty plots Others(Steel, rubber, foam, oil etc)ChemicalsCeramics&tilesPlasticsLocals willing to sell landCity PopulationCity PopulationSchools CollegesOfficesHotelsResidentialareasShopsTravel agentsBus StationsRailwaystationsPlacesofhistoricalimportanceSocialgatheringplacesplaces ofworshipVisitorsIrrigation Water forLocalsNGOsRecreationResearchers& BirdwatchersThol lakeLand OwnersIrrigation DepartmentForest DepartmentLocalsLocalsIndustriesBuildersResidentialplotsParty plots Others(Steel, rubber, foam, oil etc)ChemicalsCeramics&tilesPlasticsLocals willing to sell landCity PopulationCity PopulationSchools CollegesOfficesHotelsResidentialareasShopsTravel agentsBus StationsRailwaystationsPlacesofhistoricalimportanceSocialgatheringplacesplaces ofworshipVisitors Enforcement of revised pollution norms Awareness Promote eco-friendly practices Promote ornithology Awareness about wildlife sanctuaries and importance Sensitization towards conservation of natural resources Involvement in the awareness campaign Basic and general introduction to Thol,sanctuaries, environment and major issues Involvement in activities of Thol Employment opportunities Create pride among locals forThol Souveneirs Organise trips to Thol Include Thol in the tourist attractionspots Corporate get-aways Brochures at receptions of hotels to attract tourists Public amenities Awareness of alternative ecofriendly buildings Regulating spread of residences towards Thol Spread awareness among builders and clients Promote tourism from an ornithological point of view Dissemination of information regarding birds as wellas Thol Setting code of conduct in the sanctuary Enforcement of rules Exhibitions to attract tourists Opportunity to attract attention toThol Sensitize about the importance of Thol Involvement in activities of Thol Hoardings and other advertisement Interactive kiosksSystems ModelDesign interventions were obtained with the help of tools like brain storming, mindmapping, emperical evidences etc. In systems model, loopholes and gaps wererectified and verified through Causal loop diagrams on a positive effect in thesystem. The opportunities identified mainly dealt with creating awareness amongstcity population towards THOL and involvement of the locals in 4 catagories as.......opportunityPublic amenitiesWayfindings SignagesAwarenessAccessibility 14. sketchesmood-board form-boardbenchmarking iconic designsA guided tour of THOLAccessibilityAwarenessWayfinding & signagesPublic amenitiesAccessibility 15. 5:00 am6:00 am7:00 am12:00 pm01:30 pm02:30 pm04:00 pm04:30 pmTimingsInformation disseminationGuided tour of THOL is a very interactive way to spread awareness among visitors(towards Thol) as well as locals (towards importance of thol). Employment of localsin this programme give them a hope and settle down their resentment against THOL.Visitors and ornithologists get an opportunity to share and discuss their work.Important bus routes covering most of the important places were recognizedby combining the masterplan of the city and remapped those unnoticedareas, with the help of discussions, interviews and emperical evidences.remapped areaPictorial presentationPictorial presentationBird speciesRich aquatic birdlife tells the story ofmigratory and localbirds in abundance.This section ofthe presentationeducate about aparticular species.All different typesof birds in theirspecies and theirbehavior are given.Interesting factsand photographsare shown to drawattention of people.classification &BehaviorBirds habitat, fly-ways and migratorypatterns are shownin comprehensivemaps, diagrams andphotographs in thissection.Migration &flyways Awareness for eco-logical importanceof birds species willbe spread by talkingabout decreasingbird population,its reason andconsequences.conservation &IssuesGuideAs villagers have good knowledge of birds, their behavior, migratory patternsand ecological changes, Guides are chosen from the villages neighbouringto Sanctuary and trained through employment programme for recruitment. 16. SeatDriverscabinDriversdoorFrontdoorStairs totop deckLCDsreentop deckbottom deckTHOL is a double decker bus with a capacity to accomodate 68 people in sittingposition including 2 guides and 1 driver. A mean of transit which provide a guided tourof Thol Wildlife sanctury with an interactive information dissemination programme. 17. Nature & FormA form inspired by nature, translates its function and aestheticsto give a product, life. FROGO is a foot pump inspired by Frog. 18. PropertiesThey have a stout body,protruding eyes, cleft tongue,limbs folded underneathand no tails. Relative totheir size, the best jumpersof all vertebrates becausethey have very muscularfront leg and long hind leg.Frogs illium is elongatedto form a mobile joint withthe sacrum which functionsas an additional limb jointto further power the leaps 19. FROGO is a foot pump which simulates the hind leg movement of a frog. Hidden hinges at the hind leg jointsallow it to do so. When being pumped the whole structure seems like a frog assembled together for pumpingair. Base of the structure is mimiced as frogs webbed feet to give better stance and stability while pumping.air pipepressure gaugebodycylinderchassishingehind legwebbed feet 20. CameraCenter of gravity1st counter weight2nd counter weightmm1m2l1l2lGlideCamA camera stabilizer made for taking hand held shots,works on the principle of CG (center of gravity) andbalancing counterweights. For a static balance its,ml m1 l1 m2 l2+=Customizable for a huge range of Camera weightsSpine rod= mass of the camera + lens= upright distance between camera and CG= mass of the 1st counterweight= upright distance between 1st counterweight and CG= mass of the 2nd counterweight= upright distance between 2nd counterweight and CGml


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