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  • 1. Professional Learning A way to Connect, Network Discuss and Learn through other students and professionals @Kait__English01 Edit 202 Winter 2013Sunday, 10 February, 13
  • 2. January 15, 2013 This is my rst day of having a Twitter account. Heres a snapshot of my Twitter PLN. I am still a bit wary about Twitter but I am interested to see how it goes.Sunday, 10 February, 13
  • 3. 2Learn.Ca Society @2learn_ca Society is a non prot organization that provides development and resources for teachers They provide links to valuable resources not only in English but in Spanish and French as well They have contests for classes to participate in against other schools They also have webinars for professional development about important topics such as cyberbullying They tweet on a regular basis, if not every day every few days I really like this group because they are always updating and informing you about what new resources they haveSunday, 10 February, 13
  • 4. @girlshealth a womens health website for adolescents They offer mentoring for adolescents through twitterchat They offer resources for parents and teachers They tweet on a regular basis and retweet relevant information from other organizations As a future secondary education teacher I think it is important to support organizations like these because as a teacher it is important to be able to help students nd resources in this areaSunday, 10 February, 13
  • 5. Jeffrey Bradbury @TeacherCast Jeffrey Bradbury is a teacher from Philidelphia who made a website called to create resources that would encourage teachers to use technology in a more benecial way in their classrooms On his website he has a blog, podcasts, technological resources for teachers, app reviews and educational movies He Tweets on a regular basis about app reviews, new resources, new podcasts and blog updates I think its important to see other professionals opinions of new technology and how they are using itSunday, 10 February, 13
  • 6. Here is a screen shot of my PLN 4 weeks into having it February 11, 2013Sunday, 10 February, 13
  • 7. PLN Participation @Kait__English01 I have discovered that Twitter really can be used for a Professional Learning Network, there are people who post important information and use it as a tool for discussion I have also have had the opportunity to connect with other students in the Faculty of Education that I may not have had the opportunity to meet and be inspired by if not for my professional learning network I have enjoyed that fact that Twitter sends me emails every week recommending new people that I may be interested in following because of my preferences. I have found this very helpful for making new connections as well Through tweeting and retweeting I have also been able to help raise awareness for organizations like slavery footprint (@slave_footprint) My favorite hashtags are #edit202, #ualberta, #technology and #spanishSunday, 10 February, 13
  • 8. Bibliography How to unfollow twitter followers in bulk. (2013). Retrieved from in-bulk.html Woodbery, E. (2013, January 04). [Web log message]. Retrieved from coaches-are-on-twitter-but-are-they-doing-their-own- tweeting.htmlSunday, 10 February, 13