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In this enchantingly mundane preso, veteran blogger Miguel Guhlin shares his meteoric rise to rock star status as a blogger, confesses his blogging addiction, time spent in rehab and offers a retrospective look at blogging as therapeutic nonsense worth tracking and sharing. You will come away with tips and suggestions for tweaking your digital footprint as you build a worldwide following of peers passionate to participate in YOUR professional learning network (PLN).

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  • 1. Passionate to Participate: Plan Your PLN Session Materials - (a.k.a. Rock, er, I mean, Blog Your World!) Photo credit: KTSDesign Photo credit: KTSDesign as cited at, June 3, 12
  • 2. Session Materials - Edutopias Edublogs We Love: Ten Top Stops for Internet Interaction These Web sites are the cornerstones of a vast online educational community. Source: James Daly, Editor-in-Chief, Edutopia, www.edutopia.orgSunday, June 3, 12
  • 3. Session Materials - Source: Autographs after this session ONLY.Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 4. Wheres Miguel Guhlin? Session Materials - Connect with mguhlin on any or all of elearning platforms and/or media tools:Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 5. BRAIN = Brilliant Resources Session Materials - At Instants Notice Source: Dan Rezac, Adventures in EdTechSunday, June 3, 12
  • 6. Session Materials - This group of educators I engage with every day are a living, organic, knowledge base. They are real people with real experiences, and a wealth of knowledge. When I reference my network of educators I call them my brain trust." BRAIN = Brilliant Resources At Instant Notice Source: Dan Rezac, Adventures in EdTechSunday, June 3, 12
  • 7. Sunday, June 3, 12 Session Materials -
  • 8. Social Networking Tools Blog (share your address) (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) Session Materials - All? Wiki (share your address) Photo Sharing? Source: Where is your virtual space?Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 9. No matter what tools you use to connect, you are the message you send. Session Materials - Source: How do you go deep?Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 10. Session Materials - Tips and suggestions will appear in orange. More details on each tip appear later in the preso. Source: why blog?Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 11. Session Materials - 4 reasons for blogging and 6 technical tips for bloggersSunday, June 3, 12
  • 12. 1) Writing flows from a moment captured by the voyager; I am he. Session Materials - Selfhood derives from the sense that one can initiate and carry out activities on ones own. Even the simplest narratives are built around an agent-self as a protagonist. Any system of education or theory of pedagogy that diminishes the schools role in nurturing its pupils self-esteem fails at one of its primary functions. Personhood implicates narrative. --Jerome Bruner Every experience in our lives is worth writing about. - Nanci Atwell, In the MiddleSunday, June 3, 12
  • 13. Every experience in our lives is worth writing about. Session Materials - - Nanci Atwell, In the Middle Please share in the chat ONE SENTENCE or PHRASE that sums up an experience in your professional work that is worth writing about. Tip #1 - If youre not a writer, be a podcaster or vidcaster. (well explore this in more detail in a moment)Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 14. 2) I blog to transform my experiences. Session Materials - Source: The act of creation embodied in this blog, in everything I write, are powerful antidotes to the poison I encounter in the wilderness of despair, of fear, and hypocrisy. Blogging allows me to transform them, like the dragon in one of my favorite stories, St. George and the Dragon and The Quest for the Holy Grail by Edward Hays (, June 3, 12
  • 15. How do you transform your negative experiences in ways that empower you to share your insights with Session Materials - others? Tip #2 - Start with anothers experience, book quote, blog entry, series of tweets, and then make a connection between your experience and theirs.Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 16. 3) Dare to contribute for you are beautiful as well. Session Materials - Tip #3 - Build your virtual nest using free or hosted web services. Blogger, Posterous and Tumblr are places to start. Source: Source: When I write, youll find Im in the story. When I see something, such as a technical problem, I am any one of the following: 1) An ignorant newbie to linux writing about how he solved a problem, recording it for the future so I wont forget what Ive learned along the way; 2) A bridge-builder who labors for those who come behind him; 3) A peacock who faces anger with truth; 4) A turkey who cannot control its temper.Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 17. 4) Tell the truth when you write. Session Materials - Source: Source: Bloggers must wrestle with their ideas, their emotions, the world around them and bring order to it. We need to speak to that struggle, tell when we fail, when we succeed...and find how to best share failures.Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 18. Session Materials - Source: Source: Want to connect with others?Sunday, June 3, 12
  • 19. Session Materials - the read/write web is a massive playground of information bits that are shared, remixed openly into a fluid and participatory tapestry. Source: --Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams, WikinomicsSunday, June 3, 12