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  • 1. Enjoy The Business ResultHelping you throughthe tough timesPlan Guard assuresProject Maturity,a unique approach toproject managementthat leaves othersystems far behind.Plan GuardAvanulo Every project is unique, but the major causes of project failure "The best laid are few in number. Plan Guard is a proven process for ensuringschemes of mice and that your project addresses these potential failure points bymen oft times go ensuring ongoing Project Maturity.astray" RobertBurns. Project Maturity is an often overlooked, but absolutely critical success factor for achieving intended results in a project set-"Anything that can go ting.wrong will go wrong" Murphy The Plan Guard process gives you the skills and tools you need to ensure that all eight aspects of Project Maturity are fullyAvanulodeveloped A fully mature plan is twice as likely to succeed.115117 S. Main St. Our process has helped companies around the world double, andSuite ACelina, OH 45822 even triple, their project returns, dramatically reduce timeUSA lines, and significantly reduce cost.Phone: 567-510-5200Fax: 419-586-6589This powerful process can be taught in just a few hours and thenE-mail: be applied immediately. Call us today for an initial, 10-minuteWebsite: overview.