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Condition monitoring supplier using vibration analysis and infrared thermography

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    Wilmar House, 23-25 Windermere Road,Blackpool FY4 2BX

    Tel (01253) 400541 Fax: (01253) 400552 Email: [email protected]


















  • Phone: (01253) 400554 Fax (01253) 400553 UK (517) 764-6800 (phone) 6869 (fax) USA

    E-Mail: [email protected]


    PreDiCon. Company Profile PreDiCon is the Predictive Maintenance (PdM) engineering company specialising in the practical application of predictive maintenance technologies. PreDiCon is fully independent and has no formal links with any of the off-line PdM hardware manufacturers or PdM software houses; this has been a conscious decision on behalf of the management at PreDiCon to ensure that our customers realize that we have no axe to grind when making equipment recommendations. If PreDiCon makes a recommendation for monitoring equipment then that recommendation is made solely with the customers interest at heart and with no regard for any commission from subsequent sales. PreDiCon installs systems from all of the leading PdM manufacturers including On-Line monitoring, Entek/IRD, CSI, SKF, DLI etc. but is totally independent from all of them.

    The Company PreDiCon was incorporated in the USA in 1989 and in England in 1999. PreDiCon has built an enviable reputation for service and quality solutions supplied to North American and European manufacturers. The range of activities is extensive, but PreDiCon remains totally committed and focused on providing the customer with systematic solutions for maximizing equipment up-time and quality, while reducing the cost of maintenance and non-production inventories.

    Vibration Standards PreDiCon has developed comprehensive standards of vibration practice and acceptable levels for new and rebuilt equipment. A copy of the standards is available if required.

    Work Procedures PreDiCon has developed work procedures for all aspects of work in the condition monitoring and predictive maintenance technologies. All procedures are available for inspection by our business partners.

    Reporting All analysis results and recommendations for PreDiCon work are recorded in an Access database. Reports and work requests are user definable and may be issued on paper or electronically according to the customers requirements. Special reports according to the customers requirements may be defined so as to be automatically generated at given periods.

    Company Relationships PreDiCon can provide you with a complete service to ensure that you achieve your internal objectives with minimal disruption in the process. PreDiCon has successfully installed PdM systems in many facilities in North America and Mexico and the on-board engineers have installed numerous systems world-wide. PreDiCon installed systems have won several prizes for Excellence at the National (US) PdM System of the Year Awards. These great honours are not bestowed lightly and we at PreDiCon feel justly proud of our achievements.

    Potential Failure Analysis The most challenging aspect of running and operating a predictive maintenance system (bar none) is the initial system set up. This is the stage at which the most experience and operating knowledge of predictive maintenance is required yet the set up is almost always carried out by people who are new to the field. The appropriate structure of the individual machine set up in the database is crucial to successful implementation and operation of the predictive maintenance system. The Potential Failure Analysis is a method of formalizing the set up and allows audit tracking and integration with ISO 9000 Quality Assurance systems. PreDiCon developed the PFA structure and uses it at all levels of operation.

    Technical Authoring PreDiCon engineers have been contracted to develop many predictive maintenance technical papers and procedures. The latest addition to our technical library is the Press Monitoring Handbook which was written to help PdM engineers understand the sometimes complex failure mechanisms in large slow speed stamping presses for the automotive industry.


  • Phone: (01253) 400554 Fax (01253) 400553 UK (517) 764-6800 (phone) 6869 (fax) USA

    E-Mail: [email protected]


    PreDiCon. Contract services for Predictive MaintenancePreDiCon has implemented PdM solutions for many industries encompassing many PdM vendor solutions. We have installed and operated systems of all sizes with PreDiCon installed systems winning joint first and first runner up in the last independent PdM awards. All PdM services are performed by engineers with experience in implementing multiple vendor and technology solutions. PreDiCon is not tied to any particular vendor and can give completely independent advice. Outside of the vendors themselves we have setup more off-line vibration, on-line vibration and thermographic systems from many different vendors in a variety of applications than anyone we know. This has provided us with a sound grasp of what makes PdM work in industry

    PdM feasibility studies Our engineers have the expertise to identify whether PdM will work effectively for your plant, focused on your particular equipment and program goals. We will recommend the best fit solution for your needs and help you and train you in how to best implement it.

    On-Line Remote Vibration Analysis If your capital expenditure will not allow you to purchase an on-line monitoring system, let us install a system and we will interrogate the system remotely on a daily basis. All data is transferred via internet and we report back to you immediately we find an exception condition. We also provide a full report every month giving you an overview of all monitored equipment.

    Existing system audits If you are an existing system user and are not achieving the goals intended there may be a reason. We have the experience to find the causes and get you back on track.

    Thermographic Surveys Our qualified technicians and engineers can carry out a thermographic survey of your plant. The survey is carried out on equipment that you nominate and we will tell you the condition as determined by the infra-red signature.

    On Site Vibration Analysis Surveys If you are an existing PdM user but lack the experience for detailed data analysis, let us do it for you. Either you collect the data and modem it to PreDiCon for analysis or we will send in one of our engineers to take the readings for you. We do the analysis and send you results.

    Training PreDiCon offers focused on-site and off-site training programs aimed at equipping your people with the knowledge they need to be successful with applying PdM. techniques. We focus on programmatic implementation as well as data analysis and offer tailored programs to fit your needs.

  • Phone: (01253) 400554 Fax (01253) 400553 UK (517) 764-6800 (phone) 6869 (fax) USA

    E-Mail: [email protected]


    PreDiCon. On Line Continuous Vibration Monitoring Carried Out Remotely by our Engineering Staff

    Effective, continuous condition monitoring for less than the cost of a data collector system!

    Vibration analysis provides an indication of the health of a machine and is non-intrusive. When we know the condition of the machine, we can decide to carry out maintenance or repair work only when needed, avoiding production losses through machine failure as well as avoiding excessive machine outages because of unnecessary maintenance. Often we would like to monitor the vibration of a machine but we feel we cannot due to any of a number of reasons such as cost, safety or extreme machine operating conditions. For the first time it is now possible to install an on-line, full capability, spectral vibration analysis system, which is extremely easy to use, for less than the price of a data collector and software.

    Quick & Effective Vibration Analysis For the first time, a system is available which can provide inexpensive and effective vibration analysis - the On-Line monitoring on-line monitoring system. The new On-Line monitoring system has the following advantages: Improved Safety No manpower requirement Excellent reliability Data collection interval improved from once per

    month to less than 30 seconds Quick failure mechanisms can be trended &

    predicted Excellent data consistency All this for less than the price of a data collector and software!

    The software PreDiCons On-Line monitoring system is based on the industry standard Windows NT operating system. Navigation through the software is carried out via the intuitive photo/graphical interface. Once all connections are made and PreDiCon has carried out the necessary configuration, the user monitors all attached machines through the straightforward on-line screen.

    Once the on-line screen displays an alarm (yellow or red depending on severity), it is a simple matter to click on the analyze button and the software will then tell the operator the cause of the problem and the recommended course of action. This system is very easy to