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  • PLACEMENT BROCHURE 2016B. Tech (Food Processing Technology)M. Tech (Food Processing Technology)

    Excel in an enterprising and innovative learning culture

    Contact:Dr. D C Joshi

    Principal & Dean

    College of Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy,Anand Agricultural University,

    Anand 388 110, Gujarat, India.Phone/Fax: 91-2692-261302


    College of Food Processing Technology and Bio-EnergyAnand Agricultural University, Anand, Gujarat, India

  • I am glad to learn that 'Placement Brochure-2016' for the final year B. Tech. (FPT) and M. Tech. (FPT) students is being brought out by the College of Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy, Anand Agricultural University.

    Accounting for about 32 per cent of the country's total food market, the food processing industry is one of the largest industries in India and is ranked fifth in terms of production, consumption and export. The food processing sector in India is now geared to meet the international standards by the development of infrastructure and use of latest technology. For continuation of growth of this sector, involvement of competent and specialized technocrats in the business is need of the hour. College of Food Processing Technology & Bio Energy is working tirelessly with the primary mission of producing highly skilled, competent and motivated technical manpower for food processing and allied industries. I am sure that like previous batches, the current final year students will continue their pursuit of excellence in academics, practical knowledge and social values and contribute greatly towards the growth of the industry after their graduation.

    I take this opportunity to extend heartiest welcome to all the prospective employers and convey my warm wishes to the final year food processing technology students for theirsuccessful professional life.

    (Dr. N. C. Patel)



    Date: 24/09/2015

  • The Indian food industry is poised for huge growth, increasing its contribution in world food trade every year. In India, the food sector has emerged as a high-profit sector on the back of the scope it offers for value addition, particularly with the food processing industry getting recognized as a high-priority area. Considering the huge demand of the specialized human resource for the fast growing sectors of food industry, the Anand Agricultural University has established a full-edged College of Food Processing Technology & Bio-Energy in the year of 2008-09. College is offering B.Tech, M.Tech& Ph.D. programmes in the discipline of Food Processing Technology.

    With the innovative course curriculum and state-of-the-art pilot plant and laboratory facilities, a multi-disciplinary team of highly competent faculty members of our college grooms food processing graduates and post graduates, who are successfully serving various reputed food industries. The institute offers a unique opportunity to develop a holistic understanding of the different food processing operations and maximize hands-on learning. Current final year students not only carry with them the requisite functional knowledge but are multi-faceted and complete individuals who are well prepared and deployable right from the start in various suitable organizational roles in the industry.

    It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our Campus and I look forward to your company as our partner in progress. You will find hiring of Food Processing Technology graduates and post graduates of Anand Agricultural University well rewarding.

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    Dr. D. C. JoshiPrincipal & Dean

    College of FPT&BE

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    nce The food processing industry in India is considered as a sunrise sector and holds tremendous potential to

    grow.This sector is among the few that serves as a vital link between the agriculture and industrial

    segments of the economy. Strengthening this link is of critical importance to improve the value of

    agricultural produce; ensure remunerative prices to farmers and at the same time create favourable

    demand for Indian agricultural products in the world market.The manufacturing of food products of

    consistent quality and nutritional value at affordable cost is essential to the success of the food industry.

    The efficient use of resources is the growing concern for all involved in food production, processing,

    distribution and retailing. The food industries in the country need modernization to face the challenges of

    the globalization especially with respect to the economic production of superior quality products. This

    necessitates special attention towards availability of qualified technical manpower, effective

    technologies and efficient machinery. Considering the huge demand of the specialized human resource

    for the fast growing sectors of food industry, the Anand Agricultural University has established a full-

    edged College of Food Processing Technology & Bio-Energy. College offers B. Tech, M. Tech & Ph. D.

    programmes in the discipline of Food Processing Technology. Academic campus of the College of Food

    Processing Technology & Bio Energy is established on a total land area of 4.19 hectares. The college

    building was inaugurated by Former President of India Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam in January 22, 2014.

    MissionThe primary mission of the college is to produce highly skilled, competent and motivated technical manpower for food processing and allied industries. The technocrats so produced will also be competent to handle all the aspects of research institutes, quality testing laboratories and other related agencies. Also, the college is concerned with the exploitation of novel techniques and technologies to maximize the use of food resources.

    Mandates Education and training in the field of food

    processing technology and bio-energy so as to produce highly skilled and competent manpower for food processing industries and other agencies.

    Basic, applied and adoptive research and development in the area of agro-processing, food technology, food engineering, food quality assurance, bio-energy and other relevant subjects.

    Transfer of technologies and consultancy in different aspects related to food processing industry.

    Vision Providing excellent food processing professionals to the industry.

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  • Departments & faculties

    Department ofFood Engineering

    A. K. Sharma, Ph D, Asso. Professor & HeadN. V. Shah, M E, Assistant Professor

    M. A. Makwana, M Tech, Assistant ProfessorA. N. Nakiya, M Tech, Assistant Professor

    T. H. Bhatt, M Tech, Assistant Professor A. Nema, Ph D, Assistant Professor

    Department of Post Harvest Engineering & Technology

    R. F. Sutar, Ph D, Professor & HeadS. H. Akbari, Ph D, Associate Professor

    V. B. Bhalodiya, M Tech, Assistant Professor

    Department ofFood Business Management

    H. G. Bhatt, Ph D, Associate Professor & HeadS. Dutta, Ph D, Associate Professor

    P. S. Parsania, M Sc, Assistant Professor S. K. Meher, Ph D, Assistant Professor

    N. M. Chavda, M Phil, Assistant ProfessorD. B. Patel, MBA, Assistant Professor

    Department ofFood Quality Assurance

    R. V. Prasad, Ph D, Professor & HeadH. G. Bhatt, Ph D, Associate ProfessorB. H. Joshi, Ph D, Associate ProfessorK. S. Damle, M Sc, Assistant Professor

    J. K. Momin, M Tech, Assistant ProfessorR. M. Dhingani, M Sc, Assistant ProfessorA. M. Patel, M Tech, Assistant Professor

    Faculty Members

    Principal and DeanD. C. Joshi, Ph D, IIT, Kharagpur

    Department of Food Processing Technology

    H. Pandey, M Tech, Asso. Professor & HeadAmee Ravani, M Tech, Assistant ProfessorH. P. Sharma, M Tech, Assistant Professor

    G. P. Tagalpallewar, M Tech, Asstt. ProfessorR. B. Modi, M Tech, Assistant Professor

    Department ofBio Energy

    S. S. Kapdi, Ph D, Professor & HeadK. V. Vala, M Tech, Assistant Professor

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  • Laboratories The college has well equipped and state-of-the-art laboratories which include:

    Mechanical engineering lab


    Fluid mechanics & material lab

    Electrical engineering lab

    Electronics & process control lab

    Civil engineering lab

    Heat & mass transfer lab

    Food irradiation research lab

    Advance food engineering lab

    Biochemical conversion lab

    Biomass gasification lab

    Solar & wind energy lab

    Environment engineering lab

    Computer Lab

    Language Lab

    Primary processing lab

    Grain milling lab

    Storage engineering lab

    Engineering properties lab

    Food processing technology


    Food product development lab

    Dairy products lab

    Packaging technology lab

    Sensory lab

    Food rheology lab

    Advance food technology lab

    Animal products lab

    Food chemistry lab

    Food microbiology lab

    Food biotechnology lab

    Food quality assurance lab

    Besides, a special state-of-the-art Food Quality Testing Laboratory designed for NABL accreditation established by Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India has all