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Pispas, the most entertaining preschool television series for playing and dancing Pispas is the funniest, nicest and most ingenious wagon in television. Pure entertainment for the smaller ones! Pispas and her group of friends discover in each episode a new magic and fascinating world, where they will find cheerful characters that will join them in their next adventures. 26 episodes in which children will discover new games and very entertaining stories with Pispas and her friends, with original stories that will make their imagination fly through unseen worlds. The series has a spectacular sound track of 26 original musical themes and songs of the most diverse musical genres: Pop, Rock, Funk, Salsa, Folk, Classical, Blues, Afro… that make us jump, dance and sing with Pispas at the end of each of her adventures. ¡Jump in Pispas and Discover her!

Text of Pispas episodes

  • Synopsis of the series and episodes


    Pispas is a television series for preschool children, wonderful and funny and with real everyday characters. Three boys and three girls lead us through a world full of situations to learn and discover together with their friend, the van Pispas, a magical toy in which they will travel to imaginary and creative worlds.

    The series has a spectacular sound track of 26 ORIGINAL MUSICAL THEMES AND SONGS of the most diverse musical genres: Pop, Rock, Funk, Salsa, Classical, Blues, Afro...

    Following this approach, the series Pispas offers also a guideline for parents and teachers to develop the personality of the child by learning to use their imagination, through games and music.


    TV musical series for preschoolers.Produced with 3D animation system. 26 episodes of 10 minutes duration each.

  • EpisodE 1

    Dreaming of Pispas

    Pispass friends are playing in the park and telling each other what their favourite games are. The night comes and all of them go to sleep waiting for Pispas to come from the stars to keep playing in their dreams. Pispas arrives sliding on a rainbow with her friends the stars. They all get in Pispas and fly through all the game worlds of her friend, Pispas, while singing a funny song. The whole group of friends show us all the things their magic friend can do, biking, playing the trumpet and even transforming into a spaceship. The night comes and the Sun and the Moon say hello and goodbye to each other, coming up the time to sleep with a beautiful lullaby, Pispas takes her friends to bed, they say goodbye to the day and looking forward to live new adventures again with their best friend.

  • EpisodE 2

    What's this Pispas?

    The gang play to distract Pispas from hiding and leave her some things like a crazy scooter, a trumpet that makes strange colour bubbles, and even a mad radio that dances and sings with rare rhythms, which Pispas will try to copy. The whole group is hidden looking at her how she does her best to play with all the things they left in every corner of the park. An enjoyable episode which will make babies laugh.

  • Episode 3

    Pispas and Chiuu, a strange visitor

    Pispas and her friends are playing I spy when suddenly a strange colourful whirlwind flutters through the park. The whole group and Pispas follow the strange whirlwind very curiously. The mysterious whirlwind plays with them and hides. All of them want to know the rare and colourful whirlwind. Eventually it stops, discovering Chiu, a little dragon and friend of Pispas. Everybody wants to get to know him and play with him, but Chiu suggests to them a game to be their friend. They will have to discover though a funny game, what Chiu likes and dislikes. The group of friends will get to know Chiu and he will be a very special friend to have new adventures with.

  • EpisodE 4

    Pispas and the Dreamhunters

    A new adventure is waiting for Pispas who will get to know three new friends. She will have to travel to the hidden side of the Moon and find the Dreamhunters to help her to get back to her friendss dreams. Pispas is very worried because her friends dont dream anymore. Tote, a big cardboard dinosaur, Pinta, a likeable paper peacock, Cocolilo, a grumpy crocodile made of carton and plastic, called the Dreamhunters, will help Pispas to get back to her friendss dreams. With this new adventure Pispas will count on these funny characters to go through new adventures and games, together with the whole gang.

  • Episode 5

    Pispas, Toctoc and Boomboom

    Paps juicer doesnt work, Noras toaster the same, Lyos hairdryer is broken, Chuans fork bend while he was eating spaghettis, Lupes spoon the same, Leas ball deflated and Pispas favourite armchair broke while she was watching television. All, very worried, gather with their broken possessions. Pispas decided to bring her armchair and the rest of her friends broken possessions to a very peculiar repair shop. All of Pispass friends very happy, get in Pispas with their broken possessions and head to the repair shop. At arrival, a giant magnet catches every single object which is out of order creating odd characters. All of them, very surprised, see how their things bring to life a new characters and they will have to discover who they are and name them. Toctoc and Boomboom are two new friends of the gang and Pispas. They will be alive, showing the group of friends how they jump and play.

  • EpisodE 6

    Pispas and Colorin

    Colorin is a likeable and grumpy chameleon that eats colours. He arrives to the park finding colours to eat. Pispas, who is going for a walk, meets him and is fascinated, because that little character is constantly changing his colour, follows him very inquisitively, but Colorin doesnt like to get observed, so he starts to camouflage himself and copying the colours of everything he finds to mislead her. Colorin arrives to the park and meet Pispas friends. They see that Pipas is very nervously looking for something. Lyo, Nora, Pap, Chuan, Lupe and Lea want to know what she is looking for and they will find out more about this colourful character learning the colours with him through a very fun game.

  • Episode 7

    Traveling the senses with Pispas

    Its Noras birthday and Pispas and the rest of the guys make a very tasty cake that will awake all her senses. Pispas gives Nora a gift: a fascinating trip around the world of senses where an amusing good friend of Pispas, the Clown of the Senses, is waiting for them. Along with him they will experience every one of the five senses. For that, the Clown prepares some games that they will have to pass to discern what sense is it. A journey that will no doubt awake senses and Pispas friends will never forget.

  • Episode 8

    Classify and recycle with Pispas

    Pispas has awoken very sick and the group of friends are very worried, they have to find out whats going on, Pispas is as colourless as the park. What a surprise when the gang discover the park is dirty and messy. Bottles, plastic, boxes and food waste are lying around. Lea decides to clean the park. As soon as they start to clean they realise all the colours are coming back, very happy seeing what is happening, they wonder what to do with all the collected rubbish. Pispas, still sick, shows them four containers she had in her trunk for recycling. They astonished at discovering Pispass containers, every one painted in a different colour to distinguish rubbish of different materials. Blue for cardboard and paper, green for glass, yellow for plastic and metal and grey for food waste. Everyone is putting rubbish in the respective containers, until Pispas completely gets her colour and energy back, because her friends have cleaned, separated and recycled all the rubbish, taking care of Pispas and the environment.

  • Episode 9

    Day and night with Pispas

    Pispas friends play and jump, Pispas is inspired and she will love to jump as well; jumps and jumps non-stop day and night. The Moon sets but she keeps going. The Sun brings the day and Pispas keeps going. As the crew watches the Moon and the Sun pass around Pispas. They wonder where the Sun goes when it is dark at night and where the Moon goes during the daytime. Pispas stops jumping and take her friends on a special race to find out. A race for all their friends, The Clown, the little dragon Chiu, Tote, Pinta and Cocolilo. An endless race that will let them to discover what night and day are. They will observe how the Moon and the Earth move around the Sun.

  • Episode 10

    Big and small with Pispas

    Pispas takes the crew and the Dreamhunters to get to know the big-things world, where everything is enormous and where it is possible to fly over giant butterflies and ride a big snail and even plow through the seas with big colourful fish. In the world, where everything is big, the group of friends will feel very small and tiny jumping from flower to flower and sliding on big and long leaves. Pispas will take them to the tiny city as well, where objects and streets are very small, they will have to take care not to step on the tiny objects and break them. To finish the new adventure, The Clown will take them to his house of games where toys are disorganized and he suggests a game, they will have to sort out objects from big to small and vice versa to get their real size of his friends back, Dreamhunters and Pispas are now very small. Will they get back to their real size?

  • Episode 11

    Pispas and the Storyteller Tree

    All the friends are playing and paging through a lot of tales. Pispas tries to read one to them and they have to pay attention to find out what tale it is. Pipas is very enthusiastic and makes gestures. She gives them some clues to let them discern it, but the kids dont manage to get it. A last attempt, Pispas makes the tales fly and take them flying each child of the gang to the big Storyteller Tree. There they will find out how tales are born and Pispas will read to them the marvellous tale of the frozen castle. They will travel over there where they will play and eat delicious ice cream, but the castle has ready a puzzle they will have to solve. Their friends, the Dreamhunters, will help them to solve it.

  • Episode 12

    Pispas and the nature

    A butterfly, a snail, a ladybug and a little family of worms show up in the park. They all want to know where they are going. The tiny animals will take Pispas and her friends to a pond with fish that jump and play, but they will realise that neither flowers nor trees or plants live around the pond. Pispas has a brilliant idea, seeding