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    Pipeline Water Treatment & FiltrationProviding Efficient Flushing & Filtration Services

    FILTRATION DELIVERED>>> Decommissioning operations have become highly regulated needs for oil and gas operators. While the rate of execution is fast-paced and schedule dependent, the return on investment lacks value for the operators incurring the economic risks. BlueFin understands this sensitivity. To supercede this challenge we deliver technical expertise and project experience in the fields related to government mandated overboard water regulations.

    Furthermore, our technical competentcy exist in water treatment procedures for removing oil, solids, waste, hydrocarbons, and other contaminants. By combining BlueFins Liquigel technology, our 35-year chemistry bench strength, and specific mechanical technicques into one solution, we have minimized project schedules for pipeline flushing routines by 50%. In the offshore market this technological feat equals fewer project dollars.


    Offshore Pipelines Onshore Pipelines Overboard Discharge Produced Water Treatment


    LiquiGel Pig Technology Proprietary Chemical Cleaning

    Technology Water Filtration Medium



    Mechanical Separation Equipment Mechanical Storage Equipment


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