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Title: INTRODUCTION FROM "CIA: THE PIKE REPORT Author: n/a Pages: 13 Agency: CIA RIF#: 1993.08.11.17:38:20:280028 Subjects: PIKE REPORT PIKE COMMITTEE BOOK Source: AARC



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Lon Peace Russell The Bertrand Foundation 1977] has Books don [Spokesman just published indi is The main text CIA The-Pike Report in the to be that cated originally published Voice in February by 1976 supplemented Village Pike Committee's of the pub photo-reproduction intro "New recommendations. is the lished is at of which a copy duction Philip by Agee tached for information your






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Introduction Introduction c Spokesman Books 1977 The publishers acknowledge their gratitude to the New York Village Voice which first published Parts I and II of the Pike Report in newspaper format in February 1976 Hardbackedition ISBN.085124 1727 edition ISBN0 85124 173 5 Paperback

by Philip

Section One

The Select Committee Oversight Experience

Section Two The Select Committee Investigative Record Section Three Committee


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.by Philip A

"Pike will pay for this you wait him for this."

Strong words quoted on the of Representatives by Congressm He was quoting from an al Mitchell Rogovin the CIA's S to Searle Field staff affairs Select Committee on Intellige to Pike the CIA According

"I'm serious There will be politi cal ambitions in New York that will destroy him for this."2

Pike's revelation of the threa diately denied by the CIA's Co 9 1976 a month after his comm the CIA had submitted its recom out of existence Even if the th or if they were in fact express suggestive fashion they were c troversy within the committee a with the executive branch that time the committee was establ earlier In his denuncation of'the thr to a series of events that culmin when New York's weekly Vi supplements on February 16 an most of the secret report based

Committee Publication of the report investigating highlights of which had already leaked into the press from January 20 onwards provoked an emotional and angry outburst from Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who was criticized severely in the report for his "passion for secrecy and for making false state ments to the Congress At a news conference Kissinger denounced the committee's "totally irresponsible behaviour the misuse of highly classified infor mation in a tendentious and misleading manner [that] must do damage to the foreign policy of the'United States the use of classified information in a manner that is so distorted that the total impact is to produce a malicious lie a new version of "3 Meanwhile a spokesman for the White House said President Ford believed the report published in the Village Voice was leaked by someone in the Congress while Congressman Pike suggested that it was leaked by the Executive Branch to help the CIA by making the committee look bad Only days later in early March the CIA claimed that the committee had failed to return and couldn't find some 230 documents at least some of which were classified secret that the Agency had given the committee in the course of its investigation Pike had problems with his own House of Repre sentatives as well As significant leaks of the report began to appear in the New York Times and other publications during the last two weeks of January 1976 then-CIA Director William Colby pleaded with the House not to publish the report because to do so would damage the country's intelligence activities and Then on January 29 the endanger Agency operations 'full House voted to suppress publication until the White I-louse had been able to censor it an action tantamount to a rebuke by the House to its own

After th investigating committee Pike described his committee's w in futility and lamented that th will not ever have a strong over Nevertheless despite the House' and despite renewed p executive wards the CIA with the executiv lation of the killing of Richard We Chief in Athens in December an lash against the continued leaks House Report it should be noted factors militating against disclosur got out In late January someone still copy of the report to Daniel Sc vision news reporter based in Was using parts of the report in his br full publication was expected sh House voted to allow executive c House vote Schorr tried first to lished in book form but in the a atmosphere prevailing in February let was the Village Voice After t Schorr explained "I found myself unexpectedly beca by the House, in possession of poss 'copy of a.report bearing no classi principal sensations already divulge that doing nothing would mean that a report that might be interesting record."S

Schorr's admission brought cal revocation of his Congressional pre at,the same time,the Department whether he should be prosecuted laws thus reviving First Amendm resolved when the "Pentagon Pap 9

Ell-berg and Anthony Russo was a'uorted during the scandals The House voted to have its Watergate ethics committee (House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct) investigate the leak later approp riating .$150,000 for the effort CBS for its part Schorr from all reporting duties pending suspended of the Congressional = investigation the outcome Schorr was clearly and surprisingly on the defensive What had happened in the United States during the two months since Welch's death It seemed that the American public had had enough Almost two years had passed beginning with publication in May 1974 after a long court battle of The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence,6 during which one scandal and "abuse after another were charged to the CIA FBI and other security agencies After an initial overlap with the Watergate episode and the end of the Nixon presi dency the scandals had grown dramatically with reve lations of the CIA's subversion of the Allend .govern ment in Chile (September 1974) and of the CIA's domestic operations (December 1974) , massive illegal My own book on the CIA7 appeared first in January 1975 the same month President Ford appointed the Rockefeller to investigate the CIA's Commission domestic activities and the same month the Senate established its investigating committee under Senator Frank Church 1976 when the Pike By February a large sector of the American Report was published some no public seemed not to want to hear it doubt having no more stomach for scandal disillusion and moral conflict others surely because they were beginning to realize just how damaging the revelations had become In the midst of the controversy on February 17 President Ford seized more initiative by announcing his "reform plan for the CIA and other security services With media coverage that only an American 10

President can command For order to strengthen the inte recommended to Congress a and prison terms for person information In his appeal said "It is essehtial that the irrespon of our nation's intelligence s is a hallmark of our democra people have never believed th secret war plans of the Depa not think they wish to have vealed either.

Nevertheless the world alre a truly extraordinary and rev to the persistence and coura members of his committee the Village Voice When read keep in mind not only the its original pu 'surrounding quite real possibilities that ex tee's early months first tha make no real investigation o mittee would be abolished work Established by a House 1975 the Select Committee placed under the chairmans Lucien Nedzi of Michigan w of the House Armed Services tee Since this Subcommittee exercised the House's watch the CIA Nedzi as Chairman would in a very real sense h .performance Fortunately strong and effective pushing mittee members whose oppos


destine interventions abroad was well known: Michael of Massachnssetts and Ronald Dellums Harrington of California Even so by June 1975 the committee had hardly turned a stone when the New York Times dropped a blockbuster on them On June 5 the Times revealed that two years earlier Nedzi had been briefed by the new CIA Director William Colby on the results of 4 recent CIA "in-house investigatiOn of assassinations and other abuses Nedzi had taken illegal operations 110 action and had not even informed the other mein bers of his House Armed Services Intelligence Sub committee Harrington 'Dellums and liberals on the Select Committee demanded Nedzi's resignation which he gave but which was refused by the full House in a vote on June 16 Thereafter Nedzi refused to function as Chairman of the Select Committee and a move began to abolish it the impasse was Nedzi's 'refusal to Complicating make classified information available to Harrington from Nedzi's Armed Services Intelligence Subcommit tee because Harrington had been partly responsible for the leaking 1974 of details of the September CIA's subversion of the Allende government Harring ton's information had come from the subcommittee documents of Nedzi who was determin