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This Service Manual describes the technical features and servicing procedures for the Piaggio Beverly 250 i.e.


<p>MANUALE STAZIONE DI SERVIZIO639525</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>MANUALE STAZIONE DI SERVIZIO</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>The descriptions and illustrations given in this publication are not binding. While the basic specifications as described and illustrated in this manual remain unchanged, PIAGGIO-GILERA reserves the right, at any time and without being required to update this publication beforehand, to make any changes to components, parts or accessories, which it considers necessary to improve the product or which are required for manufacturing or construction reasons. Not all versions shown in this publication are available in all Countries. The availability of single versions should be checked at the official Piaggio sales network. " Copyright 2007 - PIAGGIO &amp; C. S.p.A. Pontedera. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this publication in whole or in part is prohibited." PIAGGIO &amp; C. S.p.A. - After-Sales V.le Rinaldo Piaggio, 23 - 56025 PONTEDERA (Pi)</p> <p>MANUALE STAZIONE DI SERVIZIOBeverly 250 i.e.Questo manuale per stazioni di servizio stato realizzato da Piaggio &amp; C. Spa per essere utilizzato dalle officine dei concessionari e sub-agenzie Piaggio-Gilera. Si presuppone che chi utilizza questa pubblicazione per la manutenzione e la riparazione dei veicoli Piaggio, abbia una conoscenza base dei principi della meccanica e dei procedimenti inerenti la tecnica della riparazione dei veicoli. Le variazioni importanti nelle caratteristiche dei veicoli o nelle specifiche operazioni di riparazione verranno comunicate attraverso aggiornamenti di questo manuale. Non si pu comunque realizzare un lavoro completamente soddisfacente se non si dispone degli impianti e delle attrezzature necessarie, ed per questo che vi invitiamo a consultare le pagine di questo manuale riguardanti l'attrezzatura specifica e il catalogo degli attrezzi specifici.</p> <p>N.B. Provides key information to make the procedure easier to understand and carry out.</p> <p>CAUTION Refers to specific procedures to carry out for preventing damages to the vehicle.</p> <p>WARNING Refers to specific procedures to carry out to prevent injuries to the repairer.</p> <p>Personal safety Failure to completely observe these instructions will result in serious risk of personal injury.</p> <p>Safeguarding the environment Sections marked with this symbol indicate the correct use of the vehicle to prevent damaging the environment.</p> <p>Vehicle intactness The incomplete or non-observance of these regulations leads to the risk of serious damage to the vehicle and sometimes even the invalidity of the guarantee.</p> <p>INDEX OF TOPICS</p> <p>CHARACTERISTICS TOOLING MAINTENANCE TROUBLESHOOTING ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ENGINE FROM VEHICLE ENGINE INJECTION SUSPENSIONS BRAKING SYSTEM CHASSIS PRE-DELIVERY TIME</p> <p>CHAR TOOL MAIN TROUBL ELE SYS ENG VE ENG INJEC SUSP BRAK SYS CHAS PRE DE TIME</p> <p>INDEX OF TOPICS</p> <p>CHARACTERISTICS</p> <p>CHAR</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>This section describes the general specifications of the vehicle.</p> <p>RulesThis section describes general safety rules for any maintenance operations performed on the vehicle.</p> <p>Safety rules- If work can only be done on the vehicle with the engine running, make sure that the premises are wellventilated, using special extractors if necessary; never let the engine run in an enclosed area. Exhaust fumes are toxic. - The battery electrolyte contains sulphuric acid. Protect your eyes, clothes and skin. Sulphuric acid is highly corrosive; in the event of contact with your eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with abundant water and seek immediate medical attention. - The battery produces hydrogen, a gas that can be highly explosive. Do not smoke and avoid sparks or flames near the battery, especially when charging it. - Fuel is highly flammable and it can be explosive given some conditions. Do not smoke in the working area, and avoid open flames or sparks. - Clean the brake pads in a well-ventilated area, directing the jet of compressed air in such a way that you do not breathe in the dust produced by the wear of the friction material. Even though the latter contains no asbestos, inhaling dust is harmful.</p> <p>Maintenance rules- Use original PIAGGIO spare parts and lubricants recommended by the Manufacturer. Non-original or non-conforming spares may damage the vehicle. - Use only the appropriate tools designed for this vehicle. - Always use new gaskets, sealing rings and split pins upon refitting. - After removal, clean the components using non-flammable or low flash-point solvent. Lubricate all the work surfaces except the tapered couplings before refitting. - After refitting, make sure that all the components have been installed correctly and work properly. - For removal, overhaul and refit operations use only tools with metric measures. Metric bolts, nuts and screws are not interchangeable with coupling members with English measurement. Using unsuitable coupling members and tools may damage the scooter. - When carrying out maintenance operations on the vehicle that involve the electrical system, make sure the electric connections have been made properly, particularly the ground and battery connections.</p> <p>CHAR - 2</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Vehicle identificationFrame prefix M36400 Engine prefix M285M</p> <p>Dimensions and massWEIGHTS AND DIMENSIONSSpecification Kerb weight in running order Width (over mirrors) Length Wheelbase Saddle height Desc./Quantity 149 kg 837 mm 2100 mm 1455 mm 785 mm</p> <p>EngineDATASpecification Type Timing system Desc./Quantity single-cylinder, four-stroke and four liquid-cooled valves single overhead camshaft chain driven on the lefthand side, three-arm rocking levers set up with threaded set screw 72 mm 60 mm 249.29 mm 10.5 11.5 sponge, impregnated with mixture (50% petrol and 50% oil) electric starter motor with freewheel with lobe pump (inside the crankcase) chain-driven and double filter: mesh and paper CHAR - 3</p> <p>Bore Stroke Cubic capacity Compression ratio Air filter Starting system Lubrication</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Specification Fuel supply valve clearance Engine idle speed Max. speed</p> <p>Desc./Quantity by electronic injection with electric fuel pump intake: 0.10 mm - discharge: 0.15 mm approx. 1600 1800 rpm 125 km/h</p> <p>TransmissionTRANSMISSIONSpecification Transmission Desc./Quantity Automatic expandable pulley variator with torque server, V belt, automatic clutch, gear reduction unit and transmission housing with forced air circulation cooling</p> <p>CapacitiesCAPACITYSpecification Engine oil Rear hub Cooling system fluid Petrol tank Desc./Quantity approx. 1300 cc (recommended oil Selenia HI Scooter 4 Tech) 250 cc ( recommended oil TUTELA MATRIX) approx. 2.100 2.150 l PARAFLU 11FE (Diluted) approx. 10 l (including reserve approx. 2.5 l)</p> <p>Electrical systemELECTRICAL COMPONENTSSpecification Ignition/advance Spark plug Battery Generator Desc./Quantity Electronic, with inductive discharge and variable advance with three-dimensional mapping CHAMPION RG 4 PHP 12V-12Ah alternating current</p> <p>Frame and suspensionsFRAME AND SUSPENSIONSSpecification Chassis type Front suspension Front fork max. stroke Rear suspension Desc./Quantity Welded tubular steel chassis with stamped sheet reinforcements Hydraulic telescopic fork with advanced wheel pin and 35 mm stem 104 mm Engine with swinging fork attached to frame by means of an arm with 2 degrees of freedomPair of double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers and coaxial springs with preloading adjustment in four positions.</p> <p>CHAR - 4</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Specification Rear shock absorber max. travel</p> <p>Desc./Quantity 95.5 mm</p> <p>BrakesBRAKESSpecification Front brake Desc./Quantity Disc brake, diameter 260 mm and floating calliper with twin plungers and hydraulic control (lever on the far right of the handlebar) Disc brake, diameter 260 mm and calliper with two counteracting plungers and hydraulic control (lever on the far left of the handlebar)</p> <p>Rear brake</p> <p>Wheels and tyresWHEELS AND TYRESSpecification Front wheel rim Rear wheel rim Front tyre Rear tyre Front wheel tyre pressure (when cold) Rear wheel tyre pressure (when cold) Rear wheel tyre pressure (with driver and passenger) (when cold)N.B.</p> <p>Desc./Quantity Light alloy, 3.00 x 16" Light alloy, 3.50 x 16" 110/70-16" M/C 52P Tubeless 140/70-16" M/C 65P Tubeless 2.1 bar 2.3 bar 2.5 bar</p> <p>CHECK AND ADJUST TYRE PRESSURE WITH TYRES AT AMBIENT TEMPERATURE. REGULATE PRESSURE ACCORDING TO THE WEIGHT OF THE RIDER AND ACCESSORIES.</p> <p>Tightening TorquesSTEERINGName Upper steering ring nut Steering lower ring nut Handlebar fixing screw (*) Fixing screws for handlebar control assembly Ubolts Torque in Nm 30 36 10 13 then loosen by 90 45 50 7 10</p> <p>CHASSISName Centre stand bolt Side stand bolt () Engine arm bolt - frame arm Swinging arm buffer nut Frame-swinging arm bolt Engine-swinging arm bolt Torque in Nm 25 30 35 40 33 41 64 - 72 64 - 72 64 - 72</p> <p>CHAR - 5</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>FRONT SUSPENSIONName Fixing screw for pumping elements to lower fork plate Front wheel shaft Fork leg screw fixing screw for front mudguard to plate Fixing screw for mudguard plate to fork Torque in Nm 20 25 45 50 67 4.5 7 9 11</p> <p>REAR SUSPENSIONName Upper shock absorber clamp Shock absorber lower clamp Shock absorber-crankcase attachment bracket Rear wheel axle Fixing screw for wheel rim to hub Muffler arm clamping screws Torque in Nm 33 41 33 41 20 25 104 126 34 38 27 30</p> <p>FRONT BRAKEName Brake fluid pump - hose fitting Brake fluid hose-calliper fitting Tightening screw for calliper to fork Disc tightening screw () Oil bleed screw Pad fastening pin Torque in Nm 16 20 16 20 20 25 5-6 12 - 16 19.6 24.5</p> <p>REAR BRAKEName Rear brake disc screws() Rear brake calliper-pipe fitting Rigid / flexible pipe fitting Rear brake pump-pipe fitting Rear brake calliper fixing screws Torque in Nm 5 6.5 20 25 13 18 16 20 20 25</p> <p>MUFFLERName Muffler heat guard fixing screw Screw for fixing muffler to the support arm Lambda probe clamp on exhaust manifold Exhaust manifold-muffler joint clamp Nut fixing muffler to cylinder head Torque in Nm 45 20 25 40 50 12 13 16 18</p> <p>LUBRICATIONName Hub oil drainage plug Oil filter on crankcase fitting Engine oil drainage plug/mesh filter Oil filter Oil pump cover screws Screws fixing oil pump to the crankcase Oil pump control crown screw CHAR - 6 Torque in Nm 15 17 27 33 24 30 46 79 5-6 10 14</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Name Oil pump cover plate screws Oil sump screws Minimum oil pressure sensor</p> <p>Torque in Nm 46 10 14 12 14</p> <p>CYLINDER HEADName Spark plug Head cover screws Nuts fixing head to cylinder Head fixing side screws Starter ground screw Tappet set screw lock nut Inlet manifold screws Timing chain tensioner slider screw Starter ground support screw Timing chain tensioner support screw Timing chain tensioner central screw Camshaft retention plate screw Torque in Nm 12 14 67 71 + 101 + 270 11 12 Nm 7 8.5 68 11 13 10 14 11 15 11 13 5-6 46</p> <p>TRANSMISSIONName Belt support roller screw Clutch unit nut on driven pulley Drive pulley nut Transmission cover screws Driven pulley shaft nut Rear hub cap screws Torque in Nm 11 13 45 50 75 83 11 13 54 60 24 27</p> <p>FLYWHEELName Flywheel cover screw Stator assembly screws Flywheel nut Pick-Up clamping screws Screw fixing freewheel to flywheel Torque in Nm 11 13 3 - 4 (Apply LOCTITE 242 medium-strength threadlock) 94 - 102 Nm 34 13 15</p> <p>CRANKCASE AND CRANKSHAFTName Internal engine crankcase bulkhead (transmission-side half shaft) screws Engine-crankcase coupling screws Starter motor screws Crankcase timing cover screws Torque in Nm 46 11 13 11 13 3.5 - 4.5 (Apply LOCTITE 242 medium-strength threadlock)</p> <p>COOLINGName Water pump rotor cover Screws of the water pump rotor driving link Thermostat cover screws Bleed screw: Torque in Nm 34 34 34 3</p> <p>CHAR - 7</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Overhaul data Assembly clearances Cylinder - piston assy.</p> <p>ENGINE COUPLING CATEGORYName Cylinder Cylinder Piston Piston Initials M N O P Cylinder 72.01 72.017 72.017 72.024 72.024 72.031 72.031 72.038 Piston 71.953 71.960 71.960 71.967 71.967 71.974 71.974 71.981 Play on fitting 0.050 - 0.064 0.050 - 0.064 0.050 - 0.064 0.050 - 0.064</p> <p>Crankcase - crankshaft - connecting rodCRANKSHAFTTitolo CrankshaftCrankshaft to crankcase axial clearance</p> <p>Durata/Valore</p> <p>Testo Breve (&lt; 4000 car.) Crankshaft to crankcase axial clearance</p> <p>Indirizzo Immagine</p> <p>CHAR - 8</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>CRANKSHAFT/ CRANKCASE AXIAL CLEARANCEName Half-shaft, transmission side Flywheel-side halfshaft Connecting rod Spacer tool Description Dimensions 16.6 +0-0.05 16.6 +0-0.05 18 -0.10 -0.15 51.4 +0.05 Initials A B C E Quantity D = 0.20 - 0.50 D = 0.20 - 0.50 D = 0.20 - 0.50 D = 0.20 - 0.50</p> <p>Slot packing systemThe shimming system allows the compression ratio to be adjusted correctly.</p> <p>CharacteristicCompression ratio 10.5 11.5 : 1</p> <p>Measurement "A" to be taken is a value of piston re-entry, it indicates by how much the plane formed by the piston crown falls below the plane formed by the top of the cylinder. The further the piston travels inside the cylinder, the thinner the washer "B" of the base gasket to be applied (to obtain the required compression ratio) and vice versa.N.B.</p> <p>CHAR - 9</p> <p>Characteristics</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>MEASUREMENT "A" MUST BE TAKEN WITHOUT ANY GASKET FITTED BETWEEN THE CRANKCASE AND CYLINDER AND AFTER RESETTING THE GAUGE, EQUIPPED WITH A SUPPORT, ON A GROUND PLANE</p> <p>ENGINE 250 SHIMMINGName shimming shimming shimming Measure A 3.70 - 3.60 3.60 - 3.40 3.40 - 3.30 Thickness 0.4 0.05 0.6 0.05 0.8 0.05</p> <p>ProductsRECOMMENDED PRODUCTS TABLEProduct AGIP ROTRA 80W-90 Specifications SAE 80W/90 Oil that exceeds the requirements of API GL3 specifications Oil to lubricate flexible transmisOil for 4-stroke engines sions (throttle control) Oil for air filter sponge Mineral oil with specific additives for increased adhesiveness Grease for brake levers, throttle White calcium complex soapbased spray grease with NLGI 2; ISO-L-XBCIB2 Engine oil SAE 5W-40, API SL, ACEA A3, JASO MA Synthetic oil Brake fluid FMVSS DOT4 Synthetic fluid coolant Monoethylene glycol-based antifreeze fluid, CUNA NC 956-16 Description Rear hub oil</p> <p>AGIP CITY HI TEC 4T AGIP FILTER OIL AGIP GP 330</p> <p>AGIP CITY HI TEC 4T AGIP BRAKE 4 SPECIAL AGIP PERMANENT fluid</p> <p>CHAR - 10</p> <p>INDEX OF TOPICS</p> <p>TOOLING</p> <p>TOOL</p> <p>Tooling</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>APPROPRIATE TOOLSStores code 001330Y Description Tool for fitting steering seats</p> <p>001467Y014</p> <p>Pliers to extract 15-mm bearings</p> <p>005095Y</p> <p>Engine support</p> <p>002465Y</p> <p>Pliers for circlips</p> <p>006029Y</p> <p>Punch for fitting fifth wheel seat on steering tube</p> <p>020004Y</p> <p>Punch for removing fifth wheels from headstock</p> <p>020055Y</p> <p>Wrench for steering tube ring nut</p> <p>TOOL - 2</p> <p>Beverly 250 i.e.</p> <p>Tooling</p> <p>Stores code 020074Y</p> <p>Descriptio...</p>