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International Institute of Photography. the FOTOfactory is the most prestigious private educational Institute in the Netherlands, with Dutch and English spoken photography courses.



    Private Institute of Photography






    copyright 2016 the FOTOfactory

  • VISION & CONCEPT of the FOTOfactory

    Technical knowledge is a good base but ultimately only a tool used in making a good photograph. We therefore give special attention to image communication and how to give a visual message more expressiveness. This is a vital aspect of all our photographic courses.

    We only work with (guest) teachers who work in their own field and therefore know what they are talk-ing about. Through using their experience, enthusiasm and professional attitude they will try to trans-fer their knowledge to you.

    Specific practical assignments and personal attention bring out the best in oneself. This is achieved by using a highly varied and up-to-date- curriculum. For you as a student this means that you will be given many photographic assignments.

    Besides these assignments part of you lessons will include; art history, darkroom techniques, lightroom & photoshop, graphic design, image analysis, camera & lens knowledge, styling and studio.Workshops, projects, work areas, bookkeeping and portfolio reviews are also essential parts of your training. You can discuss your progress with our tutors. This will make sure that your ultimate step towards photography as a profession is as small as possible.

    This is why our students see the FOTOfactory as the best Private Institute of Photography in Holland.


    Photography is an extremely diverse medium. Chemical and digital photography currently live side by side with each other and often merge. New technologies, software, visions on photography...

    We run courses and workshops for beginners and experienced photographers alike. Five day workshops and intensive courses lasting several weeks cover areas from studio lighting for be-ginners to digital capture with camera movements for professionals.

    Our courses are presented in a relaxed atmosphere where student involvement is encouraged, feedback is important, and the instructors are always available to answer questions.Regardless of ones ambitions, a single good course can make photography that much more fun.

    The FOTOfactory uses modern teaching methods. We show you various aspects of photography, related to different photographers. All our courses include supervised photography on location in or near Amsterdam. We will provide you with all the necessary technical and compositional information to help you to become confident with your digital or film camera. All the instructors of our courses are professional photographers as well as good trained teachers.We believe that learning should be a combination of quality and fun!

    The FOTOfactory is located in the centre of Amsterdam on 10 minutes walking distance from Amsterdam Central Station. C


    for starting photography students:Basic Photography Course 5 daysDarkroom Course 3 daysDigital Imaging Course 3 days

    The Basic Photography Course ( preparatory process - FASE I)

    This is the complete course for starting photographers for learning basic photography techniques. Designed to give you the necessary information and help needed to become confident with your digital or film camera. All aspects of basic photography are covered including technical and compositional know-how and skills. This course is for beginners or photographers who are moving from film to digital. It aims to demystify your digital camera and the basics Adobe Photoshop by concentrating on practical, real world problems, enabling you to shoot more and worry less. During the course picture taking sessions are included.

    The first day you will concentrate on the camera, aiming to give you the confidence that you are getting the most from it. Topics are : Exposure, Iso, depth of field, movement, composition. Day two and three you will learn the fundamentals of analogue photography. You will will be taught how to develop your own films, create a fotogram and make contactsheets. With these negatives you enter the black & white darkroom and learn the principles of black & white printing. You will learn to make a technically good print which reproduces all the tones in the original scnes. Dodging and burning, coloring blue and sepia, printing on fiber-based paper etc.

  • During day four and day five, you will work with Photoshop and learn to basics of producing and correct/manipulate images, working with layers, making selections, adjusting colorbalance, retouching etc. Pop-art, panning technique, abstract photography, sequences, you will learn it all.We will also take you on location and start our project on Street Photography. The last day you finish your portfolio and present it to the other students and teacher(s).

    Schedule:Day 1 Camera KnowledgeDay 2 & 3 Developing films, Darkroom printing techniques Day 4 & 5 Digital techniques, Photoshop techniques

    The Basic Photography Course takes 5 days and is an ideal course to learn more about your camera, composition, Amsterdam and how to improve your own portfolio.

    It is also possible to join only either the darkroom lessons or the digital lessons:Basic Photography Course: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4 and day 5Darkroom course: day 1, day 2 and day 3Digital Imaging Course: day 1, day 4 and day 5

    Costs 2016: Basic Photography Course: 875,- (0 % VAT excluded)Digital Photo Course: 525,- (0 % VAT excluded)Darkroom course: 525,- (0 % VAT excluded)Summercourse (16-20 July 2016): 875,- (0 % VAT excluded)Dates: more information on our website (


    Professional Full 3 Year Course - FASE II

    In May 2016 we will start again a Full 3 Year Professional photography course. The program is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in photography and is English spoken.

    Your first year establishes a solid foundation in photographic craft and visual communications. You will be trained in camera/flash basics and usage as well in output techniques (traditional and digital). The second part of the first year will cover studio photography (packshot and portrait), graphic design, photographic development, as well as the art history of photography.The second year will include also conceptual fashion and advertising photography, documentary, developing your portfolio and artist statement as well as signature development. Through study assignments and presentations by experts in each field, you will gain detailed insight into each area of photographic endeavor. The third year allows you to focus on the area of photography that interests you most and developing your own professional portfolio, with the continual guidance of our supervisors.

    To enter the F3Y course you need to be admitted. Admission Application interview & portfolio application form on our website (

    Schedule First Year: total 32 credits (FASE II-A):

    Technique I 4 creditsAnalogue/presentation 3 creditsHistory of Photography & Analyses 4 creditsDigital Techniques 4 creditsStudio Techniques 5 creditsPhotographic Development I 3 creditsShape & Collage 2 creditsSummer Assignments I 2 creditsProjects 5 credits

    A minimum of 35 study points are required to continue into the second year. We will view your content, technique, creativity and presentation. Effort and study attitude are also important competences.Adjacent to this, it is possible to gain extra study points by, for example; participating in an exposition, a photographic assignment, a publication of your own photographic work, making your own series, organizing a reading or presentation, taking part in a project or being project manager. You can gain a maximum of 8 extra study points in your first year.

    Schedule Second Year: total 40 credits (FASE II-B):

    Technique II 2 creditsProduction Techniques 4 creditsSignature Development 5 creditsConceptual Fashion Photography 4 creditsAdvertising Photography 4 creditsPhotographic Development II 4 creditsDocumentary Photography 4 creditsGraphic Design II 1 creditsSummer Assignments II & III 4 creditsPortfolio 8 credits

    After successfully completing all of the modules you will receive 40 study points. To continue into the third year [FASE III] you need a minimum of 78 study points.FASE II is successfully completed when you have 80 or more study points. You will then receive a certificate. We will view your content, technique, creativity and presentation. Effort and study attitude are also important competences. After successfully completing FASE II with us you will be able to specialize. You can gain a maximum of 5 extra study points in your second year.



    Technique I Optics of photography, External flash technique, Raw development (Lightroom) and digital printing techniquesAnalogue/presentation Pinhole, darkroom processes (developing/print)History of Photography & Analyses History of photography, movements and theories, contemporary and historical, visiting exhibitionsDigital Advanced Adobe Photoshop workflowStudio Techniques Introduction language of light, how to use on still photography and portraits in the studio and on locationPhotographic Development I Creating photographs for magazine publicationsGraphic Design I The pairing of image and text, website designSummer Assignments I Creative Assignments during the SummerProjects