Folega Photography Wedding Photography Brochure - 2015/2016

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<ul><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>Congratulations !!on your engagement &amp; thank you for requesting my pricing &amp; packages brochure. </p><p>In this brochure I hope to be able to answer all of your questions and if not, please do not hesitate to contact me. </p><p>!!If you are reading this, you will have probably already looked around my website &amp; viewed samples of my work. So, I hope you like the look of my romantic, chic style of wedding photography. I prefer to take a more documentary approach to your wedding photography, capturing real moments &amp; real emotions as they happen. Not only that, but I will capture stunning fine art portraits as the day unfolds. !!!</p><p>!1</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>Packages &amp; Pricing I have created two packages that I feel reflect my clients best - a digital package &amp; an album package. They are both exactly the same other than one package also including a beautiful, 12x12 fine art album. If you decide to go for the digital package to start with, you can still purchase an album at a later date. </p><p>!The Grand Digital Package | 1350 Up to 12 - 15 Hours Coverage </p><p>Engagement Session | Before wedding </p><p>High Resolution Digital Negatives from your wedding day with print release </p><p>USB &amp; Presentation Box of all edited images from the wedding day </p><p>Downloadable HD Slideshow </p><p>Custom Mobile App - iOS &amp; Android Compatible </p><p>Online Gallery for 10 Years </p><p>!The Grand Album Package | 1650 Up to 12 - 15 Hours Coverage </p><p>Engagement Session | Before wedding </p><p>High Resolution Digital Negatives from your wedding day with print release </p><p>USB &amp; Presentation Box of all edited images from the wedding day </p><p>Downloadable HD Slideshow </p><p>Custom Mobile App - iOS &amp; Android Compatible </p><p>Online Gallery for 10 Years </p><p>12x12 Fine Art Album </p><p>!!2</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>If you are planning a destination wedding, my prices &amp; my packages are exactly the same price, however travel, accommodation &amp; expenses will be charged at an extra rate. The same may apply to a wedding in the UK, depending on where the celebration is based. I never charge more than I need to for expenses &amp; I love to travel, so please do enquire for a full quote. </p><p>!Are you eloping? Are you having a weekend long wedding? If so, &amp; you want a more tailored approach to your day, dont hesitate to ask - Im only too happy to send you a quote. </p><p>There is no limit on how many images I take, nor do I limit how many are beautifully edited afterwards. I am always so excited when taking &amp; going through your images that I want you to see them all - I dont believe in making you pay extra to see more of your images. </p><p>!Your online gallery will be password protected with all your wedding images on so that you can share them quickly &amp; easily with family and friends. This gallery is available to you for 10 years from the publication date. You can also purchase directly from the gallery making a quick &amp; easy way to order prints &amp; gifts. </p><p>!!!!!!!</p><p>!3</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>The USB You will also get all of your images on a personalised USB in a stunning presentation box as shown below. </p><p>The USB &amp; the gorgeous image wrapped box is a stunning way to receive your wedding photographs. </p><p>Its fully personalised, can be printed in a massive variety of colours &amp; makes for an impressive statement. </p><p>The USB itself, again, is a gorgeous statement piece &amp; holds all of your precious memories safely. You will receive one as standard with your wedding package. </p><p>!!</p><p>!4</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>The Albums The albums are beautifully handcrafted &amp; made in Yorkshire. With fine art cotton pages &amp; beautiful cotton covers these albums are the perfect keepsake. </p><p>These beautiful albums have an almost invisible crease &amp; open completely flat. You can really showcase your memories in the most spectacular way. </p><p>In the grand album package, you will receive a 12x12 fine art album. You can also purchase other sizes alongside the digital package or duplicates to go alongside the album package. </p><p>The price for these albums if purchased outside of the album package are as follows: </p><p>12x12 | 425 </p><p>10x10 | 385 </p><p> 8x8 | 345 </p><p> 6x6 | 299 </p><p>*Offers are sometimes available on albums - please enquire at time of ordering.* </p><p>You can choose from a large selection of colours &amp; styles for the covers for these amazing albums &amp; we have a variety of swatches of various colours &amp; fabrics for you to choose from. </p><p>Each album is presented beautifully in its own cotton bag inside a beautiful &amp; eco friendly, craft cardboard box. </p><p>At an additional cost of 125, you could upgrade the box to a stunning bamboo box, which is also beautifully handmade in Yorkshire. </p><p>You can choose to upgrade your cotton bag to a gorgeous patterned cotton bag at an extra cost of 50. </p><p>!!</p><p>!5</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>!The Photo Booth !Its with great pleasure that we can now offer a fantastic photo booth from our sister company, Bliss Booth. When booked together, you can enjoy massive discounts from the usual photo booth price. (Subject to your date being available for the photo booth). !Prices when booked together are 300 for 3 hours hire &amp; 400 for 4 hours hire. !!We supply all of the props &amp; we have some amazing vintage finds &amp; some really gorgeous, quirky props for you &amp; your guests to enjoy! Both our photo booth packages come with a photo booth attendant on hand to encourage your guests to have a go &amp; to sign the guest book. !You can enjoy our beautiful full sized photo booth or you can opt for the photo pod if room is a little tight. For your hire period, you will get unlimited use of the booth &amp; unlimited prints as well as prints to add to your guest book. We can also customise a photo strip for you if you want a more personal touch. </p><p>!!!!!!!!!!6</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>!What Makes a Fine Art Photographer? !As a fine art photographer that naturally weaves in a documentary style, I feel its important to let you know what that actually means. I cant speak for all photographers that use the term fine art photographer. All I can do is explain what I feel it means to me, my style &amp; the images that YOU will get when your wedding day is all done &amp; dusted. </p><p>Its In The Perception </p><p>For me, fine art photography is all about the perception. Its creating stunning images that capture emotion, flair &amp; creativity. Images that you will want to display as beautiful works of art. Its the careful composition &amp; clever use of light that will help create works of art for you to treasure &amp; enjoy. </p><p>Creating Flair &amp; Beauty </p><p>Id like to think that my distinct vision, blend of documentary &amp; fine art, creative flair &amp; imagination takes the ordinary moment &amp; makes it last a lifetime as an extraordinary memory. </p><p>Fine art photography, to me, is evoking true emotions &amp; feelings - tears of joy &amp; smiles that reach your very heart &amp; soul are captured &amp; preserved beautifully. </p><p>Appreciating The Vision </p><p>My photography style is aimed towards couples that appreciate not only the beautiful images, but also what it takes to capture them. Couples that want meaningful &amp; beautiful photography that lasts forever. </p><p>!!</p><p>!7</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>Published Work I am very lucky to have been involved in some amazing styled photo shoots as well as some seriously inspirational weddings. </p><p>I am very proud to say that these have been published in a variety of print magazines such as V&amp;Oak, Coco Indie bridal issue, Wedding Ideas Magazine, Wedding Chicks, White Weddings, and many online wedding blogs. </p><p>If you would like to take a look, the links can be accessed on my website &amp; blog &amp; my Facebook page is regularly updated with news. </p><p>Folega Photography Facebook Page </p><p>Folega Photography Blog </p><p>Here are just a few publications I am very proud to have been part of. </p><p>! </p><p>!!!!</p><p>Award Winning </p><p>!8</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>At Folega Photography, we deliver award winning photography to each and every couple that book with us for their wedding photography. </p><p>As winners of the Wedding Industry Awards 2015 &amp; The Wedding Expert Awards 2013 &amp; 2014, it is with great pleasure and honour that we accept these awards. </p><p>!!!!!!</p><p>!9</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>Wonderful Kind Words There is nothing more satisfying than the feedback after giving couples their finished galleries. I truly love being a wedding photographer - Im surrounded by kind, warm families that treat me like a member of the family &amp; I get to photograph true romance &amp; love. So, when these families after the day contact me, it really warms my heart &amp; soul! </p><p>!Misty &amp; Tom on Facebook after viewing their gallery for the first time </p><p>Why waste my time sending a private message to Sarah Folega to say how much we love our wedding photos! They're AMAZING! The fact we've been laughing AND crying whilst looking through them shows how you captured the day!!! Perfect perfect perfect! Memories we will cherish FOREVER! We love you Sarah, a (super talented) friend for life. xxxxx </p><p>!!</p><p>!10</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>Amy &amp; BogdanTo Sarah, We just wanted to say thank you so much for being amazing both at our pre wedding shoot and on the day itself. You made us both so comfortable &amp; relaxed. Thank you! Lots of love, Amy &amp; Bogdan.</p><p> !!!Naomi &amp; PaulSarah, we absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics. They are so perfect.... Cant thank you enough.... they made me cry (Happy tears).!!!</p><p>!11</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>Megan &amp; Nick We have wonderful memories of our wedding day. Sarah captured wonderful photographs without being at all intrusive. The relaxed manner in which our photographs were taken have resulted in truly fantastic natural shots which really capture how we were feeling. The photos and DVD will be treasured forever, can't thank these guys enough. </p><p>!!!</p><p>!12</p></li><li><p>FOLEGA PHOTOGRAPHY BROCHURE 2015-2016</p><p>!If you would like to view more of the work Folega Photography can do for you, then please take a look at these online galleries which are all full day weddings &amp; full engagement sessions. </p><p>! </p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p> </p><p></p><p>!I genuinely thank you for requesting my brochure &amp; I hope it inspires you. I am in a position where I am very lucky to book weddings years in advance. So, if you would like me to capture your day (&amp; I really hope you do), then please dont hesitate to get in touch and book in your wedding date. Dates cannot be held without a deposit of 150 &amp; a contract signed. </p><p>Congratulations on your engagement &amp; I hope to see you soon. </p><p>Warmest Regards, </p><p>Sarah &amp; the Folega Photography Team. </p><p>!13</p></li></ul>