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<ul><li><p> See Your Reputation Online for Free</p><p>Free Reputation Management Service offered toPhoenix AZ Businesses</p><p>E-Rock Christopher March 17, 2014</p><p>A free reputation management service is now publicly available toPhoenix AZ businesses for a limited time, thanks to reputationmanagement firm, Local Business Rockstar. Business owners canquickly &amp; easily see their entire online reputation for free.</p><p>( -- March 17, 2014) Phoenix, AZ -- Most business ownersunderstand that building a brand and trust with their customers is important. With the proliferation of various online marketing strategies becoming morecost-effective and available to all types of businesses, it can be a real</p><p>challenge to distinguish yourself from the competition. Small business owners realize this, but may not realize howmuch of a factor that its online reputation will influence its success.</p><p>Did you know that a 2013 study revealed that as much as 90% of people were influenced in their buying decisions bypositive reviews, and 86% of those consumers were influenced by bad reviews as well?</p><p>What this really means is that in today's digital, on-demand society, your company's reputation can either make orbreak you. That's why an online reputation marketing firm called Local Business Rockstar recently made their FreeOnline Reputation tool, called the Rockstar Reputation Report, publicly available as a part of their beta-testingprocess. Once perfected, Local Business Rockstar will be removing it from public access and will be charging fortheir reputation reports.</p><p>With all the hats an entrepreneur is forced to wear to run their business, it can be easy to neglect what theircustomers are really thinking about them. Too many business owners place an emphasis on trying to acquire newcustomers, instead of relying on their existing customer base to help them promote their business through "word ofmouse" advertising.</p><p>One tremendously effective way to be able to promote your business online and to distinguish yourself from thecompetition, is through what is commonly called reputation management. According to Wikipedia, "Reputationmanagement is the understanding or influencing of an individuals or businesses reputation. It was originally coined asa public relations term, but advancement in computing, the internet and social media made it primarily an issue ofsearch results."</p><p>However the CEO and founder of Local Business Rockstar, Eric Christopher, says that reputation management is</p><p>really a waste of time and resources. Instead, he recommends that you focus on reputation marketing. The</p><p>difference between the two is simply this: that reputation management is largely reactive, meaning that you are tryingto react to possible negative or unfavorable remarks about your business. Reputation marketing, on the other hand,focuses on being proactive to cultivate a culture of positive customer experience, and then promoting that positivecustomer experience in as many places as possible. The result is that if you do get the occasional bad review, if youhave been positively working on your reputation marketing, then you've already offset any potential damage from one</p><p></p></li><li><p>or two bad negative reviews.</p><p>However, the big challenge for most businesses is that they don't know where to start or even know what their actualonline reputation looks like. That's why Local Business Rockstar is publicly releasing their free software analysistool which can help a business owner to instantly analyze and see any reviews, positive or negative, about theirbusiness. This is a quick and easy way to reveal to business owners what their customers truly think about theirbusiness.</p><p>In addition, for those smart people who utilize the free tool, Local Business Rockstar is offering free training on...</p><p>how to be able to remove negative reviewshow to easily market your reputation online successfullyand how to cultivate a five-star online reputation.</p><p>With more than 70 percent of all customers relying on reviews to choose where to spend their money in today'ssociety, a business's online reputation is one of their most coveted assets. With more company's investing funds intoSEO, pay per click, and other online marketing mediums, the competition for your customers attention is increasingdifficult.</p><p>Most savvy entrepreneurs know they need to be developing, creating, and promoting a five-star reputation on theInternet is a critical step in differentiating your company from the competition and becoming the market leader in yourindustry. That's why most business owners love being able to instantly see their customers really think using the freesoftware tool.</p><p>When asked about the availability of this free software analysis tool still being made available to the public, EricChristopher simply had this to say, "We're only going to make this available for a very limited time for free. I highlyencourage small business owners to take advantage of this opportunity right away. Once we complete our betaphase, we'll start charging people for access. We actually just added a new feature to reveal to a business owner iftheir business is listed properly on the most important sites on the web. So we can't keep it for free for very long, asit is very popular."</p><p>For more info, contact:</p><p>Local Business Rockstar</p><p>40 N Central Ave #1400RPhoenix , AZ 85004(602) 910-6300marketing@localbusinessrockstar.comhttp://LocalBusinessRockstar.comSource:</p>http://rockstarreputationreport.comhttp://rockstarreputationreport.com</li></ul>


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