Philosophy For Teaching Young Learners

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Philosophy For Teaching Young LearnersMy objective as an elementary or middle school instructor is to create critical thinking in young children. This is done by; forming healthy attachment to adults, developing a positive self image, development of the'whole child'and supporting the idea of continuous growth through an enriched curriculum.In order to support my students' growth and development in the classroom, I will encourage the student's family to get involved. Family involvement includes maintaining the conceptual approach to children's learning as parents are the primary teachers of their children. In an effort to foster continual development of the child, even outside of an academic setting I will do my best to build a partnership between student parents, teachers, and administration. My vision is to prepare aware, responsible, moral, skilled, and literate lifelong learners through an engaging, integrated curriculum that nurtures individual strengths, and talents in a safe environmentIn my opinion, classrooms that specialize in early childhood education should be comprised of activities and experiences similar to a child's home environment. This helps to support a positive, supportive and enriched environment for the student. Children should be encouraged to take the lead, ask questions, establish routines and helped to understand transitions as they age.In summary, I have five goals that I aim to instill in my young learners. They are:1. Social Development- Learning proper social skills is so important nowadays, especially since people get to know their phone more than they do an actual person, so I'm going to start my kids on the right path early on. Social skills will be taught through a variety of activities that include but are not limited to role playing, improv skits, lectures, small group activities, and classroom discussion.2. Cognitive Development- School's main purpose is ultimately the academic education of our youth, so in my classroom I will teach my kids how to engage in and get the most from their assignments, activities, and life experiences.3. Physical Development- To see every student develop in a physically healthy way I would encourage the institution of a "7th inning stretch" activity where everyone gets up from their desks to do some kind of physical activity. This may include stretching, yoga. meditation, etc. 4. Emotional Development- I want my students to have a positive self concept of themselves and have the emotional maturity to regulate their feelings. To accommodate this I will stress the importance of human relationships, how to interact with others, proper responses, negotiating, and how to make choices. 5. Motor Skill Development- To increase small muscle motor skills my students may take part in activities such as painting, coloring, puzzle building, drawing, or building crafts.