Personal Development Planning. Personal Development Planning (PDP) - What is it? University wants to help you do well Personal Development Planning is

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  • Personal Development Planning
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  • Personal Development Planning (PDP) - What is it? University wants to help you do well Personal Development Planning is about helping you do that - this means Helping you define your goals Helping you plan how to achieve your goals Most help the University can provide is in areas of career preparation through courses and modules i.e. help you plan your learning to help you reach your goals
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  • Calendar of year
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  • Next year - Professional and Enterprise Development module - will expect you to do work on career planning, etc as part of the module Industrial placement - experience real work and find out what is best for you Final year - encouraged to think about future and plan in final year project
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  • PDP = common-sense Encourages you to think about: Where you are What you want to do How to get there includes planning how to deal with problems that get in the way Monitor progress
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  • General PDP process What to change. (Diagnosis and goal-setting) How to change it - intermediate goals and actions defined + problem solving Change it! (Actions) Did it change? (Evaluation) A. Analyse your current situation B. Set some goals C. Plan how to achieve those goals D. Execute the plan E. Assess how far you have met those goals
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  • TOOL-SET Tool-set document provides some tools you can use to help you go through this process - not a complete exhaustive collection. You still have to do the hard part. You can use them for planning anything, but you can use them for thinking about and planning your learning while at the University
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  • Electronic copy of the tools is available at Tools are organised into groups according to how they fit into the general process They can be printed off and you can hand- write on forms or you can type in Word You will need to add extra rows and space for typing, etc You can modify them if you want - whatever helps
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  • Learning outcomes We recognise that when it comes to your learning that you do not know exactly what knowledge and skills you need to prepare you for a career in a particular area - that is what we are for So we define what knowledge and skills are needed by someone who is to qualify with a particular award The University has done this by defining a set of learning outcomes for each award and module
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  • Learning outcome = set of knowledge and abilities you should have when you complete (successfully) an award or a module The achievement of those learning outcomes become goals you can use to plan around The learning outcomes for your modules are given in the module descriptor for that module. These are available from your module leader or from