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    N O V E M B E R / 2 0 1 2 P A R T N E R S H I P S

    CIO Strategic Alliance to Discuss the Future of Technology at Pepperdine Chief Information Officer (CIO) Jonathan See is forming a CIO Strategic Technology Alliance (CIO-STA) to

    engage in discussions and decision-making on technology issues at Pepperdine. Additionally, the alliance

    will assess technology trends happening in academia and offer counsel on whether these technologies are

    appropriate for the University and its Strategic Plan.

    Representatives will be chosen from the faculty, staff, and student bodies of Pepperdine’s five schools and

    major areas. They will meet periodically throughout the year.

    “This Alliance is an opportunity for all five schools and major university areas to meet and discuss

    the future of technology at Pepperdine and how it will affect not only our students and aca-

    demia, but our workplace too.” - Jonathan See, CIO

    P E P P E R D I N E I N F O R M A T I O N T E C H N O L O G Y

    M O N T H L Y R E P O R T

    Office of CIO Presents the Benefits of a Centralized CRM Tool to the University

    Constituent relationship management (CRM) tools are used by many universities to help manage student

    recruitment efforts. Not only do these tools allow a university to tailor their communication efforts to each

    student, but they’re able to track a student’s progress throughout their college life, into graduation, and


    Centralizing a CRM tool like this at Pepperdine can present many opportunities beyond just recruitment ef-

    forts. On Tuesday, November 27, the Office of the Chief Information Officer is hosting a presentation on the

    benefits a centralized tool would bring to all schools and major areas as well as what would be involved in

    implementing this at the University.

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    Currently, the Graduate School of Business and Management, the Graduate School of Educa-

    tion and Psychology, and Seaver College are all using different CRM recruitment tools.

    “Moving to a centralized system could present cost-effective opportunities for the

    University. It can streamline our business processes so that we can focus on building

    meaningful relationships with our students from the beginning and investing contin-

    ued support throughout their experience here at Pepperdine. Thus, building a com-

    munity of passionate alumni.”

    - Jonathan See, CIO

    During the presentation on November 27, See and his team hope to work with meeting attend-

    ees to create a common vision and plan to implement a CRM solution that will give leverage to

    the Strategic Plan.

    IT Staff Fulfill Strong Leadership Roles in Enterprise Information Systems L E A D E R S H I P

    Information Technology (IT) is pleased to announce that Tim Bodden has been promoted to asso-

    ciate director of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). Over the past year, Tim has performed many

    of the duties previously assigned to the associate director of EIS. Tim’s handling of the upgrades

    clearly demonstrates his ability to manage large projects across multiple functional areas.

    Hector Ramirez has been promoted from lead PeopleSoft application developer to senior lead

    application developer. Hector will take on some of the functional responsibilities within People-

    Soft Finance in addition to his current development roles. Hector has a strong relationship with

    Finance and a history of delivering on complex and large development projects.

    Ronit Weiss and Ryan Kim have both been promoted from senior PeopleSoft application devel-

    opers to chief PeopleSoft application developers. Ronit will continue to focus on development

    with the Student and Portal areas of PeopleSoft in addition to major PeopleSoft projects. Ryan will

    continue on as the technical team lead for the PeopleSoft project.

    Sridevi Gopalakrishnan joined the EIS team as lead ERP developer on October 15th. She will pro-

    vide technical support our PeopleSoft HR, Benefit, and Payroll module. Before joining EIS, Sridevi

    has been working as a PeopleSoft technical consultant for nearly six years and during her last

    project, she helped one of their clients in financial industry going live with HCM 9.0 implementa-

    tion. She comes on board with extensive experience of supporting PeopleSoft HCM modules. EIS

    is pleased to have her on board and eager to see Sridevi’s positive contributions to the team and

    the University.

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    Eighteen IT Staff Members Recognized at Pepperdine’s Honors Event On Thursday, November 1, many Pepperdine faculty and staff were recognized for their years of

    service to the University, its students and greater community, and its mission. This year, Informa-

    tion Technology had 18 staff members who were acknowledged. Their combined time of service

    equals to 160 years! IT would not be where it is today without the dedicated individuals who make

    up this division.

    2012 Honorees:

    5-Year Honorees: Brian J. Bowen, Lance B. Coert, Enrique A. Cortez, Horacio B. De La Rosa, Rinn

    Nicole Dow, Mark R. Giglione, Peter Kain, Shu Chi Liou, Jose Munoz, Vixay Suphasiri, and

    Ronit Weiss

    10-Year Honorees: Brian M. Aasen, Raphael J. Norton, Kevin G. Phan, and Novita Y. Rogers

    20-Year Honorees: Jerry L. Hoover and Ronn A. Stinson

    25-Year Honorees: Rita Schnepp

    Remote Support Tool Better Assists Community with Technology Requests In November, IT will be introducing a new tool called the Remote

    Support Tool, which will help IT staff better support the community

    (students, faculty, and staff) with technical requests from anywhere

    across campus networks or the Internet.

    The Remote Support Tool works by utilizing a remote assistance and

    screen-sharing software that allows IT staff to reach a user where they

    need help, providing a more timely and efficient technology support service.

    Members of the community who need technology assistance will log their technical issue with

    the Pepperdine Help Desk or fill out the Technology Request Form. If the technology issue re-

    quires the use of the Remote Support Tool, the IT support staff will ask the user if they would like

    to start a remote support session. They will then be guided through simple instructions on how to

    use the Remote Support Tool.

    L E A D E R S H I P

    U P C O M I N G E V E N T S

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    Keynote Speaker Announced for Technology and Learning Faculty Conference F A C U L T Y S P O T L I G H T

    The Technology and Learning group is pleased to announce Dr. Mi-

    chelle D. Miller as keynote speaker for the 2013 Technology and Learn-

    ing Faculty Conference to be held on Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    at the West Los Angeles campus.

    Dr. Michelle D. Miller is a cognitive psychologist and professor from

    Northern Arizona University (NAU). Her academic specialties include

    working memory and memory encoding, which she has combined

    with technology-enhanced pedagogy to investigate ways to make

    teaching more effective. This journey has led her to become an estab-

    lished expert on course redesign in higher education. In 2007, Miller was

    selected as a National Center for Academic Transformation Redesign Scholar. She has conduct-

    ed workshops and consulting work on course redesign at many institutions. Aside from being a

    professor, Miller serves as co-chair to NAU’s First Year Learning Initiative and is director of its Course

    Redesign Initiatives.

    Miller published an article in Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning on the cognitive advan-

    tages of instructional technologies, followed by a review article in College Teaching that laid out

    fundamental knowledge about memory theory, applications to college teaching and predictions

    for future trends in this area. This article gained national and international exposure when it was

    the focus of a two-part series by columnist James Lang of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

    To learn more about the 2013 Technology and Learning Faculty Conference or to register, please


    Michelle D. Miller, Ph.D. Northern Arizona University

    Faculty Grant Applicants Increased from Last Year

    The deadline for the FY13 IT Grants for Faculty program closed on October 19. Last year, nine pro-