Peer Assisted Learning Programme Workshop - DkIT Peer Assisted Learning Programme Workshop PAL @ GMIT

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  • Peer Assisted Learning

    Programme Workshop

    PAL @ GMIT

    Peer Assisted Learning


    Dr. Carina Ginty

    PASS @ AIT

    Peer Assisted Student Support


    Nuala Harding

  • Part 1: About Peer Assisted Learning &

    Project Background

    Part 2: PAL Session Simulation

    Part 3: PAL/PASS Sample Research Findings

    Part 4: PAL Leadership Module & Benefits

    Information Session Format

  • About Peer Assisted Learning & Project Background

  • • Strategic Innovation Fund (SIFII), HEA

    • GMIT Led Project

    - Student Led Learning (AIT Partner)

    - Curriculum Reform (NUIG Partner)

    • First Year Experience (FYE) Plans

    • PAL Model adopted informed by Bournemouth University and University of Manchester and University of Missouri- Kansas - International Supplemental Instruction Centre.

    • PAL @ GMIT

    • PASS @ AIT

    Programme Development Background

  • • PAL/PASS at GMIT & AIT is a study

    session scheme that offers cross-year

    support between students on the same

    programme. It encourages first year

    students to support each other and learn

    co-operatively under the guidance of a

    trained student (a Leader) from the 2nd, 3rd

    or 4th years of the programme

    About PAL/PASS

  • Overall Programme Involvement

    Phase One

    January 2009

    6 Programmes

    (3 GMIT

    & 3 AIT)

    143 1st Year Students

    15 PAL Leaders

    Phase Two

    September 2009

    18 Programmes

    (12 GMIT

    & 6 AIT)

    700 1st Year Students

    45 PAL Leaders

    7 Disciplines

    Phase Three

    September 2010

    31 Programmes

    (18 GMIT

    + 1 NUIG & 12 AIT)

    1800+ 1st Year Students

    126 PAL Leaders

    (56 GMIT + 36 NUIG

    and 34 AIT)

    7 Schools/ Disciplines


    1st year, Leaders, Academic

    school team, Presidents,

    Registrars Experiences

    DVD Clips

    More Video Clips

  • Lecturing Staff Benefits

    ◆ A reduction in the number of minor requests and

    queries from first year students, as PAL Leaders can act

    as a first point of contact for „specific

    information/queries‟ on settling into college life.

    ◆ Helps students to become better prepared for their

    lectures or/and tutorials.

    ◆ Helps students to better manage their workload and

    keep up with course work and assignments distributed

    by the lecturer during the term.

    ◆ Helps students learn more effectively in a peer based


    ◆ Leaders can give regular feedback to their school

    management and lecturers at Programme Board

    Meetings or Debriefs with PAL Course School Contact.

  • Group Task:

    20 Principles of PAL/PASS


  • Simulated PAL Session

  • Short Lecture

    You are 1st years please take notes!



  • PAL Leader Techniques in


  • Research Findings 2010-2011 • 450+ 1st year Response Rate (34%)

    • Leader Focus Groups

    • Staff Feedback

    • 25 + staff PAL supervisor trained with

    International Centre of Excellence - University of Manchester

  • Q: How has PAL helped you?

    • “It helped me get a better idea of what kind of standard was expected of me.”

    • “It has helped me to adjust into college life better and given me more

    confidence in interacting with my peers.”

    • “PAL was a great experience I only wish more people had attended. PAL

    helped me to understand what was to come on the course in following years

    and I now feel more prepared for the next stages on the course.”

    • “It has helped me integrate with my class mates more in a very friendly


    • “Through pal, I was introduced to something that I might had only see them by

    next year, such as „Google Sketchup‟ .”

    Phase 1: 1st Year Experience Findings GMIT

  • Q: How has PASS helped you?

    • “The Pass class helps me to improve my English. Helping us

    to finish the assignment."

    • “Share the information, classmates know more about each

    other, have an effect on team work.”

    • “Get information on my class project. Help get idea out of my

    head. Make the class work as a team.”

    • “Get to know the class better and helped with projects.”

    • “It has helped me to get a better understanding of the course.”

    • “Helped me make friends in the class.”

    • “It has helped get a better understanding of college life from

    people who have been here longer.”

    Phase 1: 1st Year Experience Findings AIT

  • Phase 3


    “Do you think

    attending PAL

    Sessions has

    helped you to…”

  • Phase 3


    “Do you think

    attending PASS

    Sessions has

    helped you to…”

  • Introduced

    in NUIG


    “Do you think

    attending PAL

    Sessions has

    helped you…”

  • ‘helped interact with all students in the class’

    ‘working out problems’,

    ‘helped in preparing for placement’

    ‘chemistry and solving problems’.

    ‘great forum for discussing issues’

    ‘chilling out and chatting about college and our subjects’

    For a larger class group one respondent indicated:

    ‘it helped our class get to know one another better as it was a different classroom environment’

    ‘it was the first time the whole class got split off into groups and it

    made you work with people you would not have before’. ‘I really think it helps to be involved with people who have gone before

    you and it gave us a great insight into what to expect from college life’.

    First Year Student Views from GMIT

    & AIT

  • PAL Leadership Module

    Benefits to Students & Staff

  • • Action Research Project Findings led to the

    development of the Module

    • Students completed the PAL Leadership

    Module to date (2010-2011):

    – 55 GMIT Students

    – 13 AIT Studnents

    – Over 100 NUIG students completed a ‘Skills

    for Worklife module which linked the PAL


    PAL Module Development

  • New Leader Benefits

    Phase 3 (Sept. 2010) introduced:

    Leaders gaining 5ECTS credits

    PAL Leadership Module

    • PAL Leader Workshops

    Participation 30%

    • PAL Leader Practice 30%

    • PAL Leader Evaluations:

    Observation and

    Reflective Journal 40%

  • PAL Leader Benefits

    1. Complete the PAL Leadership Training

    Programme and gain 5 ECTS.

    2. Facilitate weekly PAL Sessions with 1st year

    Students in semester 1 or year long.

    3. Develop personal and professional skills

    such as leadership, time management,

    active listening, interpersonal

    communication, facilitation, and presenting.

    4. Networking opportunities with other Leaders

    in GMIT, AIT and internationally.

    5. Increase confidence

    6. Enhance Curriculum Vitae

  • Employability Skills Development

    Student Leaders GMIT

    Employability Skills Development

    Student Leaders AIT

    • Confidence

    • Communication Skills

    • Time Management

    • Speaking in front of large groups

    • Team Work

    • Guiding Students

    • Planning

    • Organising

    • Creativity

    • IT/Computer Skills

    • Coaching skills

    • Assignment work coaching outside sessions

    • Supporting students

    • Communication/Delegation

    • Team Work

    • Planning & Organising

    • Speaking to Group

    • Prior to this very nervous speaking

    • Confidence in speaking

    • Team Encouragement

  • • Design and deploy a research project… future will examine long term

    retention, academic performance and employability of PAL Leaders.

    • Faster implementation process

    • Senior management buy in – both institutes

    • Rollout & evaluation experiences shared

    • Best practice model

    • Development of a

    PAL Leadership Training Programme

    • Development of a

    PAL Tool Kit/Manual

    • Joint Public Relat