Paul Harris - Bizarre Twist & Cros Twist

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    Paul Hams The An of Asl0flfshment

    This move Instantly and vrstblv exchangesthe bottom card (which the audience benevesto be In the center) lor the actual center cardwtuch had been concealed by the top cardTfus revoluncnarv principle can also be used tovIsibly change a face-up card into a differentcard In the rcutme that follows the Bizarrernov'e IS also used for a flash change of a face-down red-backed card Into a face-down btue-backed card

    ru;BI~ RO\JTlNl;. - Before youstart. place the lWO red-backed red Aces facedown onto the back of a red deck Piece ablue-backed Ac.e of Spades onto the face ofthe deck. If you prefer. the three cards mev beremoved from your pocket as only the threecards are used

    ~T~ oNt. - Hold the deck face down anddeal the top t'NO Aces face up onto the tableTurn the pack face up and deal the Ace ofSpades face up to the left of the two tabledcards

    Your nght hand scoops up the three cardsleaving the Ace of Spades at the lace of thepacket Perform the twist sequence exactly asdescribed In the fIrst section to cause the Aceof Spades to turn face up

    ~T~ T\\I0 - Because of the manner Inwhich the Bizarre move operates. the odd blueback IS never seen Place the Ace of Spadesback at the lace of the packet and repeat thetwist sequence once aga in.

    ~Tc..p T UQ.c..c.. - Place the face-up Ace ofSpades back onto the face of the other twocards Turn your left hand palm down. Your leftfingers nO\N glide back the bottom card as yourright lingers secretly remove the second card.laying It lace down onto the table, Make surethat the two cards are squared after the glidePretend to place ttus Ieee-down card (the aud-ence believes It to be the k e of Spades)between the other IWO cards

    ~T~ FOUR - For the third and final time.perform the Bizarre move and watch your audi-ence gasp as the back of the center card VISI-bly changes color Thes blue card IS turned owerand IS shown to be the Ace of Spades You areclean The three cards can. of course. be exam-med.


    PlJoorNOK~ - This all came together In about ten min-

    utes I had "crossed" the ent ire deck, so that aface-up half was shuffled sideways Into a face-down hall. It looked like the Bizarre TWist setupbut With the whole deck I was lNOrklng on away to penetrate the two halves through eachother I was stuck So to simplify the problem Iboiled It down to the essenuats One face-upcard crossed between two face-down cards Afew popped paradigms later and there II was.

    To frame the color change. hold the threecards directly over someone's open palm Assoon as the card changes color. allolN It toslide out of the sandwich and onto the specta-tor's palm

    I now almost always use the one-hand"Crcs-I wrst" (see Index) for the entire sequence

    Instead of endIng With a color change youcan produce a spectators name In big bold let-ters across the back of the card .

    I usually Ioucw "Bizarre TWISC With"Bizarre Vamsh"" (see Index)

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