P 003 Behçet's disease with preliminary diagnosis of Reiter's syndrome

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<ul><li><p>Posters 55 s </p><p>p 001__ </p><p>Two cases of Behget's disease with Sj6gren's syndrome K. Namba 1, T. Ogawa 1, G. Inaba 2, I. Kishi 1, Y. Miyanaga 3 </p><p>We reported two cases of Behget's disease (BD) associ- ated with Sj/Sgren' s syndrome. The cases were females, aged 50 and 56. The first case manifested complete clinical BD and included B12 and DRw3 of HLA. The second case was an incomplete type BD. Both were also positively diagnosed as Sj6gren' s syndrome. While the mechanism of association of the two diseases is unclear, HLA may have played a role </p><p>in the first case. Sex hormones seemed to have suppressed the clinical manifestations of Sj6gren's syndrome till ad- vanced age in these cases. </p><p>1) Dept of Ophthalmology, Mizonokuchi Hosp., Teikyo Univ., Kawasaki, Japan 2) Dept of Internal Med., Nanasawa Hosp., Japan 3) Dept of Ophthalmology, Tokyo Women's Medical College Daini Hosp. ,Japan </p><p>P 002. </p><p>A comparison of Beh~et's disease and sarcoidosis J. Geraint </p><p>Behget's disease may be confused with sarcoidosis be- cause they are both multisystem inflammatory disorders presenting with uveitis, polyarthritis, meningitis, cardiovas- cular disease, erythema nodosum, cutaneous lesions and ab- normal chest x-rays. </p><p>Sarcoidosis is delineated by granulomatous histology, ne- gative tuberculin test, positive Kveim-Siltzbach skin test, ab- normal calcium metabolism, raised serum angiotensin-con- verting enzyme levels, bone cysts and by bronchoalveolar lavage. </p><p>Steroid therapy may prove helpful in both disorders; and cyclosporin, azathioprine, colchicine and methotrexate may be adjunct therapy in one or the other. </p><p>Both inflammatory disorders have no known cause, a possible terrain or diathesis, infective basis, particular HLA associations, immunological aberrations. </p><p>The aetiology of Behget's disease and sarcoidosis still defies our comprehension. Hopefully a careful study of the one may shed light on the activity of the other. Royal Free Hospital, London NW3 U.K. </p><p>P 003 </p><p>Beh~et's disease with preliminary diagnosis of Reiter's syndrome M. Saghafi, D. Farokh, A. Azarian </p><p>We admitted 52 patients with Behqet' s disease (BD) in last 8 years (1984-1992). The diagnosis of B D was according to O'Duffy's criteria for BD. </p><p>These patients were 29 females and 23 males, with mean age of 29 (16 to 50 years old). </p><p>There were 4 patients with preliminary diagnosis of Re- iter's syndrome (RS). The conditions which caused this pre- liminary diagnosis were: male patients (4), mono or oli- goartbritis in lower extremity (3), back pain (3), Achille's </p><p>tendinitis and/or heel pain (3), conjunctivitis (2), sacroiliitis (2), dactyl iti s (i), dysentery (1), balanitis (1) and minor aph- thous ulceration on tongue similar to tongue erosion (1). Other than these 52 patients with BD, we are following two more patients who fulfill the diagnostic criteria of both BD and RS, and we still can not decide their definite diagnosis. </p><p>More strict diagnostic criteria are required to distinguish particularly between these two diseases. </p><p>Ghaem Hospital, Mashad University - Mashad, Iran </p><p>1993_ Vol 14, Suppl 1 </p></li></ul>