Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

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presentation about how to overcome fear of public speaking


Lose the fear Get out there and speak!!!

Silvia DimitrovaElena MunteanuUniversity of Groningen

Lose The Fear!Go Ahead and Speak!!!

How To Overcome The FearWhy are we afraid of public speaking?Different methods of overcoming this fear

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RelaxPublic speaking something you learn by doingVinylartsa.com


Take ActionRehearse.and then rehearse againRetirementparty-ideas.com, presentationmagazine.com

Tape YourselfVideotape, audiotapeConstuirfuturos.tmblr.com

The PresentationTake in the audienceMake eye contactBe enthusiastic and passionate

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Whats The Worst That Could Happen?Survivaltraining.com, nursing411.org

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