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    Our business is helping YOUR business grow

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    Trade shows and other live events are a cost-effective and time-efficient way to grow your business. Nothing replaces the value of face-to-face conversations with customers and prospects while showcasing your product line up close and in person. The connections you make will last a lifetime. And, the leads you generate will produce results!

    Build brand recognition and increase product awareness in the marketplace

    Grow your pipeline trade shows are a major method for lead generation for business-to-business companies

    Connect with current customers reveal new products, up-sell and simply make sure your customers are happy with your services (dont let them turn to your competitors for client solutions)

    See a lot of distributors at one time it would take months of sales calls to see this many customers and prospects

    Talk with both salespeople and owners the hardest group to find in the office

    Network with industry colleagues to keep up on the pulse of the industry

    Reference source: The Value of Trade Shows (An exclusive industry analysis by Skyline and EXPO)

    For more information on the full suite of events, visit www.asishow.com.

    The ASI Show family of events gives you choices allowing YOU to meet with tens of thousands of highly-qualified customers

    and prospects you wont find at other industry events.

    Held in five popular trade show destinations (Orlando, Dallas, Long Beach, New York and Chicago) at strategic times of the year, these multi-day events offer you the best opportunity to generate a lot of quality leads while building national brand recognition.

    ASIs traveling show visits 40 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, allowing you to be first in many important markets. This super sales call is the most time-efficient and cost-effective way to meet about 100 distributors each day. For the first time in 2015, distributors will be able to escort their buyers on the show floor at the Roadshow.

    ASIs hosted buyer event offers you the chance to meet privately with top producers from key distributor companies at luxurious resorts. The format balances one-on-one presentations with networking programs, perfect for fostering new relationships and creating lucrative business opportunities.

    Connect for Success


    Since its inception in 1998, The ASI Show along with its family of events has grown by leaps and bounds, building a loyal following of thousands of ad specialty professionals. ASI Show events are one of the most cost-effective and productive ways to gain new business and solidify existing relationships. To support your lead generation and branding needs, we offer a full array of effective pre-show, at-show and post-show sponsorship and advertising opportunities. Our sales team is here to custom-design a program that boosts your marketing plan and fi ts your budget. We also offer the reporting tools necessary to evaluate your overall programs effectiveness post-show.


    KEEPING IT NEW AND EXCITINGEach year, a variety of new programs and features are instilled into our events. Whether it is new dates and locations for our hosted buyer event, fASIlitate or new cities, education and a hosted client element to the ASI Roadshow, we want to keep our portfolio fresh and new to continue to best serve your needs.

    In 2015, we have a number of new programs rolling out at The ASI Shows, including the new Category Showcases featured on the show fl oor. These pavilions will highlight products suited for the education, fi nancial, technology, manufacturing and health- care markets. This new, exciting component of The ASI Show will educate distributors and help them plan important clientpresentations.

    The new OASIS Meeting Center at The ASI Shows is the perfect place to have private conversations with prospects and customers. Staffed with a receptionist, you can reserve a table for both show days and schedule appointments with distributors as needed.

    ASI Show and ASI Roadshow Attendees Report


    found products and services that will meet their clients needs

    are more likely to show their clients products they found at an ASI event

    found new products they were not aware of prior to attending

    found products and services that allowed them to expand into new markets

    met new suppliers they are now working with

    requested a price quote while at the show

    Start off the day with an invigorating yoga class exclusively for show attendees

    Explore adventures of exciting nature in the cities the ASI Show visits

    Spend an evening sampling martinis, craft beer or wine with other show-goers at a local hotspot

    Meet new industry friends over a fun dinner at a popular restaurant

    Get your dose of adrenaline by participating in a fun 5K with fellow running enthusiasts

    The new ASI Show clubs are the perfect sponsorship opportunity and way to meet new people.

    Over the next few pages, you will see whats new at each of the 2015 ASI Show events

  • The ASI Show prides itself on attracting reputable distributors to all of our events for your benefit! We invest a great deal of time and resources to make sure you get a strong return on your investment.

    Best-in-class education each day on the hottest topics affecting the industry

    In-depth keynote presentations from some of the worlds leading business minds

    Interactive networking events conducive for relationship building

    Passport to Winnings connecting suppliers and distributors (plus, offering $1,000s in prizes)

    Shipping of catalogs and samples back to distributors offices

    The ASI Show also custom-designs meeting packages for larger distributor firms. Since we support the meeting needs of leading distributorships, they are able to bring their entire sales teams to the show giving you the opportunity to spend time with their top performers.

    In 2014, we introduced The ASI Show Platinum Program, designed to attract those distributors who are most involved in product sourcing for their company (the salespeople you want to see most!). Encompassing 5,400 members, the Platinum Program offers participants amazing benefits that make attending easy.

    We continue to work closely with the ad specialty regional associations by offering numerous programs that will support their membership-acquisition efforts and boost their exposure within the industry.

    Call Karen Ditomasso at 215-953-3768 to learn more about The ASI Show family of events.

    To guarantee we deliver the most robust event possible, we recently surveyed the industry. As a result, the 2015 schedule features more four-day weeks, new cities, and new education topics to attract quality distributors.

    Additionally, in 2015, distributors will be able to escort their buyers on the show floor, turning the ASI Roadshow into the 'ultimate sales call.

    Call Karen DiTomasso at 215-953-3768 to learn more about The ASI Show family of events.

    Quickly becoming the premier hosted buyer event in the industry, each fASIlitate features over 30 different top sales producers, allowing you to connect and build relationships with a unique group of customers and prospects. Distributors who are invited to participate must be million-dollar decision- makers from key distributor companies with a good credit score.

    Quality and Quantity...

    Connect for Success

  • Grab the attention of thousands of distributors by sponsoring these great events!

    As the first ASI Show of the year, Orlando is the launching ground for new products. Featuring many new programs, including 50 new education workshops and a variety of new speakers, distributors from across the U.S. and beyond are choosing The ASI Show Orlando as their first-quarter show of choice. In fact, Top 40 distributor American Solutions for Business will be bringing more than 400 salespeople!

    Companies that held meetings in 2014

    AIA Corporation, asi/109480

    A I Mastermind, asi/522700

    American Solutions for Business, asi/120075

    Brown & Bigelow, asi/148500

    EmbroidMe, asi/384000

    Geiger, asi/202900

    Goldner Associates, asi/209800

    HALO Branded Solutions, asi/356000

    iPROMOTEu, asi/232119

    Junior Davis, asi/176197

    Newton Mfg., asi/283300

    Proforma, asi/300094

    Proforma Albrecht, asi/116308

    Safeguard Business Systems, asi/316203

    The Vernon Company, asi/351700

    WorkflowOne/Standard Register, asi/333647

    More than 25 companies are signed for 2015!

    5,608 distributor attendees from 2,154 unique companies

    7.1 attendee-to-exhibitor company ratio (787 exhibitors)

    953 attendees from 18 of the Top 20 companies

    89% of attendees are buyers 1,833 salespeople and 3,127 owners/sales managers*

    33% are first-time attendees to The ASI Show Orlando

    Attending companies represent $3.8 billion in industry sales

    *Most sales managers and owners are actively selling ad specialty projects

    Delivering quantity and quality

    The shows been robust and busy! Weve got 30-plus people working. ASI Orlando is the start of the new sales season.

    Dave Saracino, BIC Graphic USA, asi/40480

    Harry Potter Diagon AlleyCo-sponsored by Ad Bands, asi/34345; Buztronics Inc., asi/42963 and Cooler Graphics Ltd, asi/80345

    Monday, January 5 7 p.m.-10 p.m. Exclusive