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Our Birthdays. by Lam Wing See. Months of Years. January. February. March. April. May. June. July. August. August. September. October. November. December. February. fir st. seco nd. thi rd. for th. fif th. six th. seven th. eigh th. nin th. ten th. eleven th. twelf th. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Our Birthdays

  • Our Birthdaysby Lam Wing See

  • Months of Years

  • January

  • February

  • March

  • April

  • May

  • June

  • July

  • AugustAugust

  • September

  • October

  • November

  • December

  • February2003firstsecondthirdforthfifthsixthseventheighthninthtentheleventhtwelfththirteenthfourteenthfifteenthsixteenthseventeentheighteenthnineteenthtwentiethtwenty-firsttwenty-secondtwenty-thirdtwenty-fourthtwenty-fifthtwenty-sixthtwenty-seventhtwenty-eighth


  • More about date29twenty-ninth30thirtieth 31thirty-first

  • Activity: Date arrangementRevise the date and say aloud.Distribute the date work cards to students.Ask students to re-arrange the work cards.Check the order.Say after the teacher.1st2nd29th

  • Hello Kitty is talking with her friends. They are Duck, Monkey, the Dog, the Frog and other animals.

  • They are talking about their birthdays.Whose birthday is the first? Whose?Answer

  • the Monkey (1991)

    Real name: Monkichi Birthday: 13th January, 1991 Birthplace: Japan

    Good at: He has the world's record for banana speed-eating.

  • the Dog (1989)

    Real name: Pochacco Birthday: 29th February , 1989 (a leap year) Hobbies: He likes eating banana ice-cream

  • the Fish (1984)

    Real name: Hangyodon Birthday: 14th March, 1984 Hobbies: He likes making others laugh.

  • XO (1993)

    Real name: Badtz-Maru Birthday: 1st April , 1993 Hobbies: His hobby is collecting pictures of movie stars

  • Dear Daniel (1999 )

    Real name: Daniel Star Birthday: 3rd May , 1999 Birthplace: England

    Good at: dancing and playing the piano

  • the Rabbit (1982 )

    Real name: Cheery Chums Birthday: 12th June , 1982 Hobbies: she loves to bake cookies and cakes. She likes playing too.

  • the Frog (1987 )

    Real name: Keroppi Birthday: 10th July, 1987 Hobbies: He likes swimming and singing.

  • the Bird (1991)

    Real name: Patapata Peppy Birthday: 26th August, 1991 Hobbies: She likes talking.

  • the Duck (1995 )

    Real name: Kamo Birthday: 24th September, 1995 Hobbies: He likes swimming in the ocean.

  • the Bear (1990)

    Real name: Sugar cream Puff Birthday: 5th October, 1990 Hobbies: She likes to collect ribbons and dress up.

  • Hello Kitty (1974 )

    Real name: Hello Kitty Birthday: 1st November, 1974

    Weight: same as 3 apples Likes: Small, cute things. Candy, stars, goldfish, etc.

  • Little Twin Stars (1975)

    Real name: Kiki, Lala

    Birthday: 24th December, 1975 (They are twins!) Favorite seasons: Kiki likes spring and summer best. Lala likes fall and winter best.

  • 13th January1st November5th October24th December1st April3rd May12th June26th August14th March29th February24th September10th JulyWhose birthday is the first? ______s birthay is in.

  • SummarySay the date and the months.January, February,1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th,Whose birthday is in?_________s birthday is in

  • Plan of Bobbys birthday party Whose birthday is in March? Bobbys birthday is in March.

    He is going to have a birthday party. Plan what we can buy to Bobby. Work in groups of four. You have 100 dollars. Complete the worksheet and talk with your classmates.

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  • Foodfast food