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<ul><li><p>7/27/2019 Orwas Newsletter June,July 2013</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Being a kid is hard. Its hard in any country you are</p><p>in, but especially difficult in a third world country.</p><p>The pressures and responsibilities of kids here are</p><p>vastly different than those of the majority of kids in</p><p>the US.</p><p>Here, from a very young age, kids are expected to</p><p>help in their household. Its common to see a five</p><p>year old carrying around their six month old sibling</p><p>and taking care of them while their parents work. A</p><p>child as young as two or three may walk long</p><p>distances to collect water for their family. An eight</p><p>year old may start the fire and cook morning tea and</p><p>porridge for the family and cook rice and beans in</p><p>the evening Teenagers often work to help support</p><p>FAMILY: Greetings from the Orwas </p><p>Prayer Requests: We are in great need of a</p><p>car for both ministry and</p><p>our family use. So far we</p><p>have raised about 25% of</p><p>what we need.</p><p> For God to work</p><p>through the medical</p><p>outreach camp in Kenya.</p><p>Also for patience and</p><p>flexibility as Eli goes with</p><p>us, that he does well</p><p>when out of his routine. For the leaders of Africa</p><p>Harvest of Hope, Alan</p><p>and Shannon Reed as</p><p>they raise funds for the</p><p>orphanage stateside.</p><p> Preparations for the</p><p>upcoming weekend youth</p><p>camp.</p><p> For favor as we search</p><p>for the land for the</p><p>orphanage.</p><p>Praise Report:</p><p> Our support was up</p><p>last month and we</p><p>were able to set</p><p>aside funds for</p><p>basic lab</p><p>equipment!</p><p> Great fellowship</p><p>and growth with</p><p>the congregation at</p><p>Yesu Anaweza</p><p> Good health for all</p><p>of us.</p><p>Ministry Opportunity We are excited to be going to</p><p>Kenya in the beginning of August.</p><p>Even while God has us in</p><p>Tanzania, we still look for</p><p>opportunities to serve in Kenya,</p><p>Georges home country. Th is</p><p>time, we will be helping in a</p><p>medical camp set up in a rural</p><p>area, serving those who may not</p><p>have the resources to seek</p><p>Let no one despise or think less of you because of your youth, but be an example for believers in</p><p>speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. 1 Timothy 4:12</p><p>June/July 2013</p><p>Our neighbor, Glory, age 7, with her little brother,</p><p>Joshua.</p><p>THE O RWA chr oni cles </p><p>their families needs.</p><p>The most pressing need for familys is school fees.</p><p>School is not free and if you dont have the money</p><p>to pay, you dont go to school. If you dont go to</p><p>school, your chances of finding a job are very slim.</p><p>Schools can cost as little as $100 per year, but that is</p><p>often way more than a family can afford. Most</p><p>barely make enough for food. So imagine being</p><p>faced with the stress of sending five kids to school.</p><p>The kids feel the stress as much as the parents do.</p><p>We recognize how hard life is here for the youth.</p><p>We also realize they need help to get through it all.</p><p>Most of all they need the Lord. So, in an effort to</p><p>reach out to these kids, well be hosting a weekend</p><p>youth camp the last weekend in August. The kids</p><p>will come Friday to Sunday. Well give them food,</p><p>lodging, good fellowship and lots of time for Bible</p><p>Study and times of prayer and worship.</p><p>Our desire is that they meet Jesus that weekend and</p><p>commit to a life that honors him and makes a</p><p>difference in their house and communities. Life is</p><p>hard, but its so much better with God. Pray for us</p><p>as we prepare for this weekend. Ask God to use us</p><p>and speak to their precious hearts.</p><p>Love,</p><p>The Orwas</p><p>medical attention.</p><p>We met the leader of the</p><p>ministry last year after being</p><p>connected by mutual friends</p><p>from the US. He and the team</p><p>coming are from Southern</p><p>California. They have done this</p><p>before and expect to see over</p><p>1500 people.</p><p>Not only will those peoplereceive the medical help they</p><p>need, they will also get a chance</p><p>to hear the gospel as well. This</p><p>type of ministry is right up our</p><p>alley and we are honored to</p><p>help them out. George will be</p><p>working as the lab technologist</p><p>and I will help out as much as I</p><p>can while looking after Eli.</p></li><li><p>7/27/2019 Orwas Newsletter June,July 2013</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Check out our blog for stories, photos and prayer requests.</p><p>We update it frequently to keep you involved:www.thisisstaciesblog.blogspot.com.</p><p>P.O.BOX 8893</p><p>MOSHI, TANZANIA</p><p>Tel: +255714200660</p><p>+255659140159</p><p>George, Stacie &amp; Eli Orwa</p><p>FellowshipThings are going well at Yesu</p><p>Anaweza. Georges discipleship class</p><p>is going great. They are almost</p><p>finished with the book of James.</p><p>Stacies womens group is going strong</p><p>as the ladies are learning to open up.</p><p>Its also important to us to help out</p><p>with the physical needs of the people</p><p>around us. As our monthly support</p><p>grows, we are able to do that more</p><p>and more. We have been able to do</p><p>home visitations and leave them with a</p><p>small gift. Next week we are going to</p><p>the home of a widow and will be able</p><p>to bring her a basket of food and</p><p>supplies. We have also been able to</p><p>assist with school fees and other small</p><p>Reaching Out</p><p>Eli making new friends at a home</p><p>visit.</p><p>needs that come up.</p><p>This coming Sunday, we are hosting a</p><p>tea fellowship following the church</p><p>service. We want the congregation</p><p>to stay and spend time talking with</p><p>each other and growing as brothers</p><p>and sisters in Christ.</p><p>All of this we wouldnt be able to do</p><p>without those in the US who pray for</p><p>us and financially support us. Thank</p><p>you for being a part of Gods ministry</p><p>here. We are so blessed by you all</p><p>and many here are blessed by you as</p><p>well.</p><p>God Bless you!</p><p>George and Stacie Orwa work with Africa</p><p>Harvest of Hope and are sent by Rancho</p><p>del Rey Church. They have to raise</p><p>100% of the funds to support their</p><p>work. If you feel called to join their</p><p>financial support team, tax deductible</p><p>monthly or one time donations can be</p><p>sent to:</p><p>Rancho del Rey Church</p><p>5651 Palmer Way Suite C</p><p>Carlsbad, CA 92010</p><p>Or online at www.ranchodelreychurch.org</p><p>Be sure to note their name in the memo line.</p></li></ul>