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ORGANIZING A SCHOOL LOCKER. What do dirty/unorganized lockers lead to?

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Text of ORGANIZING A SCHOOL LOCKER. What do dirty/unorganized lockers lead to?


  • What do dirty/unorganized lockers lead to?...



    or will they?

  • NoReallyYou will lose important work.You wont find what you need in time.Leads to unexcused tardies and possible referrals!You may lose books.They cost money if not found.Grades may go down b/c you dont have the book.


  • + Positives +More time at passing periods!YAY! BATHROOM BREAKS!!!NO TARDIES!!!!! Easy to find class materials!Teacher is not disappointed.I am READY TO ROCK!Better chance of bringing home what you need.No more excuseTHE LOCKER ATE IT!

  • +Positives+ contIm sick!!! Mom/Dad/etc.can you get this from my locker?If someone needs to get it for you, they can find it EASILY!You wont have to wait to get work done, & it wouldnt pile up.

  • CONSIDER THISDoes it work for me?Will you keep up with it?Does it look nice, but its not functional?Will I find everything easily?The system doesnt work!No time to fix it later.Is this something I like??If not, chances are you wont keep up with it.For exampleMrs. Merk likes COLORS!!!!

  • DO WE ALL DO THE SAME THING?Not necessarilyFind your own system, but keep to guidelines.


  • An Empty Locker is NO GOOD!Dont give up!! & Dont live in your locker!!

  • Use the shelf in your locker.

  • TOP SHELF IDEASTry to use it for little itemsFoldersBackpackBike helmetGym shoes LunchExtra school suppliesThings you dont need very often

  • HooksBe sure to hang items that can be hung up.Back PacksCoatsScarvesSweatshirtsExtra BagsAvoid Clutter, Bring Extras Home

  • Stand your books upright (not stacked) with their spines out, to see the titles and grab the book you need quickly.

  • LOCKER TIPSHave all your books, binders, folders, etc. facing the same way!Put Morning stuff on one shelf, Afternoon stuff on another.LABEL: A / B, Morning / Afternoon, Before / After Lunch.PUT THINGS BACK WHERE YOU GOT THEM WHEN YOU RETURN!

  • COLOR CODINGBy Subject Area!Keep the colors together in your locker.Good Example: MATH = YELLOW SCIENCE = GREENMake your colors different so you dont mistakenly take the wrong stuff.Bad Example:MATH = LIGHT GREEN SCIENCE= DARK GREENA math book wont help you in science!

  • Use a notebook or binder (or section) for each class. Color-code these binders with notebooks and book covers so that everything related to a particular class is the same color. BIG OL BINDER!!! = BOB!!!

  • BINDERHave a special folder for each class, maybe even special folders for homework!LABEL yourBooks (if you have a book cover)FoldersNotebooks USE COLORS!!!!

  • CLEAN YOUR BINDERAhhh, so nice and easy to use!


  • Save space and keep everything accessible by adding mirrors, pencil cups, clocks and picture frames. Many have magnetic attachments.

  • Try not to leave valuables in your locker --cash, digital cameras or MP3 players, cell phones;. Better yet, leave them at home.

  • EVER EVER EVERGive out your locker combination!!!It is only OKAY when you give it to a:ParentTeacherCustodian

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