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“Operation Wildlife Protection”. A PRR Service Learning Project. We’ve been learning about wildlife!. For over two months we’ve been learning about wildlife, in our backyards, in Missouri, and in other parts of the world. How did get our information?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Operation Wildlife

Operation Wildlife ProtectionA PRR Service Learning Project

Weve been learning about wildlife!For over two months weve been learning about wildlife, in our backyards, in Missouri, and in other parts of the world.

How did get our information?Lets see as group if you can names any of the 9 sources where PRR got information about wildlife in AM or PM PRR:1. Xplore Magazine wildlife magazine by the Mo. Dept of Conservation2. Guest Speaker Mr. Matthew from the Audubon Center bald eagle expert3. Guest Speaker Miss Ashley from the Endangered Wolf Center4. Guest Speaker Miss Casey from the Wildlife Rescue Center animal medical care and backyard wildlife expert5. Field Trip to Columbia Bottoms to learn about Misouri wildlife from Miss Nicki Naturalist for Mo. Dept. of Conservation6. Watching eagle webcams about Larry and Lucy and Einstein and Elsie.7. Reading library books about animals8. Watching the Born to Be Wild dvd about baby orphaned African elephants and baby Orangutans9. Scholastic News Online various animal stories

New Vocabulary WordsWe learned about some new words that relate to wildlife. Which words can you summarize their meaning?WildlifeHabitatEco-systemExtinctEndangeredConservationPopulation and Community

OrphanFood ChainDDTEagletLife CycleSurvivalPreyMigrationMammalAmphibianReptile

Think About It:Wildlifes SurvivalWhat conclusions can we make aboutproblems wildlife face in trying to survive? How can we as citizens of Missouri help wildlife?How can we help others learn about problems Missouri wildlife faces?Why should we help Missouri wildlife?

Service LearningThe Big IdeaThe Big Idea in service learning is to:1. Identify a big problem in our world2. Learn about the problem3. Think about ways to help solve the problem4. Take action and work as a group to help solve the problem

One Idea!What if PRR wrote and published a book about Wildlife Protection to share with our families, friends, teachers and classmates?What are some ideas we could include in the Operation Wildlife Protection Book?How might this book help wildlife in Missouri?

Operation WildlifeWe Need Everyones HelpIf PRR was to write and publish a book about protecting wildlife in Missouri and the World, everyone in PRR could help make a page for the book. Some PRR kids might make more than one page!

Here is a sample of what a page might look like:

1-2-3-4 Plan for this page:1. a picture of the animal photo from a website or a drawing by the student2. some facts about the animal3. how humans can protect this animal4. Sources where you got your information

Now its Your Turn!1. Choose a wildlife animal to create a page about for our book2. Research about this animal: use library books, wildlife magazines, and educational websites to get information and interesting facts3. Choose a photo or create a drawing of your animal4. Make a sloppy copy of your wildlife page5. Go to the Computer Lab and create your wildlife page on the computer

We Can Publish our Book Pagesin Power Point!1. Open a new Power Point2. Choose a layout for the page3. Orientate the book page Landscape or Portrait we all must do this the same way for the group book!4. Insert animal photos, drawings, your writing about your animal5. Save your file6. Let you PRR teacher make a copy of your file on the PRR Flash Drive

After PRRs Operation Wildlife Book is Published..Who could you show this book to to teach others about wildlife once it is printed?

PRRs Operation Wildlife BookWhat is the Big Idea of this PRRs Operation Wildlife book?Just think, after people read our book about protecting wildlife in Missouri and the World, PRRs work might influence others to protect wildlife too! Think how many animals this will save, many even from become extinct!! Remember the Red Wolf!! They still live today!!