Online Hiring: To Tweet or not to Tweet

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Online Hiring: To Tweet or not to Tweet

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  • Online Hiring: To Tweet or not to Tweet

    Inside a not-so- distant past, social media marketing was a reducing edge recruitment device for

    employing manager jobs in only a few selected organisations; today, it's mainstream. From an

    experimental initiative to being at the peripheral part of a recruitment technique, it's come a lengthy

    way. Actually, social media marketing is gradually beginning to be identified being an integral element of

    the well -laid, wide and concrete recruitment planning throughout all industries and business territories.

    This shift in company operation and recruitment technique is obvious and almost inescapable.

    British Telecomm for instance, has driven recruitments via conventional recruitme nt tools previously but

    from an business standpoint there continues to be a huge shift to recruiting through social media now,

    admits a British Telecomm spokesperson. The shift continues to be because of the rise of social media

    marketing like a reliable, authentic and cost efficient device, he states.

    Also, the recognition stems from some other factors. Social media marketing permits you to display

    pictures, present movies to simulate the work setting and job interview present employees about what

    is great about working for a given organisation.

    Curiously, the trend is catching up quick in Singapore. How helpful or distracting is social media

    marketing is for task search?

    Social media like a tool for hiring

    Noteworthy, numerous organisations like BT have already started to make their existence felt by means

    of an aggressive and ongoing thrust on large and popular social networking sites and few smaller sized

    but more focused sites. One well-liked trend would be to publish executive jobs on a company blog with

    a link to the companys Facebook and LinkedIn pages. The key, HR pundits, outline is not to limit to one

    network. Efficient networking, they say, is about networking the networks. This allows organisations the

    chance to plant content seeds inside these sites to attract applicants throughout communities and

    provides recruiters a platform to target pools of possible talent with higher precision.

    New equipment vs . old types

    Undoubtedly, HR should understand that in favour of a rigid social media diet plan, one cannot simply

    ignore or eliminate another current recruitment channels. The much more prudent way for employing

    managers to go forward would be to evaluate results with other recruitment methods based on issues

    like viable candidates, response rates and quality of potential candidates. In the finish with the day,

    social media and conventional recruitment tools are not mutually exclusive as they do complement one

    another well. Evidently, social media recruitment holds great benefit versus cost benefits for many

    employers. This is the case especially with high quantity recruitment exactly where preliminary setup

    costs can be spread so as to make individual hires extremely cost efficient. YouTube and iPhone

  • applications are amongst these new opportunities no doubt.

    Nevertheless, it is essential to notice that there will usually be considered a role for recruitment

    intermediaries and staffing companions. Recruiting by way of social media marketing may only a ssist

    organisations steer clear of an over-reliance on 3rd party companies from both an overall service and

    candidate engagement point of view. But then one has to also remember that frequently recruitment

    companies are good at weeding out very poor candidates. Furthermore, social media allows

    organisations to regularly project its employment brand whilst also accessing particular talent segments

    on a a lot more targeted basis.