To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Using Social Media Well.

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  • To Tweet or Not to Tweet:Using Social Media Well

  • AgendaPolicyOur StrategyBest Practices Case Examples Twitter 101Measuring SuccessSticky Situations

  • How UNMC PR Does It Typically post once or twice a day Vary our posts w/ links, photos, video and Qs Mix it up w/ different times of day/weekends Put ourselves in their shoes

  • Social Media is a Lot like a Bar Everybody knows your name Administrators are the bartenders Nobody really likes Cliff Clavin People shouldnt just walk in and start talking about themselves

  • There Are No RulesJust the Bes Be Transparent Be Relevant Be Timely Be Brief

  • Dos and Donts Dont be a brand on a soapbox. Do listen and respond to both positive and negative comments Dont censor people unless absolutely necessary Do get to know your audience Do ask for feedback Dont forget to update frequently Do bring a personality and a voice

  • OK, So There is One Rule: 70/20/10 70% of your content should not be about you at all it should be about information that is of real value, interest or use to your audience. It could be articles from a magazine that are not about you, but are just important to your audience. 20% should just be interacting back and forth conversation about anything. Its showing that you are actually a human being behind your account. About 10% can be hard-core promotional.

  • Twitter 101 Twitter handle: Your name and it is how people tag you. @unmc is our Twitter handle. Tagging lets you identify and reference people in photos, videos and notes, by including their handle in a tweet. @replies (also known as mentions) Use an at sign (@) in front of a Twitter handle to reply to someone, to refer to them, or direct a new message to somebody. Retweeting (RT) is the act of sharing someone elses tweet with your followers spreading the word wider. Include RT before you retweet a quoted tweet to indicate a retweet.

  • Twitter 102 Hashtags (#) are used to organize and categorize your information and group it with other peoples tweets. For example: new chapbook skittling and fiddling is available online today! #poetry. URL Shorteners (such as or tinyurl) are used to overcome the 140 character limit of each tweet. To use a shortener, go to their site, paste your URL in a box, click shorten, and paste the shorter URL in your tweet.

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  • A Warning!Social media is a process, not a project; once you start you will have to keep doing it, forever SM compliments your overall communication strategy its just another channel If you want to talk about yourself, use your website; if you want to talk to someone else, use social media!

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