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2. Which South LA do you see?
Barefoot woman arrested after taking stolen tow truck on high-speed chase
Second gunman convicted in 49th Street Massacre in South Los Angeles
New boxing gym works to keep kids off the street
South LA's hidden marketplace: Mercado La Paloma
Flickr: valli_mark
3. I cant go to there without learning something new about the community I grew up in Lifelong resident
4. Why OnCentral and South LA?
OnCentralreaches community leaders and residents who care about building the future of South Los Angeles a changing population thats growing, diverse, younger. This community is demanding better coverage.

Source: Pew Research Center
Our coverage area
5. Telling stories..
6. with the community
We believe the community knows their story better than we do.
Every story can be changed and edited. Every change is checked by an editor.
Think Wikipedia but moderated and edited.
7. Full, stories, too.
Some community members have the time to write full stories and columns for us.
We allow them to do that, and we offer training to groups, classes and anyone else who wants to learn how to participate in journalism.
8. Whats happening near you
One of the first things we heard from the community is that they dont know whats going on three blocks away.
So we made a map of all of our stories, so they can see where stories take place.
9. What next?
Data and directories
10. Join Our Supporters
Jan Perry
Vivian Bowers
Business owner and president of business association
Jorge Nuno
Activist and life-long
Executive director
All Peoples Christian Center