On the road in Africa: Capetown to Cairo What does “On the road” make you think this article is about? What do you think about when you think about Africa?

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  • On the road in Africa: Capetown to Cairo What does On the road make you think this article is about? What do you think about when you think about Africa? Animals and nature Politics Tourist attractions
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  • Each year, thousands of young travellers (17) the call of the wild and go to Africa. (36%) A. answer B. regard C. notice D. recognise the call of the wild is an expression referring to the attraction people have for nature. What do you do when someone/something calls you? A. answer
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  • They come (18) with rhinos in game parks, buy ridiculously large wood carvings (49%) A. neck-and-neck B. close by C. at arms length D. face to face If its a close race, you can say the racers are neck and neck. You cannot come close by with something. You keep something at arms length if you dont want to get too close. You come face-to-face if you meet something up close. D. face-to-face.
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  • and catch exotic diseases that (19) them for the rest of their lives. (55%) A. destroy B. affect C. sicken D. shock A disease may kill you, but it wont destroy you. A disease can affect you for a long time, even if you arent sick all the time. People probably arent sick for the rest of their lives. Shock? B. affect
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  • Australian travel writer Peter Moore has finally succumbed (20) the call of Africa (36%) A. by B. with C. to D. into Only one preposition can follow succumb. C. to
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  • and is aiming (21) from Cape Town in South Africa to Cairo in Egypt. (81%) A. travelling B. to travel C. the travel D. by travelling You aim at something. You aim to do something. B. to travel
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  • Its a journey that many (22) but few finish. (59%) A. hope for B. attempt C. set out D. proceed. The idea that few finish implies that many try it. In other words, many attempt it. You would have to say set out on the journey Proceed? B. attempt
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  • The dangers of disease, corruption and civil war (23) Africa an extremely difficult and dangerous continent (63%) A. mean B. cause C. threaten D. make The dangers... mean that Africa is difficult... The dangers cause Africa to be difficult... Threaten? The dangers make Africa difficult D. make
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  • political tensions are at a flashpoint in most countries (24). (31%) A. nearby B. in the region C. of the area D. in this part Nearby what? Theres no specific country to be the point of origin. One option sounds better given the political context of the sentence Youd have to say in this part of the world. B. in the region
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  • corrupt presidents are desperately clinging (25). (28%) A. in power B. the power C. by power D. to power To cling means to hold onto something. D. to power
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  • Then theres (26) possibility of being attacked by a hippo or (11%) A. the very real B. a present C. always D. worrying We are trying to say that theres a very big/strong possibility of being attacked. The answer is an expression that may not sound grammatically correct to you. Youd have to say always the possibility. A. the very real
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  • In Ethiopia and Sudan, border guards make the act of simply getting into the countries an adventure (27). (15%) A. in itself B. by yourself C. alone D. with luck You use this expression when something is considered without other related ideas or situations. What situations would you normally associate with adventure in Africa -safaris, visiting the pyramids, etc. A. in itself
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  • Cape Town is (28) in the world (90%) A. one of the most beautiful cities B. a beautiful city C. the beautiful D. among the beautiful cities There are many beautiful cities and Cape Town is one of them. A. one of the most beautiful cities
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  • Travellers come to splendid Lake Malawi (29) to stay for days, but they remain for weeks (58%) A. wish B. hoped C. who say D. intending In other words, when they come, they are planning to stay for days, but they later change their mind. D. intending
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  • The old stone town of Zanzibar has changed little (30) medieval times. (52%) A. after B. during C. since D. before The present perfect implies that the town has not changed right up until now. C. since
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  • In Kenya, visitors have (31) to get close to the animals in its famous games parks. (62%) A. opportunity B. the novelty C. the opportunity D. a novelty Getting close to these animals is a good chance. You need an article with a countable noun. C. the opportunity
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  • The pyramids in Egypt are (32) wonder of the world and a (33) finish to a long and eventful trip (60%) A. the B. another C. one D. the other The passage has mentioned many wonders of the world in Africa. B. another
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  • The pyramids in Egypt are (32) wonder of the world and a (33) finish to a long and eventful trip (36%) A. high B. better C. final D. fitting High finish? Better than what? Final finish is redundant We are saying that they are a suitable finish. D. fitting finish