Olympus CH2 System Microscopes (CHD, CHS & CHT) brochure

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Text of Olympus CH2 System Microscopes (CHD, CHS & CHT) brochure

  • G H ~ SERIES System Microscopes 1

  • Olympus LB Series Objectives. Outstanding Brightness and Superb Resolution l3pand Your Powers of Observation to the Periphery of the Field.

  • A wkte Mety of LB Sevies Ob~ectlrnes include the ED Ach rOr performance plus economy The ED Ach ob)ectives, specially devebped for the CH2 Series micro- -, feature superior performance, )et are designed with econrmy

    I in mind. The CH2 Series is ako available with D Ach and D Plan Objediw$ abJectives for uncovered specimens, and others to suit many applications.

    Newlyequipped LB Series Objectks brlng the Iatest a d w m s in optical technoIogy cl- into view. I. H W Rrwdutkr, ResoMng V r , the reciprocal of mdution, refers to the minimum distance at which t v a small particles under the lens can be dis tinguished from each ather. This distance is shorter using LB Series cbje&w than for most avail& lenses. The result is a much sharper image with more clearly defined specimen details.

    High &utlon alone doesn"t necessarily g u a m a clear image; contrast must also be high in order for the knage to be crisp The LB Series ab)edives qMmize contrast by eliminating flare and other f a m that can effect clarity, giving you a consistently superior Image. blmQmvsdfkldRIltnebs Wlth some microsoopes, aberrations h field curvature can aduem influence the qualHy of the image. But the LB Series objectives, incluck ing the Achromatic, compemte lor curvature and ensure a maximally

    I clear image. 4 m V k w l n g w 7b mab the most of the LB Series potential, both the cdlector and the condenser use highly efficient aspherlcal lenses. Thls ensures uniformly brigM ilkrmination to the perimeter of the viewing field. I LmdrVkrF*LI The Otympus CWHKlOX eyepieces considerabty widen the viewing field, to an impressive field number of 18, increasing obseNatNatm efficiency. And by using the optional WHKlOX eyepieces, the viewing field can be further extended to a field number 20. \

    I The HSxm F.N.ia, the P loxW F.N.13, and tthe Pl5XlE (F.N.IO) eyepieces am &ty.ava~sbla for uae with ma#cular observaflOn tubes.

  • Down to the Most Minute Details, Olympus Pays Special Attention to User Needs, for Unparalleled Ease of Operation.

    Keegdng in mind vanrWs types af mictusape rn- and user ammkmce, Oiymps cks@ne~s plhnned the CH2 Series fo be both simpler and sdder &) use, so that evwn beginners can m& @'mum use of its multiipce a-

    Mloruneter reticles bnodd OCM) attachable

    I Uke all highgrade Olympus rnbmcqm, the CH2 alien quadruple revOMng m=Pi=e equipped a h

    CHBW5W--m ban bearings for Mgher precision, improved dura-

    This tube has a rliop2er ring on one side M I I ~ ~ . and operational ease. to facilttate compensatbn for eye acuity. Graduated interpupillarydlstance adjustment frwn 53 to 72mm. This feature is particularly ~~ during gmp obsenration for e&catlonat purposes, since each user can manorb his individual opQimum distance for more rapid interprpillaydlstance setting. Momover, a special Olymllus coating process reduces ltgM loas, delivering clear, bright images. The CH2 Series Is also avail- able with a monocular observation tube modelCHM045W.

    Plain Stage Wldbstage* 1 2 4 0 X 153(L)ffBll

    Abbe Condenser N A 125 Wl~perture diaphragm

    The coaxial controls on this stage are positioned Wbor easy maneuverability. MorerrJer, it is equipped wlth ball bearings for smoother operation. Model CH-MVL ~~ cantrols) Is also availMe. Model WS213E

  • Binocular Tube Interpupiltawiistance adjustment range: 59721m Eye acuity ccmpemt'W

    -Fowsing- Mechanical St- The caarseedjustment knob has a builtin In o&r to prevent collisions between objec-

    low m ~ornrals control to increase or decrease the tension tam and specimen the to accidental stage Sir* 7 8 0 x SOOmm of the focusing knob simply by rotating the movement, the CH2 Series microscopes

    adjustment ring. The finedjustment works have a lever that prenrents the stage fmn cn/er the entire coarse-focusing range, allcnnc moving beyond a safe limit once the ing quick, accurate focusing at any position. spechnen is focused Moremr, when Wac-

    ing specimens, only fine focus adjustments are necessary with the stage at its upper limit.

    L Coarse Mjustment Knob

    / ~aarsemm aa~lstment

    Ponrer Cord Detachable pcvver cord for e#Lremnimncewhen storing.

    CH2- Fkld Irk (optional) Thii attachment is designed to offer M l e r illumination and condsts of a diaphragm frame and an auxiliary lens. The CH2-FS reduces superfluws l i i to deliver images with sharper contrast.

    CH2-CD Abbe Cardecwer The CH2CD makes efficbnt use of the existing ligM to create the best illumination. depending on the objective in we. The result is unfailingly clear, sharp images. The NA. 1.25 immersiontype condenser with an ifis diaphragm t a b the filter holder model CHBFH.

    Variable light Contml

    A rotating contrd permits

    cMnlnual adjustment of brlgMnegs. The bulltin scale pmvl4es repeatablllty bx extra ~onvenbrce during Photm~cwraphy.

    CW-FH F l k Hdckr The CH2-FH acaepts a 32.5mn diameter filter Olympos offers a wide variety of filters for dirent conditions: daylight; color-temperature conversion; heal absorption; cdor correc- tion sharp cut-off; ligM dispersion; and others. Mommar, a 45mm diameter filter can be inserted Into the reasptack in the microscope base.

  • A Single Universal Condenser Uncovers the Mysteries of Brightfield, Darkfield, and Phase-Contrast Microscopy

    T h e C H 2 S e r r i e s s y S e m m i c ~ a r e ~ I b s a t h f y t n e b r o a d l e s t d require- Olympus's newly &ek@ universal CWKAWS~ males

    -, darMieM, ~ p h a ~ 8 - O O n t r a s t m i c ~ p o s s ~ with a singk? A number of o&trer attachments are availaMe imluding a simple

    ~ a c c e s m r y ; ~ whkhcanbeeasi/yattachedIbthesland.

    C H m D U n h m a l C ~ ~ O I W W Thls useful wndenser can be set for three different types of m i c r o w simply by rotat- Ing the turret. Bri i ield, darkfleld, and phase- cordrest mic- with 10x and 40x phase objedivea are easily accessible, dis- pensing with the need to replace condensers in order to &an@ m a b . For phase-contrast rnicwcopy, -pus offers the PC D Ach *45C3 coben filter, 45(3533 greedliter Included.

  • CHSPGPL slmpk PbeContnrt A t w h a Attachment of a phase amular ring (model CH2-1 O m ) to the standard Abbe am denser embks easy, economical phasearc trast mkrrrscopy. The CH2PCPL coma with the phase annular ring, pkwmtras t obje- ctives -1 0 x PU40 x PL), CT-5 centering telescope and 450633 grmfitter.

    B H 2 + C ~ . C o n t n a A t b d ~ m M The BH% Is indispensable for observation d transparent specimens such as l ing cells and platelets and specimens with of low contrast.Itcanbeusedwith1Oxto100x objecthws, and there is a choke d four contrasts: PL(po&i# kw), P U (pmith law h), NH (negative high), and NM (negative medium).

    CH2aClrrktkldCentrd8kp For simple and efficknl observadion of

    z knens in darkfield, the CH2- is a valu a-. It works vvell with bath h and mediumpbrver objectk.

    BH-DCDDryDvktkldckm~hm CHSPOL Shpb hWklng Attrohnmt fhe B m dry cmdmer ~ W i r s clear The CH2POL is a simple polarizing attack darkfield the time- ment and consists d an Abbe condenser consuming and tmubbam immendon in oil. and a Rter It functions w l l with objectives lox to 40x.

  • Olympus Microscopy Is a World of Expanding Vision. Complete with Accessories that Add Power and Reach.

    c H 2 4 o D w l ~ A ~ This at6achment helps students and researchers by enabling observatii by two people sirnub tanewsty 1 the same dimtlon, M I ol magnC ficatlon, and brightness. An illuminated pointer. in elttw ~ange or green, can indlcaRe specific sectkns of the specimen, and the cbs8rvers can control the brightness d the pointer.

    This attachment 6na~es students and researchers to easHy and accurately sketch the image under obsenmtion, as the tip of the drawing utensil is visible through the observation tube Magnifications from 6.5 x

    1 to 1 ,500~ are +.

    --Chrnger This attachment changes the magnlficatbn pwm h three diffwerrt steps by the rutation of a turn. The turret also canles a Bertrand L18ns for accurate aligmmt af phase anrmll. .Mapnificatlons:1x,1.25x,1.5x

    wRt~ Bertrand Lens

    L S P W ~ ~ l u n k # t o r This illuminator can b 0 . W with the model CHD rnicmcops. It offers a chdce between paraw M cowergent luminoos flux. mComeswrtha6V30W~gnlamR an ND filter, and MI mpbmant bubs

    @This IlkrmInator is used with the translonner TOHM and powrefcod U r n .

    l S K S s a b 4 t q P I l m BH-MA WtW This ilkrmlmbr is kleal for use kmkrrtor with the model CHD rnicmecqm, The vertical illuminator is designed and is normalfy wed when for the observation d metallic and illumination vla the microsoope dher opeque specimens. mirmr is i- o ~ h i s i ~ m i w l s ~ m w l t h ~ e m

    cqedlvea, tmnslom\er, and a law W n Q . BH2-MA-2: 12V 50W bnpDfe hebgen - B H 2 U M A : 6 V l s W ~ l a m p

    -nba In arder to fadlitate full and accu- r a k ~ n g i n ~ w i t f i a m r a g r a p h l c S Y W I O l y p ~ &em the W M , a trb.loadar tube lor binocular viewing and a pk40 tube for sknultaneafs use of a camera m*


    PM-1OAK s a m h m a c bnarrrr- slrskm A wide variety of cameras, ranging from 35mm to largdwmad can be usedto rscordobservadlon flndings.Equippedwithacornre- nient mechanism that achrms the Rlm autmatically, it ensyres -rate photomicrographs.

    W C a m p r c t -- This lighhwight, system, camplete with viewfinder. prwides a wry c o s t e n t rl-lethad of phd#nicrography, and it is specially designed for a 35nm