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Precision Optical Tools Meetingthe Cha lenges of a New Industrial EraEyepieceEyepiece"Intermediate ImageIntermediate ImageTube LensParallel BeamSwingout half-mirror(BH2MA only)Observation tubeDetachable revolvingnosepieceLBM objectiveTube lensObjectiveLBM Objective/ \" IFinite Tube Length SystemWidefield eyepieceFeatures of Infinity-Corrected LBM Objectives-ImprOVed resolution, due to a 20% aver-age increase in the numerical aperture ofall high performance objectives in theseries.-Better contrast, for a clearer, moredistinct image.-Improved image field flatness. The Planobjective series offers a 100% effectivefield of view for both observation andphotography. Super widefield observationis possible with the M S Plan and NeeS Plan series.-Working distance is appreciably extended,for easier marking and handling ofspecimens.-Easier operation with the addition of dryhigh power objectives.-Visual field diameter increased by 23%using the WHK 10X standard eyepiece(F.N. 20).-Adjustment length of 45mm (long barrel),for parfocality from ultra-low power tohigh power Objectives, is now possible forthe first time in incident light microscopes.The result is improved operator comfort,without the necessity to refocus whenchanging from ultra-low to high powerobjectives or vice-versa.-The utilization of infinity-corrected LBMoptics results in the complete eliminationof ghost images and astigmatism pro-duced by the half-mirror of the verticalilluminator. This advantage, combinedwith better correction of lens aberrationsand improved lens coating, makes itpossible to obtain a clearer and sharperimage than ever before.Infinity Corrected System4PolarIzer receptacleField diaphragm (BH2MA only)Aperture dIaphragmFilter receptacleHeat absorbing filter12V50W long-lifehalogen lampNew Easier-to-UseObservation TubeConstant Tube Length AdjustmentInterpupillary distance is adjustable withoutloss of focus or parfocality. Using a framingeyepiece, focusing for photomicrographyis done with the binocular observation tube.3-Step Light Path selection (BH2TR30 only)The BH2-TR30 trinocular tube providesa light path which either passes 100% ofthe light to the camera, 100% of the lightto the eyepieces, or 20% to the eyepiecesand 80% to the camera. This designfacilitates photomicrography of materialswith low reflectivity.Detailed Attention toObjective ChangeImprovements have been made to thoseparts of the revolving nosepiece andobjectives which come in contact with theoperator when changing magnification,making it more difficult for debris anddust-the cause of fatal flaws in themanufacture of semiconductors-to fallonto the specimen.Finite Tube Length SystemHalf MirrorIReflected RayGhostReflecte1 Ray '1No GhostHalf MirrorParallel BeamIInfinity Corrected System5Infinity-Corrected Optical Design ImprovesPerformance of Incident Light MicroscopesEquipment for BrightfieldObservationThe BH2-MA brightfield vertical illuminatoris used in conjunction with brightfieldobjectives for observations in brightfield. Thissystem permits work with both incident andtransmitted light, allowing continuousobservation from low to high magnificationswithout change of illumination.BH2MA Brightfield Vertical IlluminatorThe BH2-MA illuminator is equipped withfield and aperture diaphragms, and hasprovisions for insertion of polarizer, analyzerand filters. The polarizer (BH2-MPO) andanalyzer (BH2-MAN45) are standard equip-ment. The half-mirror may be swung out todouble the light intensity for transmittedlight observations. The light source uses a12V-5QW long-life halogen bulb, considerably simplifying time-consuming bulbreplacement.67Brightfield ObjectivesThree series of objectives for brightfieldobservation are available: M S Plan, M DPlan and M D Ach.The M S Plan series design features partic-ularly high numerical apertures and providesvery high image resolution and contrast.Super widefield observation is possible withthis series, making it ideally suited forresearch applications. The M D Plan seriesis a high performance plan objective, thecost of which has been kept down byomitting the super widefield feature,making it ideal for general and routinework. The M D Ach series of objectives isespecially economical and is ideally suitedfor routine work and scientific educationpurposes.SpecificationsMagnification N.A. W.O. (mm)SX (dry) 0.13 21.10lOX (dry) 0.30 9.0020X 0.46 3.00M S Plan (Spring, dry)SOX 0.80 0.47(Spring, dry)lOOX 0.95 0.30(Spring. dry)LWO M SPlan 20X (dry) 0.40 7.0050X (dry) 0.60 3.005X (dry) 0.10 19.0010X (dry) 0.25 7.0020X 0.40 1.00M 0 Plan (Spring. dry)SOX 0.75 0.38(Spring, dry)SOX 0.90 0.20(Spring, dry)lOX (dry) 0.25 6.7720X 0.40 1.10(Spring, dry)M DAch SOX 0.70 0.45(Spring, dry)looX 1.25 0.32(Spring, oil)Equipment for BrightfieldlDarkfield ObservationThe brightfield/darkfield vertical illuminatorBH2-RLA is used in conjunction with bright-field/darkfield objectives for darkfield orbrightfield observations. Brightfield/darkfieldincident light observation and transmittedlight observation are possible, withouthaving to change the illumination whenswitching between low and high magnifi-cations.BH2-RLA BrlghtfieldlDarkfield VerticalIlluminatorThe BH2-RLA illuminator is equipped withan aperture diaphragm and has provisionsto accept for polarizer, analyzer and filters.The polarizer (BH2-MPO) and analyzer(BH2-NAN) are standard equipment. Asingle lever makes changeover from bright-field to darkfield observation simple andthe aperture diaphragm can be used in bothobservation modes. An ND filter is auto-matically inserted when the illuminator ischanged from darkfield to brightfield so thatbrightfield observation is possible at virtu-ally the same light intensity as darkfield.The ND filter may be removed from the lightpath when required, even when in thebrightfield mode. e.g., for photomicrography.The light source uses a 12V-5QW long-lifehalogen bulb.89BrightfieldiDarkfleld ObjectivesTwo series of brightfield/darkfield objectivesare available: Neo S Plan and Neo D Plan.The Neo S Plan series offers all the performance characteristics of the M S Planlenses with the additional function ofincident light darkfield observation, andmay be used for super widefield observa-tion. The Neo D Plan series consists ofhigh performance plan objectives designedprimarily with costperformance in mind.SpecificationsMagnification NA W.O. (rrvn5X (dry) 0.13 10.00lOX (dry) 0.30 4.00Neo S Plan 20X (Spring, dry) 0.46 3.00SOX (SprIng, dry) 0.80 0.50lOOX (Spring, dry) 0.90 0.305X (dry) 0.10 11.20lOX (dry) 0.25 8.00Neo D Plan 20X (Spring, dry) 0.40 1.00SOX (Spring, dry) 0.57 0.34SOX (Spring, dry) 0.90 0.18Eyepieces for LBM ObjectivesF.N. RemarksNK 5X 21WHK ax 20WHK lOX 20WHK 10XH 20 Diopter adjustmentWHK l5X 14Mlcro-WHK lOX 20 Built-in 101100micrometer reticleCross-WHK lOX 20 Built-In cross 101100micrometer reticleNK 20X 1035WHK lOX 20 With builtIn 35mm maskPWHK lOX 20 With bulltln 31l x 4'1.mask4x5-WHK lOX 20 With builtin 4 x 5 maskMHWHK lOX 20 With bulltln 16mm cinemaskOlympus Up ight Metallurgical System Microscopes...Flexibility for aWide Variety of ApplicationsThe Olympus Metallurgical Microscope System features five basicmode/s-BHM, BHSM, BHT-M, BHMJ and BHMJL-offering a selectionof models to match the user's specific requirements. These models areall components of a modular system with wide range of interchangeableaccessories, including illuminators, observation tubes, objectives andeyepieces, as well as revolving nosepieces, which may be used on allmodels. Being part of such an integrated system permits the use of thesemodels in a wide range of microscopic applications, ranging fromsophisticated research to on-line inspection.1011System Diagram of Olympus UprightMeta lurgical MicroscopesBH2-BI3OBinocular Tube (30')BH2TR3QTrinocular Tube (3O')IPM10MPhotomicrographic System(Manual)BH2-5WTRSuper WldelleldTrlnocular Tube {3O').,r MNFK"Photo EyepiecePMl0ADPhoto and ClnemlcrographlcSystem (AutomatlclP...ADFEyepiece Adapterlor 'NFK" EyepleceBH2-PTVertical PhototubeBH2MAVertical illuminatorlor Brlghllleid ObservationIBH2MPOPolarizerBH-lllC'BH2-SIC' Large MechanicalStageBH2NNICNornarskl DlllerentialInterterence ContrestAllachmentBH2-HRE-------r-----::~SP RevolvingNosepiece lorBrtghtllaldlDarkllaldObservationBH-5VR'BH2-5VR* Square MechanicalStage with RlghthandLow Oflve Controls(graduated. 270' rotatable)BH-5VL' BH2SVL ' ,Square MechanicalStage with Lefthand LowDrive Controls(graduated, 270' rotetable)BH2...NICNomerskl DUlerantialInterterence ContrastAtlachmentM SPIanM 0"'-' M DAchBrlghtlleld ObjectivesBH2SH' ,Square MechanicalStage with HorizontalOflve Controls(graduated. 40' rotatable)AHTP1472Compensator PlateBH-aRO'8H2-5AO' ,Circular RotatableStage (graduated)AH-'fP53O.2Compensator Plate12BH2-The Model BHM.For Reflected Lig t ObservationThis is the most widely used model for a diverse range of research andinspection applications in the fields ofmetallurgy, mineralogy and precisionelectronic engineering.14Standard Outfits.."BHML BHMNLModule Description 113 163 313 363 112 162 312 362 113 163 313 363 112 162 312 362MicroscopeBHMFW Focusing adjustment range 25mm plus extra 27.5mm 0 C 0 0 0 (I 0 C 0 C C C 0stand by stage height locking position adjustment.BH2BI30Binocular, Inclined 30', constant tube length 0 C C C 0 0 []Observation adjustment.tubeTrlnocular. Inclined 30'. constant tube length 10 0 c 10 c 0BH2TR30 adjustment.Vertical BH2MA For brlghtfleld observation. 0 C C 10 0 0 0 0illuminator BH2RLA For brlghtfleldldarkfleld observation. C 0 C 10 c c c 0BH2MAN45 For BH2MA. 0 C C C 0 C 0 CAnalyzerC 0 0 10 c c c CBH2NAN For BH2RLA.Polarizer BH2MPO For BH2MA and BH2RLA 0 C c 10 0 c 0 Q C 0 c 10 c c c 0Halogen lamp BH2MLSH With bulltin heat absorbing filter. C C C 0 C 0 C C 0 10 0 0 0 0housingHalogen bulbJC12V 12V 5fJW. long-life. (2 pes.) 0 C C C 0 0 0 0 10 c c c 0SOWHALLTransformer TGH C C 0 C 0 C 0 C C 0 c 10 0 0 C 0Power cord UYCP 0 C c 0 0 0 0 0 C 0 C 0 C C C 0Revolving BH2MRE Quintuple. for brlghtlield objectives. C C C C 0 C 0 Cnosepiece BH2NRE Quadruple. for brlghtfleld/darkfleld objectives. C 0 0 10 c c 0 CMechanical BHSV 142mm x 14Omm. traversing 52mm 78mm. 0 C C 0 CstageLarge mechBHSIC 200mmx 161mm. traversing 11Ommxl00mm. C 10 0 0 10 10 eanlcal stageMetal slide AA1276 (5 pes) 0 C 0 C C C 0plateStandard MSM2 For color temperature calibration. C 10 0 0 10 (I CmirrorMSPL M S Plan 5x. lOx. 2Ox. SOx. l00x 0 C c 10Objective NEOSPL Neo S Plan 5x, lOx. 2Ox, SOx 0 0 0 10MDPL M 0 Plan 5x. lOx. 2Ox. SOx. BOx 0 C 0 CNEODPL Neo 0 Plan 5x. lOx. 2Ox. SOx C Ie c CEyepiece WHK10X Widefield (F.N. 20), high eyepoint. (2 pes.) 0 C c 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 C C C CPhoto NFK3.3XLD 0 10 0 0 0 0 C Ceyepiece15The Model BHSM.For Reflected/wansmitted Light ObservationThe BHSM offers all the features of the BHM microscope plus trans-mitted light observation capability, making it ideal for observation ofphotomasks and powdered specimens, etc.The light source for transmitted light observation is a 12V 100W halogenlamp. It is possible to alternate between reflected light and transmittedlight observation at a flick of the switch which controls the transformerbuilt into the base.16oStandard Outfits.3A8HSML BHSMNlModule Description 113 163 313 363 112 162 312 362 113 163 313 363 112 162 312 362Focusing adjustment range 26mm plus extraMicroscope BHSMF25mm by stage height locking position adjustment. 0 C 0 0 0 10 0 10 0 10 0 0 0stand Bulltln transfonner 3V-12V for transmitted and~ercordreflected light Illumination.UYCP For BHSMF. 0 0 0 a 0 [) 0 10 0 0 e 0 Ie 0 c 0BH2BI3O Binocular. Inclined 30, constant tube length 0 0 0 C 0 0 10 0Observation adjustment.tubeTrlnocular. Inclined 30, constant tube length 0 0 0BH2-TR30 adjustment. 0 0 10Vertical BH2MA For brIghtfield observation. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 10Illuminator BH2RLA For brIghtflelclldarkfield observation. 0 10 c 0 Ie 0 c 0BH2MAN45 For BH2MA. 0 C C 0 C 0 0 10Analyzer10 0 e 0 e 0 Ie 10BH2-NAN For BH2RLA.Polarizer BH2-MPO For BH2MA and BH2RLA. 0 0 a 0 0 e 0 10 10 0 c 0 0 0 Ie ioHalogen lampBHSMLSH With bulltln heat absorbing filter. 0 0 0 C 0 10 10 0 c 0 0 10 0housing-- - --Halogen bulbJC12V 12V SOW, long-life. (2 pes.) 0 0 0 0 0 10 10 0 e 0 0 Ie 10SOWHALlRevolving BH2-MRE Quintuple. for brIghtfleld objectives. 0 0 C 0 0 e 0 10nosepiece BH2-NRE Quadruple. for brIghtfielclldarkfield objectives. 10 0 e 0 e 0 Ie 10Mechanical BH2-5VR l80mm x 135mm, traversing 78mm x SOmm, a 0 0 10 c 0 10stage rotatable 270.Large mechBH2SIC 200mm x 161mm, traversing 110mm x 1lXlmm. 0 C 0 0 10anical stageAbbeBH2CD For use with standard stage BH2-5VR 0 10 0 10 0 0 10condenserLong worKingBH2-LWCD For use with large mechanical stage BH2-5IC. 0 10 0 0 0 10distancecondenserHalogen lamp BHSLSH For transmitted light. 0 0 Ie 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 Ie 10housingHalogen bulbJC12V Used with BH5-LSH. (2 pes.) 0 0 Ie 0 0 Ie 0 e 0 .0 Ie 10l00WHALLMetal slideAA1276 (5 pes.) C 10 e C 10plateStandard MSM2 For color temperature calibration. Ie 0 0 10 10mirrorMSPL M S Plan 5x, lOx, 2Ox, SOx, l00x C 0 C CObJective NEOSPL Neo S Plan 5x, lOx, 2Ox. 50x 10 0 e 0MDPL M 0 Plan 5x. lOx, 2Ox, 5Ox. SOx 0 Ie Ie 0NEODPL Neo 0 Plan 5x. lOx, 2Ox, 50x e 0 Ie 0Eyepiece WHK10X Widefield (F.N. 20). high eyepolnt. (2 pes.) 0 0 C 0 10 10 10 c [] 0 C 0 e 0 10 0Photo NFK3.3XlD 10 C 10 10 0eyepiece17The Model BHT-M.For Reflected/lransmitted ight Observat-onAs with the BHSM, this microscope is for both reflected light and trans-mitted light observation. The light source for transmitted light observationis a 6V 20W halogen lamp. The transformer built into the base is fortransmitted light illumination only.18Standard OutfitsWidth 190mm2165BHTML BHTNLModule Description113 163 313 363 112 162 312 363 113 163 313 1363 112 162 312 363Focusing adjustment range 26mm plus extraMicroscope BHTF 25mm by stage height locking position adjustment. 0 0 c Ie 0 o 0 10 0 10 10 0 0 !Ostand Bulltln transformer OV-6V for transmitted lightillumination.Power cord UYCP For BHTF. 0 C 0- 1) Ie c 0 1) e 10 e 10 Ie 0 0 10BH2BI30 Binocular, Inclined 30, constant tube length 0 10 c 0 10 10 0Observation adjustment.lubeTrlnocular, Inclined 30, constant tube lengthBH2TR30adjustment.C 0 0 0 0 0 0 0Vertical BH2-MA For brlghtfleld obserVation. 0 e c 0 10 0 0 0Illuminator BH2RLA For brlghtfleldldarkfleld observation. 0 10 e 0 10 0 0 0BH2-MAN45 For BH2MA. 0- 0- C 0- ro C 1) 0AnalyzerBH2NAN For BH2RLA. 0 10 0 0 Ie 0 0 0Polarizer BH2MPO For BH2MA and BH2-RLA. 0 0 0 0 10 c -0 0 e 10 e 0 10 0 0 0Halogen lamp BH2-MLSH With bulltln heat absorbing filter. 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 e 10 e 0 Ie 0 c 0housingJC12V 12V~, long-life. (2 pes.) 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 0 0 10 e 0 10 0 e 0Halogen bulb SOWHALLTransformer TGH 0 C e 0 C C 0 e 0 Ie 0 10 ~O 0 0 0Power cord UYCP 0 0 C 0 C C 0 0 0 10 e 10 Ie 0 e 0- 0 C -0 0 C 0 0 CRevolving BH2MRE Quintuple. for brlghtfleld objectives.nosepiece BH2NRE Quadruple, for brlghtfieldldarkfleld objectives. 0 0 0 0 0 10 10 0to-Mechanical BH2SVR l80mm x 135mm. traver8lng 76mm x 5Omm, D Ie Ie c 10 10 10 10stage rotatable 270.Large mech-BH2SIC 200mmx 161mm, traver8lng l10mmx 100mm. 0 10 10 Ie 10 10anlcal stageF-- -Abbe BH2-eO For use with standard stage BH2-8VR 0 10 Ie 0 Ie Ie Ie IecondenserLong working10 C 10 10distance BH2LWCO For use with large mechanical stage BH2-8lC. 10 0condenserHalogen lamp LS-20H For transmitted light. 0 10 10 0 10 0 0 Ie 10 Ie 10 Ie 10 Ie 10housingHalogen bulb 6V2OWHAL Used with LS-20H. (2 pes.) 1) ro n- O 10 e 0 10 10 10 10 10 10 0 0 IeMetal slide AA1276 (Spes.) 0 Ie Ie 0 I [] 10 10 0plateStandard M-SM2 For color temperature calibration. C 0 0 Ie 10 10 0 10mirrorMSPl M S Plan SX, lOx, 2Ox. SOx, 100x 0 10 0 0Objective NEOSPLNeo S Plan Sx, lOx, 2Ox, SOx e 10 0 10MOPL M 0 Plan 5x, lOx, 2Ox. SOx. BOx '0 0 0 0NEODPL Neo 0 Plan 5x, lOx, 2Ox, SOx 10 0 0 10Eyepiece WHK10X Wldafleld (F.N. 20), high eyepoint. (2 pes.) 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 e 0 10 0 10 10 10 0 10Photo NFK3.3XLO 0 0 0 0 10 0 Ieeyepiece19The Model BHMJ.ightweight, Compact MicroscopeAs with the BHM, this microscope is specifically designed for reflectedlight observation. It is distinguished for its few restrictions on the type ofspecimens which may be inspected. It can be set up directly on top of theobject to be examined and can be used anywhere to examine anything.It is ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial inspectionand process control. Because the microscope body can be removed fromits column and attached to other equipment, it can also be used forprecisely locating and positioning specimens.20Standard OutfitsBHMJMoclule Description13L 33L 12L 32L 13NL 33NL 12NL 32NLMicroscopeBHMJFW Focusing adjustment range 3Omm, baby clampingbody range8Omm.Microscope BHMJ-8TW Base, pillar, stage plate (detach8ble) andbase stage clips.BH2BI30 B1nocu1.... Inclined 30, constant tube lengthObservation adlustment.tubeTrlnocular, Inclined 30, constant tube lengthBH2TR30 adjustment.Vertical BH2MA For brIghtfleld observation. 0 0 0 0illuminator BH2RLA For brIghtfleldidarldield observation. 0 C C CBH2MAN45 ForBH2-MA. C 0 0 CAnalyzer0 0BH2NAN For BH2-RLA.Polarizer BH2MPO For BH2-MA and BH2RLA. 0 0 C C 0 0 C 0Halogen lampBH2MLSH WIth buIR.Jn heat abeorbIng filter.housingHalogen bulbJC12V 12V 5f1N, Iong-Ilfe. (2 pca.)SOWHALLTransformer TGH 0 0 0 [1 C 0 0 0Power cord UYCP 0 C 0 C C C 0 0Revolving BH2MRE QuIntuple, for brlghtfleld objectlWll. 0 0 0 [1nosepiece BH2-NRE Quadruple, for brIghtfleldldarkfield objectives. C C 0 CStandardM-SM2 For c:oIor temperatul'e calibration.mirrorMSPL M S PI8n 5x, 10x, 2Ox, !lOx, 100x C CObjective NEOSPL Neo S Plan 5x, 10x, 2Ox, !lOx 0 0MDPL M D Plan 5x, 10x, 2Ox, !lOx, BOx C 0NEODPL Neo D Plan 5x, 1OX, 2Ox, !lOx 0 0Eyepiece WHK10X WIdefIeld (F.N. 20), high eyepolnt. (2 pca.) C 0 a 0 0 0 C CPhoto NFK3.3X-LDeyepieceOptional Accessories FM-3 Attachable mechanical stage.21The Model BHMJ .6x6ltavel for Ie Inspect-onThe BHMJL microscope features a cross stage with a 6" x 6" scanningarea and an adapter for transmitted light obseNation. It is ideal for inspec-tion and quality control of large wafers and phtomasks in the Ie industry.228HModule """",,,1100'" OJL 12L 32L 13NL OJNL 12NL 32NLMicroscopeBHMJLFW FOCUIIng ad)uStmenl raoo- 3O.!iIMI, buill"" a g a a g g a g""'" __forrner. two Mll~J ouc.... lew IV Mel '2V.Power cord uYC' 0 0 Q 0 III III U IIIBH2-BlJO 8lrIoc:uW. inclined Xl", c:onstMt tut.~a..vallOll_..... 1tlrlocIAr. II'IClInId 30, 00I'I8tMII hM WI(IIIl III 0 III IIIBH2TR30 _.""'''''BH2.... For IlngtItflIId~ llIdlori. I"lI III If! I"lIIlulTlltlalor BH2RL.A For~oI.-lMIIall CI D D CIBH2MAH-45 ...- I"lI I"lI a '"...."y,,, III (l If! (l8H2NAN ..........."""""" BH2MPO For .-oMA tnd Btt2.fI.A. D D If! '" 0 (l ICI iIJHalogen lamp BH2-MLSH WIth buIt4t ..... -.a.tllillg ""- g III a 1:11 Cl a 1:11 ahouSlI'lOHaloQen bulb Jel2V 12Y SJW.1Ong-Jl". (2 pca.) 1:11 1:11 Il:I 1:11 Il:ISOWHALl"""."0 8H2 MRE Quintuple, for brlgtrtfleld~ D I:l I:l D"""",- BH2NRE 0UIlclrupI for brlghtl~ obIeCl..... .. "'-6',,6" mecn.8HSICS 2IllDn'm .. ~7mm, l,a_Slng 1f1Omm .. 1l1Ornn, III CI 1:11 1:11 Il:I 1:1anlcal stage y~l lock 1'I'lIlCn.nI8rn.Wf.ler holderBH-5ICSH g a 1:1 1:11 a 1:11IillUI,BHSICWH3 3 ..... hoIdIr. g I:l D D C "":Waler holdel' BH-5ICWH.t ............ "" C "" '" D '" i:iBHSICWH5 5 .... hoIder. .. .."""". """2 For CClklr~ .......... Il:I 0 a""~MSPl WI S PiIn !SIt. lOx 2Ok,!IOll, 10lllI III I"lINEOS"'- NIIo S ,... ,.. 1Ox, 2OK. D C I"lI""",~ "oeL WI 0 ,...,. !II, 1k 2Oa. so.. MIl .. aNEOOPl NIIo 0 ,... 5a. 1Oa. 2OK. 50a II"lI aOc"""""WHK10X ~ (FtCi!OI, "WI~ (2 PCLI ft '" a ~ I"lI a ft a"""0 NFK3.3XLQ [] JII 1:11 aeyeoieceOptional Accessories Mask HolderBH-5ICMH4x4, BH-SICMH5x5 and BH-SICMH6x6. Transmltted Illumination AttachmentConsisting of BHLSJ-LH halogen lamp housing, 6V1OWHALCH halogen bulb and BHMJLCD condenser.23BH2-M-NIC/BH2- -N CNomarski Differential InterferenceContrast AttachmentThe Nomarski Differential InterferenceContrast Attachment permits the examina-tion and metallography of unetched opaquespecimens. By prOViding relieflike images,it enables the examination of scratches.flaws, stacking faults, slip-lines and other-minute surface differences not detectablein brightfield. darkfield or phase contrast.Examination can be made in various inter-ference colors. It is highly suited for theinspection of integrated circuits, wafers,chips, plastics and related products. Anessential tool in microscopic examinationof opaque surface contrast.- May be used with all five models.-Magnification factor 1X.-Objectives with magnifications of 5X, 10X,20X, SOX and 100X can be used.-Standard polarizers and analyzers maybe used.Standard OutfitsModuleBH2MNIC1 2 4Nomarski 8H2NIC5-M. 8H2NIC10M0 0 0Prism 8H2NIC20-M. BH2NIC50-M. BH2NIC100MM S Plan MSPL5X. lOX, 2OX, SOX, 0 0Objective l00XAnalyzer BH2MAN45Polarizer BH2MPOSCrewdriver AA7213 10 0ModuleBH2NNIC1 2 4Nomarski 8H2NIC5-N, BH2NIC10-N,Pnsm BH2NIC20-N, BH2NICSO C 0N. BH2NIC1OD-NM S Plan MSPL5X. lOX. 20X. SOX. C 0Obleclive l00XAnalyzer BH2NANPolarizer BH2MPOSCrewdriver AA7213 0 0Note' The BH2MNIC is used with the brightfield venlcalilluminator, and the BH2NNIC with the brightlieldldarkfield vertical Illuminator, for differential interferencecontrast observation. Each 01 them requires the M SPlan objectives. analyzer and polarizer. You canchoose a type of attachment Irom lhese standardoutfits that lits your microscope modules.M SPlan 10x,NFK 3.3x24BH2-SWSuper Widefield Attachment25When used in conjunction with the SWK 10Xsuper widefield eyepieces, the super widefield tube permits observation of approxi-mately twice the area of a normal field,reducing the need to move the specimenand improving work efficiency. M S Plan orNeo S Plan objectives should be used withthe super widefield tube.-Offers a super widefield with a fieldnumber of 26.5, permitting flat imageobservation to the full extent of the fieldof view.-Can be mounted on any of the five mOdelsin the BHM Series.-Constant tube length adjustment meansfocus is maintained when the interpupillarydistance is adjsuted. For photomicrography, focusing by means of the binoculareyepiece tube is possible with a suitableframing eyepiece.-3-step light path selection: 100% of thelight for photomicrography, 80% forphotomicrography and 20% for observa-tion, or 100% for observation.Standard OutfitsModule BH2-SW2SW Trinocular Tube BH2SWTR 0SW Eyepiece SWK 10X 2Photo Eyepiece NFK 3.3X-LD CPM-10ADFullyAutomatic Photomicrographic SystemThe Model PM-10AD is a universal, fullymodular multiformat camera system withautomatic controls. A built-in microcomputerassures precision exposure and readout,reciprocity failure correction, compensationfor varying film and specimen character-istics, and color temperature. Its versatilityis further increased by manual overrideand time exposure capability to supplementthe automatic exposure range. Available ina choice of 35mm, 31/." x 41/." Polaroid~and 4" x 5" formats, plus 16mm cine and35mm time lapse.The Model PM-10M Manual Photomicro-graphic System permits manual photo-graphy with 35mm and large-formatcameras.NFK Eyepieces For Photomicrography-A series of eyepieces specificallyoptimized for photography with amicroscope.-Deliver the full optical capabilities ofthe LMB series objectives.-Available in four magnifications: 2.5X,3.3X, 5X and 6. lX.Standard OutfitsModuelPM-103SAD-1 L1AO-1 L2AD1AutomatiCPMPBSExposure BodyAutomaticExpsoure PM.caADControl UrutPower Cord UYCP C 0 CAdapter for35mmCamera PMD35ABackAdapter forLarge Format PMDlWFilm Back35mm camera C35ADBack4"xS"Intermediate PM.c4 x 5-WAdapter31,.. X 41,." PM-cPWPolarOId- BackColor Tempera 4SlBD2 0 0 Clure Compensa-0 0 CtlOl'1 Filter 4SlBTNeutral DenSIty 43ND6-W4S C 0 CFiller 43ND25-W4S [J 0 [J26LSI Bright /leld M SPlan 10x, NFK 2.5x LSI Dark field Neo SPlan 10>Attachments for Group Observation28BH2MDOMultiViewing AttachmentPermits 3 or 5 persons to simultaneouslyobserve the specimen at the samemagnification and orientation..Pointer color may be set to orange orgreen, according 10 the specimenl colors.-The design allows ample room betweenadjacent observers for comfortableviewing.-Maximum field of view; 21.Standard Outfits"""'"~BH2-WOO1 2MultiVIeWing Body BHNAoo-a ~ 10OptICal Relay Unh BH2MOOSV 2 10Binocular Tube BH2B/30 , 2Translomer 10( PoInlerTDO ICI IeilluminationWldenetd EyepieceWHK lOX , 2WHK 10XH ,BH2DODualViewing Attachment-For simultaneous observation by twopeople. Offers the same basic features as theBH2MDO. In adclition. the dual-viewingmodel permits either observer to operatethe pointer.-Ample distance between the observerpositions allows comfortable viewing.Standard OUlfilsModU~ BH200-1Dual-Viewing Body BH2 DO B CBinocular Tube BH2BI30 CTransformer lor PoInter TDO aIlIuffilnatlOOWlderJeId EyepIeCeWHK lOXWHK 10XHHe'l SCApplication Extending AccessoriesBH2MAN360Simple Polarizing Analyzer-Used together with the BH2-PO polarizerfor the inspection of birefringent materials,as well as for differential interferencecontrast; 3600 rotation, 45 0 scale mark-ings, equipped with depolarizer.-Can be used with tint plate (530nm,gypsum red), l/,-wavelength retardationplate (147.3nm, mica) and Berekcompensator.FiltersLBD3 Light Balancing FilterSupplied as standard with vertical illumina-tors. Used for color correction for observa-tion and photomicrography with daylightcolor film.LBT2 Light Balancing FilterUsed for color correction in photomicro-graphy with tungsten color film.IF550 Contrast FilterImproves contrast for observation andphotomicrography with black and white film.ND6, ND25 Neutral Density FiltersHigh quality neutral density filters whichreduce the intensity of light without disturbing the color balance. The filter numbersindicate % of light transmission.BH2CAMagnification ChangerPermits change of total magnification with-out changing objectives or eyepieces.Useful for trimming in photomicrography,and other purposes.HP Hand PressUsed to align the specimen surface parallelwith the stage surface.30OCM Micrometer Reticles-20.4mm diameter; for use with WHK1DX-H or WHK lOX eyepiece.-Available In types Indicated below tomatch different measuring purposes:a) 10/100: lQmm In100 divisionsb) Cross 101100:l()mm in 100 divisiOns on ciosslinesc) HSIS: Smm In5 divisions In gridpattern'. IOSMD2Digital Micrometer Eyepiece-Counter display of magnification; whencalibrated with a specific objective powerit provides a digital read-out of thespecimen's true dimensions.-Minimum read-out increments of O.1.u(when used with the 100X objective).-Eyepiece magnification lOX.OSMFilar Micrometer Eyepiece-Eyepiece magnification lOX, 8mm scaledivided into 8 increments.-Minimum read-out is 0.11' (when used withl00X objective).OBMM Objective Micrometer(for metallurgical specimens)-Used to determine the calibration of theeyepiece micrometer scale.-1 mm scale divided into 100 divisions. ona 26mm x 76mm slide.II d) H7f1: 7nm In7 divisions in gridpatterne) H1Qlloo: lOmm in100 divisions in grldpal1ern31An unwavering will to remainat the forefront of scientific discovery,and an uncompromising commitmentto quality have made the nameof Olympus a synonym for high performanceand reliability all over the world.From cameras and microcassette recorders,to microscopes for various applications,fiberscopes, and facsimiles, ~IIIIII.III'I"'"Olympus has kept abreastof the most advanced teclmologiesand discoveries, constantly strivingto develop products which meet the newand more complex needs ..1Ia................of our rapidly changing society.Precision engineering,long experienceand R&D activities tuned to the requirementsof man in his search for a better life,have earned Olympus its unparalleled positionin the medical profession, in the photographic industry,in the laboratory and the classroom,and in the eyes of all those who benefitfrom the functionality, accuracy,versatility and economy of its products.A, we are continually improvins and developins our product, the equipment ,upplied may no/ osreein all detail, with 'he de,cription, and/or iII",/ ro/ionh"M'Il in thi, cololos.Printed in Japan M76E-1282SLBM infinity-corrected opticsPrecision optical toolsEquipment for brightfield observationBrightfield objectivesEquipment for brightfield/darkfield observationBrightfield/darkfield objectivesEyepieces for LBM objectivesUpright metallurgical system microscopesSystem diagramBHM - reflected lightBHSM - reflected/transmitted lightBHT-M - reflected/transmitted lightBHMJ - lightweight, compactBHMJL - IC inspectionNomarski DIC attachmentSuper widefield attachmentPM-10AD photomicrographic systemNFK eyepieces for photomicrgraphyGroup observation attachmentsAccessories


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