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A tour guide for a bossanova singer, Olivia Ong

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  • Olivia Ong is a Singaporean singer. Mostly, she sings in English but then she developed her career singing in English and also Japanese. In addition, she has released some rare tracks, recorded in Mandarin, and also Cantonese, w h i ch c a n be found on limited edition albums. She released her bestselling dbut, A Girl Meets Bossa Nova when she was only 19 years old. With her sultry, soulful, pristine and innocent vocals, she reinterprets Frank Sinatras hits such as Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars, among other jazz and pop numbers. She is one of the few new wave of Singaporean talents being exported internationally. So far, Ong is the only pop sensation whos been exported exclusively to Japan.

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  • I saw this application for an audition Do you want to be a star? and went like Yes! said Singapore singer Olivia Ong excitedly. Just like that, she went for the audition and then clinched a recording contract at the really tender age of 15. This marked the very beginning of a musical career that has spanned a decade and brought her to various parts of Asia such as Japan, Hong Kong,and Taiwan.

    Now 24, Ong has released four very successful albums with talented producers across the globe. Her latest, self-titled album even clinched the No. 1 spot in Taiwans digital download website, beating out international artistes like Lady Gaga and Ke$ha! It is tough, said the songbird who is known for her snappy bossa nova and jazz numbers.

    You learn along the way that its not just about the fame anymore but you really need to have the drive and the passion to really want this, otherwise youre not going to survive, she said in an interview with Primetime Morning. Just two years after getting a recording contract, Ong joined the short-lived girl group Mirai and performed songs in a mish mash of English, Mandarin and Japanese.

    When asked about her plans for the future, Ong mulled over it for a moment before declaring that she did not plan that far ahead and felt that time frames were unnecessary. I mean I have ambition, and I hope to continue to establish what I am doing and to take every opportunity to improve myself.

    She said, I dont really plan or like have an idea, what will happen in five years time, I try not to give like a time period to it at all. Im just going to take things as they come. Whatever her plans are, Ong is sure that her parents will be there for her and makes it a point to be there for them. I try to make sure that I keep in touch with my parents. I am very blessed to have parents who give me the utmost support.

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