Old but New…New but Old Modified Conventional Energy Technologies And “Bridging” Technologies

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  • Old but NewNew but OldModified Conventional Energy TechnologiesAndBridging Technologies

  • Modified TechnologiesCarbon Capture and SequestrationBurn coal Capture all CO 2 emissionsSequester CO2 emissions by pumping intoThe groundCavesOil wells The Deep Ocean

  • Other Methods of Carbon StorageBio-storageGrow stuff and bury itMineral storageMake Limestone

  • CCS: Does it really work?Pilot Plants in operationQuestions about submerged lifetimeNo long term dataRequires extra energy (25%-40%)Acidify the oceans?Takes too long to grow stuffTakes too long to make limestone and too much energy, even though its exothermicCost?Stay tuned!!

  • Nukes: Good, Bad, or Bridging?Works really wellProven TechnologyReliableContinuous; day or night, rain or shineExcellent Base load power sourceZero GHGHuge resource

  • Nukes: Good, Bad, or Bridging?Nuclear ProliferationTerrorismAccidentsTMIChernobylLong Term Storage of High Level WasteExpense?Mining and other environmental impacts?

  • Nukes and Energy Independence

  • Hydro-ElectricZero GHGRenewableExcellent base load powerProven TechnologyMinimal Accident RiskFlood controlRelatively inexpensive operating costs (compared to what?)

  • Hydro-electricLots of landDisplaced peopleDisplaced speciesLarge environmental impactLimited number of suitable locationsLimited resourceLarge initial investment (compared to what?)