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Nouveautés BW 7.4 on HANA. Speaker’s Name/Department (delete if not needed) Month 00, 2013. Customer. SAP BW Today (September 2013). 14500+ Customers. 200 New Installations/Month. 3500 + BW 7.3 Customers. Vast majority: Central EDW, harmonizing many source systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Nouveauts BW 7.4 on HANASpeakers Name/Department (delete if not needed)Month 00, 2013Customer2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer1SAP BW Today (September 2013)

14500+ CustomersVast majority: Central EDW, harmonizing many source systemsEmbedded into mission critical business processes

200New Installations/Month3500+BW 7.3 Customers500+BW on HANA Customers2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer2

SAP Business Warehouse Powered by SAP HANASAP HANA PLATFORMData ManagementData StorageAnalytical / PlanningEngineDATA MODELINGSAP NetWeaver BWQUERY REPORTING ANALYTICSSAP BOBJ Busines IntelligenceDramatically Improved PerformanceImproved decision making, faster reporting, and the most up-to-date information Simplified Administration and Streamlined LandscapeReduced administration and lower TCOUnlock The Power of Your Data Across The EnterpriseSelf-service access to all information at the most granular level2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#CustomerSupercharged BW with Dramatically Improved PerformanceBusiness: Improved decision making, faster reporting, and the most up-to-date information IT: Faster data loading and decreased data latency

Simplified Administration and Streamlined LandscapeBusiness: Reporting requests executed faster and minimal IT involvement IT: Reduced administration and lower TCO

Unlock The Power of Your Data Across The EnterpriseBusiness: Self-service access to all information at the most granular levelIT: Simplified IT workload with easy access to operational data marts

Preserve Your BW Investment without DisruptionBusiness: Minimal training impact to business users and administratorsIT: Migration without disruption of your BW application

3SAP BW on HANA Smarter, simpler, more efficientHow Does BW running on RDBMS differ from BW running on HANA ?Customer value of SAP BW powered by SAP HANAExcellent query performancefor improved decision making Performance boost for Data Load processesfor decreased data latencyAccelerated In-Memory planning capabilitiesfor faster planning scenariosFlexible combine EDW with HANA-nativedata for real-time insights and decision makingData persistency layers are cut off and reduced administration effortsSimplified data modeling and remodeling

Data intensive functions are pushed down from BW to HANA

HANA Stack

RDBMSTraditional Stack

SAP NetWeaver BWData ModelingPlanningData ManagementOLAPProcess OrchestrationData Schema & DataSAP BW on HANAData ModelingPlanningData ManagementOLAPProcess OrchestrationPush Down

BWAHANA as the Primary Database for BW and Foundation for new Applications 2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer4Push Down ListPlanned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 and future SPs on HANAIn Memory DatabaseCalculation and Planning EngineRow & Column StorageBW / BEX Query DesignerBW Application ServerAnalytic ManagerBW QueryCalc.-views / Calc. scenariosOLAP Features pushed down to HANA in BW 7.3xHierarchy Handling Part IRestricted key figuresException Aggregation CNT for quantity key figures without unit conversionException Aggregation of currency key figures with optional currency conversion

OLAP Features pushed down to HANA in BW 7.4 SP5Processing of further query scenarios in HANA (Joins, Union, etc.)Avoid intermediate result set materialization (e.g. Exception Aggregation)

OLAP Features pushed down to HANA in BW 7.4 SP6 and beyondHandling of inventory keyfiguresStock coverage keyfigureHierarchy Handling Part II Formula exception aggregation

2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer5SAP BW 7.4, SP5 OverviewPlanned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANAEnhanced Data ModelingCommon Eclipse based Modeling ToolsBW/HANA Smart Data Access providing the logical EDWEasy integration of external data models withOpen ODS LayerFurther reduce data layers in BW via Operational Data Provisioning

Push down further processing logic to HANA BW Analytic ManagerHANA Analysis Processes BW TransformationsPAK Pushing down more planning semantics Enhanced mobile enablement

Converged planning solutions

BW Content optimized for HANA

BW Queries, ODATA, MDX, SQLOpen Operational DataStore LayerAgile Datamarts BW WorkspacesHANA SchemaBW Schema

TransformationsEDW Core LayerTransformationsArchitected Datamart Layer

BW Virtualization LayerExternal Sources

HANA tables, views DataStore Objects2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#CustomerTarget audience of the BW Workspace is the business user for quick prototypes without involvement of IT. Those models cant be transferred without remodeling into the productive environment. Workspaces do not require an access to the SAP GUI and can be modeled in Excel.OpenODSView has a perspective to evolve from a field based approach to a sustainable data model which can be integrated without major efforts in a later stage into the flexible EDW core of the LSA++. OpenODSViews can only be modeled in the Eclipse Environment or SAP GUI.6HANA Smart Data Access for SAP BW

2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer7Smart Data AccessPlanned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANAEnhanced Business Flexibility by providing the logical EDW Data Federation in diverse EDW landscapesSmart data access read access to relational and non-relational sources via ODBC Enables access to remote data access just like local tableSupports data location agnostic developmentNo special syntax to access heterogeneous data sourcesBW based Analytic Services on external dataScenarioMake other DWHs transparent to HANANon-disruptive evolution from virtual table to persistent structure by establishing ETL without major effortConsolidating / rationalizing the DWH landscapeConsumption of HANA datamart scenarios from second HANA database

HANA Smart Data Access LayerQueryBW Virtualization LayerComposite Provider, Open ODS View





Virtual TablesHANA Tables2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer8Field based modeling in BW on virtual HANA TablesPlanned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA* Pilot only (Note 1922533)Open ODS View offersMetadata object as an abstraction layer for underlying source objectHANA virtual tables as supported source objects via SDAQuerying on field levelSupported for Teradata, Sybase ASE/IQ, Hadoop Optimized Query execution by pushing down to HANASupported scenarios:Virtual AccessPersistent Access *Switch from Virtual to Persistent *Based on Field based DSO including DTP and TransformationDirect staging into DSO bypassing PSANo need to adjust existing queries Easy assignment of semantics Underlying object (Table, DB View, DataSource) can be tagged as Text, Master data or FactsSingle fields of the object can be linked to already existing Open ODS Views or InfoObjects

Virtual AccessBW Managed Persistence *Virtual AccessBW QueryVirtual TableBW QueryOpen ODS LayerOpen ODS LayerDSO w/ fields* PersistentOpen ODS View VirtualOpen ODS View VirtualVirtual TableSmart Data AccessBW onHANA External SourcesTable/ViewTable/View2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer9Data Provisioning

2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer10Operational Data Provisioning (ODP) TechnologyPlanned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA

SAP ERP Extractors

Operational Data Provisioning

HANA Views

Source BWEmbedded AnalyticsTarget BWSAP DataServices

SLTProviderSubscriber / Consumer

ODQUnified technology for data provisioning and consumption

Enables extract once deploy many architectures for sourcesUnified configuration and monitoring for all provider and subscriber typesTime stamp based recovery mechanism for all provider types with configurable data retention periodsHighly efficient compression enables data compression rates up to 90% in Operational Delta Queue (ODQ)Quality of service: Exactly Once in Order for all providers Intelligent parallelization options for subscribers in high volume scenarios

****) New with SAP BW 7.42013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer Have a look into table ROOSATTR to find all DataSources that are released for ODP API consumption

11Simplified data provisioning from SAP ERP and SAP BWPlanned with SAP BW 7.4, SP5 on HANA

Provider ERP ExtractorsDirect Update to BW InfoProviders PSA not requiredScheduled or real time daemonAutomatic change notification for daemonConsumption by multiple subscribers

Provider BWEnables direct staging between InfoProviders of source and target BW systemsPSA not requiredConsumption of ODQ by multiple BW subscribers and SAP Data Services

BenefitsSimplified data flowPSA no longer requiredFlexible recovery optionsStream lined system communicationSynchroneous RFC replaces ALE/IDocInfoCubeMasterDataDSOSAP BWTableTableExtractors(BW SAPI DataSources)Operational Delta Queue (ODQ) ODP DataSource DTP w/o PSASAP BWDSOODP DataSource DTP w/o PSAERP Source SystemOperational Delta QueueTable2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#Customer12Given SAP ERP Business Content DataSource with Direct AccessExample: Financials - Customer Balances (0FI_AR_20)

BCT DataSourceODP Source System SAP ExtractorsDataSourceFieldsExtractor Capabilities

2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#CustomerNew ODP Source System Types in BW 7.40

ODP for SLT supported DBMSsODP for SAPI Sources2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#CustomerOpen ODS View - Seen via SAP BO Analysis for MS Excel

2013 SAP AG. All rights reserved.#CustomerSAP NetWeaver ECC AnyDBApplication tableLogging tableDB triggerSAP NetWeaver ECC AnyDBApplication tableLogging tableDB triggerSAP LT Repl. Server

SAP NetWeaver ECC AnyDBApplication tableLogging tableDB triggerHTTP WebserviceSAP NetWeaver BW

SAP Data Services

Architecture with source systems, ODP/SLT system and SubscribersCurrent